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Extreme Networks WS-AP3825i / WS-AP3825E @toh:extreme_networks
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opkg install luci-i18n-acl-en **-- to install English --** opkg install luci-i18n-acl-uk **-- to i... First time in use Scanning JFFS2 FS: [08][08]. Unknown node type: e008 len 48 offset 0x3c3ca40 Unknown node type: e009 len 28 offset 0x3c3ca70 Unknown node type: e009 len 28 offset 0x3c3ca8c [08][08]. Unknown
D-Link DIR-825 @toh:d-link
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* If you are running MacOS you can use <del>Google Chrome</del> Opera * FW version 2.05EU seems v... l name blue ^ Internal name orange ^ | unknown | D-Link | unknown | n/a | | Power ... If you want to see the BLUE POWER ON and the BLUE GLOBE ( planet ) blinking when it receives informati
Arcadyan VGV7510KW22 (o2 Box 6431) @toh:arcadyan
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flash the full 16MB NOR flash (I tried flashing gluon directly, but it showed that the device arcady... CF760C559BD482576E00022E6CC/?OpenDocument&EPN=MX29GL128E|MXIC MX29GL128EL]] parallel NOR flash, 128*128KB blocks | ^ Flash size | 16 MiB / 128 Mibit ... ort mapping) --port Attribute 1 (int): uvr (Unknown VLAN Rule) Attribute 2 (int): vsr (VLAN Security
TP-Link Archer A7 v5 @toh:tp-link
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ove | ^ TFTP transfer window | Unknown, but many minutes | ^ TFTP windo... ge support registered. [ 11.560000] rndis_host: Unknown symbol usbnet_open (err 0) [ 11.560000] rndis_host: Unknown symbol usbnet_skb_return (err 0) [ 11.570000] rndis_host: Unknown symbol usbnet_tx_timeout (err 0) [ 11.580000] r
Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350 @toh:xiaomi
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it weak. There are two versions of this router, a global (black) and a chineese (white) one, with no h... mplete initial setup through the mobile app (in English) or through the webui (in Chinese). 3. Login ... or Board Info at: 87f93fd4 Reserving 40 Bytes for Global Data at: 87f93fac Reserving 128k for boot par... ecking devid: 3f [ 15.470000] __ath_attach: Set global_scn[0] [ 15.470000] *** All the minfree val
ZyXEL XGS1250-12 @toh:zyxel
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ed1c24>**you will need serial access for every single boot**</color> as long as your bootcmd is bogus.... etty straightforward on this switch. There's an angled UART serial connector to the right side, sittin... 813] In rtl930x_vlan_profile_setup [ 7.612315] UNKNOWN_MC_PMASK: 000000001fffffff [ 7.617255] VLAN 0: L2 learn: 0; Unknown MC PMasks: L2 1fffffff, IPv4 1fffffff, IPv6: 1fff
Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 @toh:xiaomi
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is 4 CKR is 1 tRPRE_toggle is 0 tRPRE_static is 2 tRP... 2f094d1440) (gcc version 8.4.0 (OpenWrt GCC 8.4.0 unknown)) #0 SMP Fri Aug 12 08:32:47 2022 [ 0.000000] ... 00] Kernel command line: console=ttyS0,115200n1 loglevel=8 firmware=1 uart_en=1 [ 0.000000] Dentry ... nd type = 48 [ 22.207923] wdma_dma_ctrl(): WDMA_GLO_CFG=50404e70, txrx = 0 [ 22.219472] wdma_dma_c
TP-Link Archer C6 v2 @toh:tp-link
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or Board Info at: 8778ffd4 Reserving 36 Bytes for Global Data at: 8778ffb0 Reserving 128k for boot par... or Board Info at: 8778ffd4 Reserving 36 Bytes for Global Data at: 8778ffb0 Reserving 128k for boot par... k! [Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct(): 659 @ unknown id(device_name), skip it. [Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct(): 659 @ unknown id(country), skip it. [Error]sysmgr_proinfo_bui
Meraki MR16 @toh:meraki
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or Board Info at: 83f93fd4 Reserving 36 Bytes for Global Data at: 83f93fb0 Reserving 128k for boot par... : sysctl: error: 'kernel.softlockup_panic' is an unknown key : sysctl: error: 'kernel.hung_task_panic' is an unknown key : sysctl: error: 'vm.panic_on_oom' is an unknown key [ 2.243] module load for dummy load 0.039000
TP-Link Archer VR400 @toh:tp-link
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Flow Cache learning via BLOG enabled. [FHW] pktDbgLvl[0xc00af290]=0 [FHW] fhw_construct: Initialized... nabled. [FAP0] DSPRAM : stack <0x80000000><1536>, global <0x80000600><4576>, free <2080> [FAP1] DSPRAM : stack <0x80000000><1536>, global <0x80000600><4576>, free <2080> [FAP0] PSM : ... that chain?). rmmod: can't unload 'nf_nat_rtsp': unknown symbol in module, or unknown paramete rmmod: can'
Linksys E8450 (aka. Belkin RT3200) @toh:linksys
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(Gary@d1r130b) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 unknown) ) #0 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 26 11:31:35 UTC 2020 [ ... ck_down: RFlockDown Enable [ 28.733948] MtSingleSkuLoadParam: RF_LOCKDOWN Feature ON !!! MtSingleSkuLoadParam: SKU Table index = 1 mt7622_check_RF_l... t_thermal_protection_criteria_proc: fgHighEn: 1, fgLowEn: 1, fgRFOffEn: 1, cHighTempTh: 120, cLowTempT
AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 @toh:avm
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103940if_/ 5040504if_/ DN phones/devices | ^ Flash-Chip | Macronix MX29GL128E (16MB for firmware), ST NAND04GW3B2BN6E (512M... ck dev->baseAddr b9110000 [ 5.892000] Setting unknown egress to SPA [ 5.900000] Slave Mem Alloc: Req
Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH @toh:buffalo
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of line) ("11" is used in the example below). For unknown reasons there may be already a wrong ARP route to... rman Telekom VDSL would be eth1.7 ==== Sample Single DMZ Port Configuration ==== This configuration demonstrates configuring a single port ([[#network_port_assignments|LAN 1 / Port 3... lash-Chip | [[|S29GL256P11TFI01]] cfi-flash | ^ Flas
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