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Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000 @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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et and ssh. Download this file: and similar ones (AX3600, e.g.), there is often a glitch: after factory reset the default password is ... (the quickest way is using the [[|mobile setup app]]) - Login to the rou
Askey RT4230W REV6 / RAC2V1K @inbox:toh:askey
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the router LED should switch over to a slow blue glow which means OpenWrt is booted and running in re... the router LED should switch over to a slow blue glow which means OpenWrt is booted and running in re... l with the LED wire (I recommend putting some hot glue or epoxy around the connector on the board beca... in the ethernet ports so they're recessed and wiggle the "core" around while pulling up. {{:media:as
D-Link DAP-X1860 @inbox:toh:d-link
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tender DAP-X1860 in a form of socket plug with single gigabit ethernet port and dual band 2x2 AX radio... -OptiPlex-390) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 unknown) ) #3 SMP Mon Jan 11 10:38:51 CST 2021 SoC Type:
TP-Link XDR-6086 @inbox:toh:tp-link
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] | ^ JTAG | [[#JTAG|Unknown]] | /*** if info available: unco... oadSpeed 0 rmmod: can't unload 'br_guest_filter': unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter [wdsSetConfigRouter:658] sysModeGetWorkMode: 4 [wdsSetConfigRouter:... 00] Kernel command line: console=ttyS0,115200n8 loglevel=0 swiotlb=512 root=/dev/mtdblock6 rootfstype=
D-Link DIR-825 @toh:d-link
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* If you are running MacOS you can use <del>Google Chrome</del> Opera * FW version 2.05EU seems v... l name blue ^ Internal name orange ^ | unknown | D-Link | unknown | n/a | | Power ... If you want to see the BLUE POWER ON and the BLUE GLOBE ( planet ) blinking when it receives informati
Linksys E8450 (aka. Belkin RT3200) @toh:linksys
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(Gary@d1r130b) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 unknown) ) #0 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 26 11:31:35 UTC 2020 [ ... ck_down: RFlockDown Enable [ 28.733948] MtSingleSkuLoadParam: RF_LOCKDOWN Feature ON !!! MtSingleSkuLoadParam: SKU Table index = 1 mt7622_check_RF_l... t_thermal_protection_criteria_proc: fgHighEn: 1, fgLowEn: 1, fgRFOffEn: 1, cHighTempTh: 120, cLowTempT
ZyXEL NBG7815 (Armor G5) @inbox:toh:zyxel
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ID = ffffffff Vendor = ff Device = ff qpic_nand: unknown NAND device manufacturer: ff device: ff U-Boot BU... : unavail, SoC Version: 2.0 [ 0.220492] <CORE> glink_init: IPC Logging Disabled [ 0.220894] IPC ... 2] msm_rpm_dev_probe: APSS-RPM communication over GLINK [ 0.240835] sps:sps is ready. [ 0.252172... q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 [ 4.456283] <CORE> glink_core_register_transport: IPC Logging disabled
NETGEAR WAX206 @inbox:toh:netgear
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hannel=1,PhyMode=2 extCha=0xf [ 33.119096] MtSingleSkuLoadParam: RF_LOCKDOWN FeatureBfBackOffLoadPar... ble GAS service for MBSSID[0] [ 53.9605_cmm_ie: Unknown IE(EID = 111) [ 54.010882] set_wapp_cmm_ie: Unknown IE(EID = 110) [ 54.268119] Set_Fh_Bss_Proc rai0 wd
ZyXEL PMG5617GA @inbox:toh:zyxel
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vailable here upon request: /*****/ /* H... ZT02374-02) (gcc version 4.3.6 (OpenWrt GCC 4.3.6 unknown) ) #1 SMP Thu Jan 7 19:23:04 CST 2021 ISPRAM0: PA... AND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xc2, Chip ID: 0x12 (Unknown _SPI_NAND_DEVICE_ID_MXIC35LF1G) nand_scan_ident o... 940151][spi][INFO][SPI_slic_check:L1607][zarlink] unknown slic type! PCM and SLIC Controller Mo
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