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mwan3 (Multi WAN load balancing/failover) @docs:guide-user:network:wan:multiwan
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ic can be configured in the ''/etc/config/mwan3'' globals section. This is useful if you also use othe... on basis -- it is not channel-bonding, where a single connection (e.g. a single download) will use multiple WAN connections simultaneously * As such loa... ing different sites but it will not speed up a single download from one PC (unless the download is spr
Xiaomi AX3600 @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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3e9c33daea) (gcc version 5.5.0 (OpenWrt GCC 5.5.0 unknown) ) #0 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 8 10:35:38 2020 [ 0.... : unavail, SoC Version: 2.0 [ 0.220493] <CORE> glink_init: IPC Logging Disabled [ 0.220891] IPC ... 7] msm_rpm_dev_probe: APSS-RPM communication over GLINK [ 0.240075] sps:sps is ready. [ 0.249857... q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 [ 2.198339] <CORE> glink_core_register_transport: IPC Logging disabled
ZyXEL NBG7815 (Armor G5) @inbox:toh:zyxel
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ID = ffffffff Vendor = ff Device = ff qpic_nand: unknown NAND device manufacturer: ff device: ff U-Boot BU... : unavail, SoC Version: 2.0 [ 0.220492] <CORE> glink_init: IPC Logging Disabled [ 0.220894] IPC ... 2] msm_rpm_dev_probe: APSS-RPM communication over GLINK [ 0.240835] sps:sps is ready. [ 0.252172... q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 [ 4.456283] <CORE> glink_core_register_transport: IPC Logging disabled
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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. It is offered with either Chinese firmware, or Global International firmware. The hardware is iden... bottom of this device page which refers to the english [[:inbox:toh:xiaomi:xiaomi_mi_router_4a_gigabi... s://|Link to Hoddys Guide]] [[https://www.yo... |documented by Albertcp]] If you have 4A Gigabit Global International model and have difficulty retur
Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G (Mi Wifi Router 3G / MIR3G / MI3G / R4A Gigabit) @toh:xiaomi
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4A Gigabit]] edition and offered with Chinese or Global (English) firmware. OpenWrt support was added in October 2019. For **Xiaomi 4A Gigabit** go to [... ) and packaging is available only in Chinese. Google's Translate App (IOS and Android). Use the mode ... i-Fi app on a phone or tablet. ([[|Andr
Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 @toh:xiaomi
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is 4 CKR is 1 tRPRE_toggle is 0 tRPRE_static is 2 tRP... 2f094d1440) (gcc version 8.4.0 (OpenWrt GCC 8.4.0 unknown)) #0 SMP Fri Aug 12 08:32:47 2022 [ 0.000000] ... 00] Kernel command line: console=ttyS0,115200n1 loglevel=8 firmware=1 uart_en=1 [ 0.000000] Dentry ... nd type = 48 [ 22.207923] wdma_dma_ctrl(): WDMA_GLO_CFG=50404e70, txrx = 0 [ 22.219472] wdma_dma_c
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4A) 100M @toh:xiaomi
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bit]]** Don't brick your router. There is also a Global/International version of this router. **[[in... l under the device and the firmware are both in English, this may be the '**International**' model wit... s://|Hoddys Guide to Xiaomi Debricking Tools... * (see label attached to cardboard shipping box) Global/International version Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4
Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) 100M @inbox:toh:xiaomi
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version manufacturing date: 04/2021 SKU: DVB4230GL * OpenWrt forum thread: https://forum.openwrt.... s://|Hoddys Guide to Xiaomi Debricking Tools]] Global/International version Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4... 100m \\ 2.18.215 to ----> 3.0.5 \\ Revision for global> **DVB4230GL** (see label attached to cardboa
IPsec Modern IKEv2 Road-Warrior Configuration @docs:guide-user:services:vpn:strongswan
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.1.100**/32** instead, which means that only 1 single host can connect and it will be given that addre... the same private subnet you can set this to a single address or a subnet portion which is free and no... re ''/etc/strongswan.d/charon/dhcp.conf'' accordingly if you want client's addresses to be released by... itations you can't simultaneously support both single round and double round auth for pubkey authentic
Samba @docs:guide-user:services:nas
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to your needs using ''chown'' and ''chmod''. Any unknown usernames used for authentication against Samba a... router hostname, openwrt must be changed accordingly. * **<share>** is the name of the share, as yo... and add or change the following entries in the "[global]" section in the template. <code bash> [global] domain master = yes local master = yes name r
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