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Nexx WT3020 @toh:nexx
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1483/4fc6c0ce-a498-11e4-8659-471009dc7b2f.jpg?240|Nexx WT3020H (detailed top board view). Click to enlarge}} {{h... 1482/4fc206ec-a498-11e4-8b2b-6e7ac720dd06.jpg?240|Nexx WT3020H (detailed bottom board view). Click to enlarge}} ... 1596/a7a7997e-a49f-11e4-8407-6975f06a5807.jpg?240|Nexx WT3020H (GPIO 2 and 18). Click to enlarge}} {{https://clo... 1597/a7acbe22-a49f-11e4-8325-aaa05c7be9ec.jpg?240|Nexx WT3020H (GPIO 0 and 19). Click to enlarge}} ==== devic
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