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Smartphone Bluetooth Tethering @docs:guide-user:hardware:bluetooth
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_configuration|overlay]] file systems and a [[toh:gl.inet:gl-mt300a|MT-300A]] with both [[ A Extender Cable]] which I connected to my [[toh:gl.inet:gl-mt300a|MT-300A]] OpenWrt router and Bluetooth dongle. === Required OpenWrt packages: === - kmod-input-ui... the Bluetooth MAC address of the USB Bluetooth dongle connected to your OpenWrt device. If your smar
为新设备添加OpenWrt支持 @zh:docs:guide-developer
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base-files/lib/ target/linux/ramips/dts/GL-MT300A.dts target/linux/ramips/image/ ===== 重
GL.iNet installation instructions @toh:gl.inet
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ce. ===== uBoot upgrade ===== This applies to all GL.inet routers, including 6416, AR150, AR300, MT300A, MT300N, MT750, Domino boards and newer products.... AR150 and 6416 ( flashing 3 times for MT300N and MT300A). Number of blinking to count for newer devices (... ur computer’s IP address to\\ {{media:gl.inet:blog_uboot-ui_ip.jpg?nolink&800|}} - User ... reenshot is an example of the uboot web UI from a GL.iNet BL-1300\\ {{media:gl.inet:uboot_b1300.png?di
加入新的設備 @zh-tw:docs:guide-developer
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/base-files/lib/ target/linux/ramips/dts/GL-MT300A.dts target/linux/ramips/image/ </code>
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