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Lantiq SoCs @docs:techref:hardware:soc
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tried booting OpenWrt on [one]: we never got a single response from it (even after hacking around in s... om flash ==== This is taken from [[ |a patent application]] an... ith clear low bits (''0b00'') is followed by a single word to be written there * an address ORed wit... K SPI pins are: * 44: CLK * 45: MOSI * (46 unknown) * 47: MISO * 48: Slave select (probably the
Use 3g/UMTS USB Dongle for WAN connection @docs:guide-user:network:wan:wwan
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====== Use 3g/UMTS USB Dongle for WAN connection ====== This tutorial explains how to setup and config... m**, see [[docs:guide-user:network:wan:wwan:ltedongle|How to Use LTE modem in QMI mode for WAN connect... serial device. :!: Serial device modes: If a dongle in permanently configured for serial mode, it is... cation; needed to send control commands to the dongle and receive its responses. *//kmod-usb-serial
mwan3 (Load balancing/failover with multiple WAN interfaces) @docs:guide-user:network:wan:multiwan
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ic can be configured in the ''/etc/config/mwan3'' globals section. This is useful if you also use othe... on basis -- it is not channel-bonding, where a single connection (e.g. a single download) will use multiple WAN connections simultaneously * As such loa... ing different sites but it will not speed up a single download from one PC (unless the download is spr
Firewall configuration /etc/config/firewall @docs:guide-user:firewall
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an two zones, as the rule can then be set as the 'global default' for that zone.// ==== Defaults ==== The ''defaults'' section declares global firewall settings which do not belong to spec... ch traffic directed at the given ports. Only a single port or range can be specified, not disparate po... t field to enable logging in the filter and/or mangle tables, bit 0 = filter, bit 1 = mangle. (Since r
OpenWrt as client device @docs:guide-user:network
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nslate human-readable website names (like "") into their actual IP address. In most case... et, for example that is the address of Google's DNS servers. - Scroll down and in **DHCP Ser... w be accessible at the IP you set above (or at an unknown dynamic IP if you used "**DHCP client option**"),
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