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Ubiquiti NanoBeam M2 and M5 @toh:ubiquiti
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====== Ubiquiti NanoBeam M2 and M5 ====== The [[|Ubiquiti Networks® NanoBeam®M]] devices are CPE equipment for customer locati... ===== Images of NBE-M5-300 Board ===== {{media:ubiquiti:powerbeam300-m5-front.jpg?600|NBE-M5-300 front}} {{media:ubiquiti:powerbeam300-m5-back.jpg?600|NBE-M5-300 back}} ===== Tags ===== [[meta:tags|How to add tags]] {{tag>AR9342 8flash
Ubiquiti PowerBeam M @toh:ubiquiti
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ng fwupdate.real as per [[|Nanobeam instructions]] might work. Works fine. It seems ... tp> quit </code> ===== Misc info ===== ==== PBE-M5-400 ==== **/proc/cpuinfo** <code> system type :... ata from Flash 0xbfff1000 [ 10.879000] ath_hal: Ubiquiti Osprey (0777:e4e5) [ 10.884000] ath_get_caps[53
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