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Sercomm H500-s
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der for flashing purposes, the procedure is still unknown. ===== OEM firmware ===== ^ OEM firmware ^^^ | ... imson>plastic</color>** made. The conductivity is unknown. Furthermore, in some units it's likely loose. Pl... rssismc5g=15 rssismf5g=15 tri2g=255 tri5g=255 tri5gl=255 tri5gh=255 rxpo2g=-1 rxpo5g=-1 txchain=3 rxch
Sercomm AD1018
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router for sending an unkown Sercomm image via an unknown transfer procedure. We will use the serial port... v5g=0 rssismc5g=0 rssismf5g=0 tri2g=0 tri5g=0 tri5gl=0 tri5gh=0 rxpo2g=0 rxpo5g=0 txchain=3 rxchain=3
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