OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc1 Changelog

This change log lists all commits done in preparation of OpenWrt 22.03 since OpenWrt 21.01, which became the previous stable version, was branched in February 2021.

Commits are roughly grouped by subsystem and chronologically ordered from top to bottom and cover the Git repository history until the tagging of the 22.03.0-rc1 release.

Build System / Buildroot (252 changes)

6dba010 build/prereq: require make 4.1 or later (+3,-3)
a015d91 build: IS_TTY is now set according to GNU Make's MAKE_TERMOUT (+1,-1)
5ed1e51 build: build kernel image before building modules/packages (+3,-3)
299b855 build: make zstd initramfs selectable (+5,-1)
5ea3383 build: fix build with CONFIG_STRIP_KERNEL_EXPORTS (+3,-3)
0db9d11 build: fix ABI version for PROVIDES symbols (+1,-1)
c067b1e mediatek: move out-of-tree DTS files to dedicated dts folder (+161,-736)
e3b8849 mediatek: more clean solution for out-of-tree DTS (+87,-89)
8d8125a remove legacy packages feed from 'make distclean' (+1,-1)
d3140d0 build/json: generate json file for initramfs (+34,-1)
f04e007 download: remove broken mirrors (-2)
1235ea7 image: add ModelNameLimit16 (+4)
90b1524 fix gettext fixup (+1,-1)
e6aac8d image: add support for building FIT image with filesystem (+546,-44)
330bd38 image: allow building FIT and uImage with ramdisk (+100,-6)
512229c build: avoid generating JSON info on missing image (+2,-2)
f074541 image: remove bogus mkimage command (-16)
dc68af4 image: improve Kconfig for seperate ramdisk option (+2,-1)
ef2cb85 treewide: rename IMAGE_PREFIX/IMAGE_NAME to DEVICE_IMG_* (+37,-37)
01c01d9 download: use mirror redirector for GNOME downloads (+1)
9a9cf40 download: add mirror alias for Debian (+10,-6)
dc5328e include: use cpio from staging dir (+3,-3)
f439e29 build: use generated by autoconf-lean, drop hardcoded sitefiles (+1,-535)
ebcb4f1 treewide: fix spelling 'seperate' -> 'separate' (+22,-22)
b2adc7f build: prevent dupes in (+6,-5)
ded54ae mediatek: mt7622: bpi-r64: simplify eMMC install procedure (+18,-11)
bb98ddc mediatek: mt7622: make sure image generation can run in parallel (+7,-12)
1b62092 Revert "build: use generated by autoconf-lean, drop hardcoded sit... (+535,-1)
785ab2b build: use numeric uid/gid on cpio calls (+2,-2)
ac7034c build: make GCC version 6+ minimal host build requirement (+8,-8)
cae69d5 build: fix checks for GCC11 (+4,-4)
1f5e722 Revert "build: replace which with Bash command built-in" (+4,-4)
13069b1 build: add which command to build requirements (+4,-1)
5ec60cb scripts: replace @ with - in nodes (+8,-8)
9f71439 build: use config-1 instead of config@1 as default (+2,-2)
fc5b101 include: store ABIVersion in Packages index (+1)
72f481b scripts,ipkg-build: apply shellcheck (+40,-41)
bb95be9 scripts,ipkg-build: use realpath for pkg_dir (+1,-1)
7379f8b build: prereq: drop support for Python 3.5 (+5,-7)
4e6de4f scripts/ add support for adding DT overlay blobs to image (+56,-2)
6890f6f include/image*: add support for device-tree overlays (+13,-4)
9ac47ee build: use -nostdinc and -isystem in NOSTDINC_FLAGS for out-of-tree kernel mo... (+11,-4)
eccb456 x86/64: Iptables seems to lack support for cgroup v2 (+1)
7f4c2b1 build,json: fix duplicates in default_packages (+2,-1)
ca2ef4a build: artifacts: add dependency for built images (+4,-2)
8f89b1a image: add 'append-image' build command (+4)
b6c366e image: fix append-image when building multiple profiles (+2,-2)
1bf2b3f build,json: fixup missing arch_packages (+15,-4)
af22991 build: make sure asm gets built with -DPIC (+3,-3)
8c84964 build: add GNU install to prerequisites (+4)
b36068d build,json: fixup fixup of arch_packages (+2)
7880a64 build,json: 3rd fixup of default_packages (+5,-18)
de4b29d image: introduce 'append-image-stage' build command (+12)
c7a5a09 image: use portable filename in 'append-image-stage' (+2,-2)
d7956c5 netfilter: remove no-op kconfig symbols (-10)
f68c947 Extend checks on build prerequisites for building OpenWRT core (+12,-1)
5a96081 build: kernel2minor: work around path length limit (+5,-2)
b993b68 build: introduce $(MKHASH) (+40,-39)
cc76e34 kernel-defaults: fix external kernel build when user_headers is missing (+3,-1)
81d0ddc prereq-build: g++ formatting and consistency fixes (+2,-2)
54070a1 build: fix regression for kernels < 5.10 (+7,-2)
ec4852f scripts: config.guess: update to 2021-05-24 (+788,-498)
29c94fe build/json: fix DEVICE_PACKAGES (+1,-1)
1aa80ce scripts/feeds: generate index after all feeds are updated (+31,-44)
bb749e4 build: fix build for devices without initramfs (+1,-1)
a85aaa1 u-boot: support verbose build (+2,-1)
97258f5 build: add ninja build tool and make it available for cmake (+2.4K,-1)
0c7c24d build: use ninja for cmake packages by default (+2)
18430a3 build: do not override DESTDIR for cmake ninja host builds (+2,-2)
9bf654a prereq-build: diff requirement to GNU (+3,-3)
f6a03bf build: prepend ABI suffixes with a dash if package name ends with digit (+8,-2)
fbb9b1f build: ensure that dash isn't prepended twice to abi version suffix (+1,-1)
a463b96 build: preserve profiles.json between builds (+23,-9)
04589cb build: Config-images: fix unit of partition sizes (+2,-2)
5876d6a grub2: make grub2-bios-setup as a separate package (+25,-8)
fd0d990 build,json: fix generation with empty profiles (+1,-1)
181054b build: create profiles.json per default (+1,-1)
64ce35b scripts: check if dl directory exist in dl_cleanup script (+5)
7270d76 scripts/ Fix the hash algorithm paramter (+2,-2)
4baf47b images: squashfs: xattrs should not depend on buld host (+1)
84c9570 scripts/ order features alphabetically (+23,-23)
8347d8b base-files: add generic sdcard upgrade method (+104)
eaa9c94 generic: Kconfig: exit on unset symbol (+23)
98bccda base-files: rename 'sdcard' to 'legacy-sdcard' (+20,-20)
c5616a8 image: fix build with SELinux (+1,-1)
60af8d7 prereq-build: require python3-distutils (+4)
57807f5 base-files: add option to make /var persistent (+13)
5ef4608 build: store artifacts in JSON (+52,-17)
c4dfdde tools: add meson (+213,-1)
62ed1af build: remove GCC7 support (+1,-1.3K)
4eb4c3c scripts: add missing regex for dl_cleanup script (+8)
ff87587 scripts: format dl_cleanup to black format python style (+230,-199)
93f488f scripts: handle gcc and linux in dl_cleanup script (+2,-2)
fd67908 scripts: Allow legacy @ mode for dts creation (+19,-13)
108901f scripts: store maintainer in package metadata (+1)
3128dfc scripts: package-metadata add pkgmanifestjson call (+36)
e1c03ca prereq-build: recognize Python 3.10 (+2)
fca5ad5 prereq-build: fix `which` detection on Fedora (+1,-1)
16e83a7 prereq-build: revert "fix `which` detection on Fedora" (+1,-1)
0d1ebf0 build: fix `which` detection on Fedora & MacOS (+3,-1)
c2222f7 tools/meson: update to 0.59.2 (+7,-5)
44f694b build: select procd-ujail if !SMALL_FLASH (+5)
a7f794c build: select procd-seccomp if kernel support is present (+5)
56ea2bf build: prereq detect Python 3.10 for `python3` binary (+2,-2)
7c0fb87 tools/meson: fix usage with SDK (+2,-2)
b45ff2d scripts/ do not strip .o files with STRIP_KMOD (+1)
b118efa buildsystem: add CONFIG_SECCOMP (+14,-3)
1c07eab include/ fix host builds with CMAKE_BINARY_SUBDIR (+6,-4)
7630001 ethtool: update to v5.14 (+4,-4)
abc7a97 Revert "ethtool: update to v5.14" (+4,-4)
cb11eaf image: define DEVICE_DTS_DELIMITER as per-device variable (+3,-2)
f262d2a fix pkg-config usage (+3,-8)
09465d8 always link host libraries static (+1,-42)
6b2ed61 uclibc++: remove (+2,-428)
b2aca61 base-files, metadata: support additional group membership (+27,-4)
88a2ea4 scripts: remove unused import (-1)
3bd31cc tools/meson: update to 0.60.0 (+6,-2)
1b81497 build: move elecom-wrc-gs-factory to (+13,-13)
08622de scripts: fix various typos (+14,-14)
323bd7b build: fix various typos (+2,-2)
2d5b831 build: add HOST_OS_LINUX and HOST_OS_MACOS config symbols (+9)
a537d06 bpf-headers: add a package with kernel headers for ebpf (+178)
6738820 build: fix bpf toolchain dependency for qosify (+17,-2)
8cf4d4d download: improve handling of invalid local files (+17,-4)
6b8b5e7 build: kernel: avoid unnecessary package rebuilds (+4)
19aae94 build: avoid rebuilds of unset VARIANT packages (+10,-6)
ce6088b include/ fix typo (+1,-1)
cfb022c include/ fix compile for big-endian targets (+3,-2)
6a5b422 build: fix ldconfig executable error in python (+1,-2)
bdc2194 config: Activate SECCOMP also on MIPS 64 (+1,-1)
94b0849 build: add SUBDIR_MAKE_DEBUG variable to make it easier to debug package make... (+1,-1)
9faa22f build: fix host package unpack if git-src is used (+3,-2)
a6a9f9b include/ add support for overriding the host install prefix (+2,-1)
a7c0d7c llvm-bpf: move to staging_dir/host/llvm-bpf (+8,-2)
9f90a89 build: add support for using prebuilt LLVM toolchain (+21,-3)
ec68c75 kernel: add missing KASAN config symbols (+8)
c5fa7ec kernel: add missing UBSAN config symbols (+26)
cbeab2c kernel: add another missing KASAN symbol (+16)
0ccbcb0 kernel: add missing keyword to KERNEL_KASAN_VMALLOC (+1)
786cbf0 kernel: fix KERNEL_KASAN_VMALLOC build option (+1,-1)
694aed6 include/ check minimum required clang version (+10)
959a030 include/ fix typo in clang version check (+1,-1)
b5ab6d0 scripts/env: fix env for git conf init.defaultBranch not set to "master" (+1,-1)
91a5d69 build: allow package to be built for all variants (+3,-3)
38106a4 kernel: add missing symbol (+13)
db34b93 toolchain: add a version that can be bumped to force toolchain/target rebuild (+24,-4)
98ef23d include/ preserve the bpf .o file with debug symbols (+1)
8f355be bpf-headers: switch to mips64 for 64 bit targets (+8,-2)
43b498f kernel: remove non-existent config symbols (-7)
e6f5694 gettext: remove package (+3,-1.4K)
340c2ed tools/llvm-bpf: move tarball packing to target/llvm-bpf (+39,-16)
da3261e build: image: add UBIFS kernel packer (+9)
5a305e4 scripts: ubinize-image: make rootfs optional (+23,-20)
6db4a03 build: image: explicitly pass --rootfs to append-ubi (+1,-1)
1fbc9c5 build: image: add command to ubinize the kernel image (+12)
0a4f5d0 image: fix CONFIG_EXTERNAL_CPIO handling (+1,-1)
57c1f3f base-files: add eMMC sysupgrade support (+76)
75093d1 tools/meson: update to 0.60.1 (+4,-4)
fd4ad6c x86: added support to generate VHDX images (+14,-2)
446da70 build: image: improve zip build recipe (+5,-3)
c46202f bpf: add -mcpu=v3 to support 32-bit alu ops (+1,-1)
527d813 build: add e5500 CPU_TYPE (+1)
02de391 scripts: dump-target-info print kernel versions (+23,-3)
033b6ce kernel: enhance multicast routing support (+22,-2)
0765466 kernel: split kernel version to dedicated files (+9,-4)
144609b build: move Build/copy-file to (+4,-8)
53252c4 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.171 (+9,-9)
a28afb9 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.172 (+3,-3)
7229981 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.91 (+11,-11)
61e58f7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.92 (+185,-415)
87d489f build: add HOST_CXXFLAGS for host build (+2)
88204bf treewide: drop use of which (+20,-11)
08d9f6e build: switch to firewall4 by default (+3,-4)
3a69b4b omap: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)
d05ac92 sunxi: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)
8a324fb uml: make use of 'rootfs-part' feature (+2,-2)
f8bc8fa build: change PYTHON to python3 (+1,-1)
1404b3c build: increase scan depth for finding targets (+1,-1)
0bdf8d1 scripts/feeds: fix installing targets without explicitly specifying the feed (+2)
ebc36eb scripts/feeds: install targets to target/linux/feeds and support overriding (+26,-8)
3869ccb tools: build bash on macOS and use it for ipkg-build (+25,-1)
01e58f8 add conntrack support to nft bridge (+1)
7672593 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.173 (+2,-2)
30cff7c kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.174 (+35,-77)
957f9ad kirkwood: add support for ipTIME NAS1 (+270)
f4a7914 ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M (+197)
cd6a6e3 Revert "ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M" (-197)
aa8299e kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.175 (+2,-2)
45d541b kernel: add kmod-vrf (+27)
f223254 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.93 (+2,-2)
1343acc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.94 (+382,-461)
b9736cb kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.95 (+6,-6)
ff97fb9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.96 (+20,-20)
1ebb8e3 netfilter: add kmod-nft-compat (+13)
4c42e2d include/meson: fix host build directory (+1,-1)
37753f3 ramips: add support for ipTIME AX2004M (+197)
e9c1c83 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.98 (+68,-92)
5e43dd1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.99 (+7,-58)
c391dcd kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.100 (+11,-11)
2120cad build: store source_date_epoch as integer (+1,-1)
7fae1e5 feeds: use git-src-full to allow Git versioning (+9,-9)
ce7264a config: build: cleanup whitespace issue (+1,-1)
009293c build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.14 (+3.2K,-3.9K)
418dc04 build: fix missing kconfig dependency tracking (+1,-1)
c0849c1 scripts/ ensure config/conf is built (+1)
d6119e2 Revert "scripts/ ensure config/conf is built" (-1)
65c28d7 scripts/ ensure config/conf is built (+1)
4f443c8 netfilter: separate packages for kmod-ipt-socket and kmod-ipt-tproxy (+45,-7)
0225df1 netfilter: add kmod-nft-socket (+13)
43276b6 netfilter: add kmod-nft-tproxy (+13)
9116096 fix shellcheck warnings (+1,-1)
57f7a86 workaround stray rebuilds (+7,-2)
aee3594 print ERROR messages in non-verbose (+4,-5)
a947849 Use ERROR_MESSAGE for imagesize fails (+1,-1)
d6aa9d9 add LOCALVERSION (explicitly specify OpenWrt build) (+1)
a2d4b57 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.101 (+89,-188)
0989b7a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.102 (+52,-92)
1324403 mkhash: fix build errors on FreeBSD 13.0 (+1,-1)
05ed7dc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.103 (+525,-1.5K)
e42764c build: image: use UTC for zip timestamp (+1,-2)
39d0647 tools: zip: fetch SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH directly (+41,-146)
6b82218 toolchain: binutils: add support for version 2.38 (+92,-1)
3f5b2d2 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.104 (+14,-14)
9586a27 fix typo in the Host section (+1,-1)
048f0b1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.105 (+22,-19)
b04d38a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.106 (+49,-59)
1eb5d50 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.107 (+5,-12)
43e6d97 OpenWrt v22.03: set branch defaults (+7,-11)
a036c1d build: switch VERSION_REPO again to HTTPS (+1,-1)
786bf7f kernel: delete Linux 5.4 config and patches (-477.7K)
077e806 kernel: set options to make external initramfs reproducible (+4,-3)
2c2cc4b scripts/ replace forgotten '-' with ${REFERENCE_CHAR} (+1,-1)
1e35d95 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.108 (+17,-17)
1b59515 build: autotools: fix cache path (+1,-1)
ec2bc81 scripts: make sure conffiles are sorted (+2,-1)
82e1f04 image: let mksquashfs4 use all processors (+1,-2)
ca83af2 kernel: fix initramfs reproducibility (+1,-1)
a5cf20d build: store sha256_unsigned in JSON (+16,-7)
bb83000 kernel: set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for initramfs root dir (+1,-1)
0877953 scripts: make sure sort-order is independent from locale (+1,-1)
3826e21 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.109 (+9,-9)
0db5044 tools/meson: update to 0.61.4 (+6,-2)
662d1f9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.110 (+93,-211)
725a761 make sure include directory exists (+3)
a376efa scripts/ make ext4 bootfs reproducible (+1,-1)
5e61718 scripts/ generate reproducible EFI filesystem (+3,-2)
3e16ed3 scripts/ fix order of files in EFI bootfs (+19,-2)
144760d image: strip metadata from images when used in other artifacts (+11,-3)
e723bcb build: target: improve UX of CONFIG_TARGET handling (+15,-7)
143cbb2 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.111 (+42,-179)
2042593 netfilter: move nf-log modules into separate packages (+32,-6)

Build System / Feeds (4 changes)

20caa68 feeds.conf.default: remove freifunk feed (-1)
88097e2 feeds: management: remove dead and out of project feed (-1)
7fae1e5 feeds: use git-src-full to allow Git versioning (+9,-9)
43e6d97 OpenWrt v22.03: set branch defaults (+7,-11)

Build System / Host Utilities (179 changes)

1e75909 ramips: mt7621: add TP-Link EAP235-Wall support (+225)
9a9cf40 download: add mirror alias for Debian (+10,-6)
ad54e32 tools: add cpio (+35,-1)
049ac36 firmware-utils/ptgen: set GPT partition attributes and name (+71,-10)
c4dd244 tools: add xxd (from vim) (+34,-1)
2b94aac tools: xxd: use more convenient source tarball (+6,-20)
c58005a tools/xxd: fix source URL (+1,-1)
46c411e firmware-utils/ptgen: fix compile warnings (+2,-2)
4a078bd firmware-utils/ptgen: fix partition guid and name (+3,-2)
460dd2f firmware-utils/ptgen: add support for hybrid MBR (+28,-11)
87406bb firmware-utils/ptgen: change GPT to LBA addressing (+20,-13)
ce19e8f tools: mkimage: add patches for 64-bit MediaTek BootROM (+360,-17)
bf4aa0c tools/libelf: remove unneeded host library (+1,-258)
00a326a firmware-utils/ptgen: remove unused variable assignment (-1)
4d9f693 tools: otrx: allow own magic (+13,-2)
cbc37d6 tools/sparse: update to version 0.6.3 (+2,-2)
1ff7569 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: name fields & values (+22,-8)
a361143 firmware-utils: bcm4908kernel: name struct fields (+8,-8)
7d5f743 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: extract parsing code (+67,-37)
a39f85d firmware-utils: bcm4908img: detect Netgear vendor firmware (+33,-25)
d533b27 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: support reading from stdin (+38,-8)
9b9184f firmware-utils: bcm4908img: use "info" command displaying file info (+20,-11)
6af45b8 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: find cferom size (+31)
9c039d5 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: support extracting image data (+87)
ed847ef firmware-utils: bcm4908img: add bootfs support (+337,-3)
5314cab firmware-utils: bcm4908img: replace size with offset (+35,-20)
e33957c firmware-utils: bcm4908img: support extracting bootfs & rootfs (+35)
dcbde11 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: fix extracting cferom (+1,-1)
ed7edf8 firmware-utils: bcm4908img: extract bootfs without padding (+27,-6)
5a2086d firmware-utils: bcm4908img: fix uninitialized var usage (+7,-3)
9b4fc4c firmware-utils: bcm4908img: convert into a package (+62,-2)
e65b633 firmware-utils: fix all -Wformat warnings (+3,-3)
7c01e2b firmware-utils: fix unused variable warnings (+18,-60)
a2f6622 firmware-utils: fix few random warnings (+3,-7)
052a30d firmware-utils: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings (+18,-4)
69e9138 firmware-utils: fix -Wpointer-sign warnings (+81,-54)
1a55a2b firmware-utils: add -Wall to most tools (+43,-43)
e6d6637 tplink-safeloader: fix C7v5 factory flashing from vendor fw > v1.1.x (+1,-1)
489aa75 firmware-utils: zyimage: drop POSIX SOURCE defines (-2)
d4f2c29 firmware-utils: mkmylofw: fix blocks padding (+1,-1)
5eb3508 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: support displaying fw info (+127,-4)
3ebfd00 ccache: update to 4.2.1 (+3,-3)
dfef88b tplink-safeloader: fix product_name of TP-Link AD7200 (+1,-1)
48cad07 firmware-utils: zytrx: Add util for ZyXEL specific header (+227)
baf2a50 firmware-utils: fix coverity zytrx.c resource leak (+3,-1)
7a70f78 fakeroot: Alpine linux libc.musl build error fix (+34)
2d15468 ccache: Build with ENABLE_DOCUMENTATION=OFF (+3)
f8f8935 ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer A6 v3 (+244,-1)
a46ad59 ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer C6U v1 (EU) (+264,-1)
7b9a0c2 ath79: use dynamic partitioning for TP-Link CPE series (+15,-36)
609aa39 tools/isl: bump to 0.24 (+2,-2)
97258f5 build: add ninja build tool and make it available for cmake (+2.4K,-1)
d45baa8 tools: fix dependencies of cmake packages (+1,-1)
fa0aea5 tools: build ninja before ccache to fix the build order (+2,-2)
d22fb7f ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer C6 v3 (+251,-180)
9033837 tools/ccache: update to 4.3 (+2,-4)
b6245fb firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: support Archer A6 v3 CA (+1)
2e745e9 treewide: remove BUILD_PARALLEL from CMake packages (-16)
bf4dbbb tools/libressl: update to 3.3.3 (+3,-3)
b154a2f tools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.46.2 (+3,-3)
3cbdc13 tools/squashfskit4: fix compilation under big endian (+18,-6)
5cff6c1 tools/cmake: update to 3.20.3 + build with Ninja (+16,-3)
cce2e8d ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WR941HP v1 (+201,-1)
af56075 ath79: add support for TP-Link RE455 v1 (+109,-2)
f705008 firmware-utils: replace GPL 2.0 boilerplate/reference with SPDX (+36,-218)
60aa129 firmware-utils: replace GPL 2.0+ boilerplate/reference with SPDX (+28,-314)
63bf027 firmware-utils: seama: replace BSD-3-Clause boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-31)
e7ae32b firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: replace BSD-2-Clause boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-20)
2dc1e4b firmware-utils: add GPL 2.0 SPDX to files with no license info (+13)
fe54c3a firmware-utils: mkmerakifw-old: replace GPL-2.0-only boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-5)
f2e86d5 firmware-utils: mkmylofw: replace GPL-2.0-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-16)
cc8bc21 firmware-utils: osbridge-crc: replace GPL-2.0-only boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-5)
0e85dc0 firmware-utils: trx: replace GPL-2.0-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-14)
5ecd99f firmware-utils: nand_ecc: replace GPL boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-15)
c4a4267 firmware-utils: add support for ZyXEL ZLD firmware (+832,-1)
c9faa84 firmware-utils: fix build on not Linux (+2,-2)
6f39649 firmware-utils: mkmerakifw-old: Add le32 support (+41,-22)
c5953d5 tools/zstd: update to 1.5.0 (+2,-2)
cb8e5ed tools/tar: update to 1.34 (+3,-3)
af8a5d2 tools/findutils: update to 4.8.0 (+2,-2)
fe1942a tools/dosfstools: update to 4.2 (+2,-29)
f431f2c tools/bison: update to 3.7.6 (+2,-2)
eef7f9e tools/cmake: update to 3.21.2 (+4,-4)
f78ad90 tools/libressl: update to 3.3.4 (+2,-2)
baacdd5 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA1201 v2 (+221,-3)
96a7a47 tools/findutils: fix build on macos (+4)
2f7a733 firmware-utils: seama.h: replace LGPL-2.1-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-15)
cdc646c tools/libtool: update to 2.4.2 (+26,-48)
df63619 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: use revision field (+3,-1)
8dba474 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: improve soft-version customisation (+95,-74)
46dec99 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: set EAP235-Wall v1 soft-version (+1,-1)
4b898af tools/mm-macros: remove (+1,-35)
c4dfdde tools: add meson (+213,-1)
aa344bc tools/pkgconf: update to 1.8.0 (+12,-8)
af1853a tools/bison: update to 3.8.1 (+2,-19)
22c30ed tools/fakeroot: update to 1.26 (+3,-328)
fc9682e tools/m4: update to 1.4.19 (+2,-145)
aae4bf7 tools/mtools: update to 4.0.35 (+2,-2)
674bda0 tools/sparse: update to 0.6.4 (+2,-2)
d23c5ec tools/sstrip: update to 3.2 (+2,-2)
0d983c2 tools/autoconf-archive: update to 2021.02.19 (+2,-2)
8c863f6 tools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.46.4 (+5,-5)
c377d87 libtool: bump to 2.4.6 (+444,-334)
96e05e2 libtool: Revert "libtool: bump to 2.4.6" (+334,-444)
2c9a07e ramips: add missing information to dlink headers (+179,-8)
ea44aeb tools/fakeroot: fix build error on macOS (+11)
ac03e24 ath79: add support for TP-Link CPE710-v1 (+209,-1)
8cc9a74 firmware-utils: update to version 2021-10-05 (+9,-37.8K)
5266a27 tools/bison: update to 3.8.2 (+2,-2)
297cb8c tools/cmake: update to 3.21.3 (+2,-2)
81ba544 firmware-utils: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
f9ad6b3 Add more missing includes for byte swap operations (+6,-2)
c2222f7 tools/meson: update to 0.59.2 (+7,-5)
7c0fb87 tools/meson: fix usage with SDK (+2,-2)
977bf5e tools/ccache: update to 4.4.2 (+4,-3)
48e209e tools/fakeroot: explicitly pass CPP variable (+2,-1)
faa6a9a tools/llvm-bpf: add llvm+clang build suitable for compiling code to eBPF (+45)
dd0ad9b tools/isl: update the download URL (+1,-1)
0e411c6 tools/pkgconf: add PKG_CONFIG_EXTRAARGS for additional arguments (+2,-1)
3bd31cc tools/meson: update to 0.60.0 (+6,-2)
b4f2e52 firmware-utils: bump to latest git HEAD (+4,-4)
86739f2 Add more missing include for byte swap operations (+4,-10)
7073760 ramips: add support for TP-Link RE305 v3 (+41)
5ad663b config: add choice for selecting the LLVM toolchain type (+25,-7)
6738820 build: fix bpf toolchain dependency for qosify (+17,-2)
03bb341 tools/libressl: update to 3.4.1 (+2,-2)
a7c0d7c llvm-bpf: move to staging_dir/host/llvm-bpf (+8,-2)
2a832b3 llvm-bpf: support creating a tarball in bin (+36,-3)
10cbce3 tools: ensure that BIN_DIR is created early (+5,-2)
e37dffb tools/mkimage: pass --static via PKG_CONFIG_EXTRAARGS (+1,-14)
9211af7 tools/cpio: fix compilation with clang (+11,-2)
848499c tools: include the value of CONFIG_SDK_LLVM_BPF in the stampfile (+2,-1)
1126855 tools/llvm-bpf: make sure llvm-bpf.tar.gz is created (+6,-5)
203c86f tools/llvm-bpf: include host os/arch in tarball name (+2,-2)
340c2ed tools/llvm-bpf: move tarball packing to target/llvm-bpf (+39,-16)
a18047d tools/cmake: update to 3.22.0 (+4,-4)
d1c7df9 tools/ccache: update to 4.5.1 (+2,-2)
51d4e85 firmware-utils: bump to the latest master (+3,-3)
cd3f6ee build, cmake: add quotes for FW_UTIL variable arguments (+12,-12)
f4d1263 build, cmake: switch OPENSSL_CRYPTO_LIBRARY -> OPENSSL_CRYPTO_LIBRARIES (+1,-1)
fa35379 tplink-safeloader: add EAP225 v1 support (+26)
cf01e69 otrx: avoid unneeded fseek() when calculating CRC32 (+2,-2)
4ecefda otrx: allow validating TRX from stdin (+47,-3)
58c9d5d oseama: allow reading from stdin (+64,-13)
0fbc135 oseama: support extracting entity to stdout (+11,-10)
1fa145e otrx: extract shared code opening & parsing TRX format (+77,-68)
a37ccaf otrx: support unsorted partitions offsets (+42,-12)
56e8e19 otrx: support TRX from stdin when extracting (+4,-5)
8fedc17 tools/fakeroot: fix build on MacOS arm64 (+86)
75093d1 tools/meson: update to 0.60.1 (+4,-4)
8261b85 tools/mkimage: fix build on MacOS arm64 (+47)
b6385a3 tools/mkimage: update to 2021.10 (+12,-399)
4b587f2 tools/cmake: update to version 3.22.1 (+2,-2)
9e15dea firmware-utils: update to latest master (+3,-3)
84dbf8e tplink-safeloader: fix Archer A7v5 factory flashing from vendor fw > v1.1.x (+1,-1)
f1d4c77 firmware-utils: update to latest master (+3,-3)
d885b49 tplink-safeloader: support Archer C6v3.0 (BR) (+2,-1)
53ebaca tools/fakeroot: fix unresolved symbols on arm64 macOS (+43,-10)
1d4750f tools/coreutils: build chown (+1,-1)
3869ccb tools: build bash on macOS and use it for ipkg-build (+25,-1)
ebeb003 firmware-utils: update to git HEAD of 2022-01-28 (+3,-3)
6c95945 ptgen: add Chromium OS kernel partition support (+39,-5)
8e7274e cros-vbutil: add Chrome OS vboot kernel-signing utility (+609)
536a802 firmware-utils: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
0c15cad iptime-naspkg: add image header tool for ipTIME NAS series (+229)
872c87c iptime-crc32: add image header tool for new ipTIME models (+148)
fb6cf22 tools/meson: update to 0.61.1 (+2,-2)
8de901c tools/zstd: update to 1.5.2 (+21,-11)
af79853 Revert "tools/zstd: update to 1.5.2" (+11,-21)
0d25db7 tools/cmake: add MAKE config variable (+2,-1)
1e25490 tools: use https for bc mirrors (+5,-5)
68a20d8 tools/quilt: update to 0.67 (+5,-5)
628970a tools/meson: update to 0.61.2 (+2,-2)
73dfc9e firmware-utils: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
706e9cc tplink-safeloader: support for Archer A6 v3 JP (+2,-1)
497726b firmware-utils: support checksum for AVM fritzbox wasp SOCs (+172)
2ca6462 iptime-crc32: add support for AX8004M (+1)
57d0e31 tplink-safeloader: TP-Link EAP615-Wall v1 support (+31)
8a8da19 tplink-safeloader: add TL-WPA8631P v3 support (+39)
eea4ee7 tplink-safeloader: add TP-Link Archer A9 v6 support (+44)
0dc3566 firmware-utils: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
002cfaf firmware-utils: fix compilation with macOS (+1,-1)
c8b7065 tools/mklibs: update to 0.1.45 (+37,-287)
63e530a tools/mtools: update to 4.0.37 (+2,-2)
03f5570 tools/cmake: update to 3.22.2 (+2,-2)
2d5f032 tools/ccache: add cmake dependency (+1,-1)
94dd68f tools/zstd: update to 1.5.2 (+21,-11)
c8fdca4 tools/findutils: update to 4.9.0 (+22,-2)
4e13229 tools/expat: update to 2.4.6 (+16,-11)
40f91f6 tools/fakeroot: update to 1.27 (+17,-134)
4a19cf3 tools/mkimage: update to 2022.01 (+30,-17)
495c4f4 tools/libressl: update to version 3.4.2 (+2,-2)
545cabe tools/fakeroot: restore macos bugfix that was dropped during the last update (+43)
39d0647 tools: zip: fetch SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH directly (+41,-146)
4f3a565 tools: zip: make encrypted archives reproducible (+75)
3150e8b tools/expat: update to 2.4.7 (+2,-2)
cca5367 tools/expat: enable DTD (+1,-1)
7f92046 tools/mtools: update to 4.0.38 (+2,-2)
f88a6da tools/cmake: update to 3.22.3 (+2,-2)
9a44bc7 tools/fakeroot: update to 1.28 (+3,-3)
9c290ad tools/ccache: update to 4.6 (+2,-2)
3965dda zlib: backport security fix for a reproducible crash in compressor (+688,-2)
a650f4a tools/cmake: fix download url (+1,-1)
0db5044 tools/meson: update to 0.61.4 (+6,-2)
3c3d1e2 mtools: update to version 4.0.39 (+2,-2)

Build System / Image Builder (6 changes)

0f7cd97 build,ib: add STRIP_ABI option for manifest (+2,-1)
6967903 imagebuilder: unset BINARY_FOLDER and DOWNLOAD_FOLDER in final archive (+2)
a7fdd4d imagebuilder: show architecture in `make info` output (+1)
15e55a2 imagebuilder: fix local packages/ folder (+16,-1)
ec9af87 imagebuilder: fix broken image generation with external targets (+1,-1)
50cb1cb imagebuilder: export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to environment (+1)

Build System / SDK (6 changes)

bb817bb sdk: expose binary strip settings (+46)
1e4b191 sdk: unset BINARY_FOLDER and DOWNLOAD_FOLDER in final archives (+7,-1)
2a832b3 llvm-bpf: support creating a tarball in bin (+36,-3)
88204bf treewide: drop use of which (+20,-11)
0ac0840 sdk: ship llvm toolchain (+1,-2)
009293c build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.14 (+3.2K,-3.9K)

Build System / Toolchain (61 changes)

32c664f toolchain: add autoconf-lean (+1.8K,-1)
6b7b064 toolchain/autoconf-lean: add check for ssize_t (+2,-1)
81d8f87 Revert "toolchain/autoconf-lean: add check for ssize_t" (+1,-2)
a8a37d4 Revert "toolchain: add autoconf-lean" (+1,-1.8K)
0ef3c58 glibc: update to latest 2.33 commit (BZ #27462, BZ #27318, BZ #27389) (+2,-2)
6e23813 binutils: fix compilation with ccache (+3)
956490a glibc: update to latest 2.33 commit (+2,-2)
d49f1ac glibc: update to latest git HEAD (BZ #27468, BZ #27511) (+2,-2)
acb0788 toolchain: gcc: Update to version 10.3.0 (+6,-6)
b3728f2 glibc: update to latest 2.33 commit (+2,-2)
fc093c3 toolchain/gdb: fix compilation with ccache (+1)
b1ac59e toolchain/binutils: update to 2.35.2 (+7,-7)
6c618f8 toolchain/binutils: add binutils 2.36.1 (+91,-1)
2fc2088 glibc: update to latest 2.33 HEAD (bug 27744) (+2,-2)
3f4b382 toolchain/gdb: fix broken configure test for ELF support (+20)
5072577 glibc: update to latest 2.33 HEAD (BZ #27892) (+2,-2)
74417f8 toolchain: gdb: Add optional python support (+18,-1)
7f946a8 toolchain/gdb: fix broken non-python build (+1,-1)
f033d5a glibc: update to latest 2.33 HEAD (BZ #27646, bug 27896, BZ #15271) (+2,-2)
9d2dcc8 glibc: update to latest 2.33 HEAD (bug 28011) (+2,-2)
0f49937 toolchain: add gcc 11 version (+851)
d63fbfc toolchain/binutils: add binutils 2.37 (+90)
0af0ec1 toolchain/gcc: bump gcc 11 to 11.2 (+5,-5)
3f41153 toolchain/binutils: switch to version 2.36.1 by default (+2,-2)
6d0cefc toolchain/gcc: switch to version 10 by default (+7,-7)
c6a2ffd glibc: update to latest 2.33 HEAD (bug 28213) (+2,-2)
244847d build: remove GCC9 support (-848)
62ed1af build: remove GCC7 support (+1,-1.3K)
753f2f1 toolchain/gcc: cleanup gcc9 config option (-3)
da5bb88 toolchain/gcc: switch to version 11 by default (+5,-5)
aaec2ad toolchain/musl: update to 1.2.2 (+26,-316)
b519be1 toolchain/musl: remove several GNU headers (-554)
71e9653 toolchain/musl: Remove extra format attribute patch (-197)
f48ced5 toolchain/binutils: switch to version 2.37 by default (+2,-2)
f887c93 config: pack toolchain per default on buildbots (+1)
faa6a9a tools/llvm-bpf: add llvm+clang build suitable for compiling code to eBPF (+45)
f46a70a toolchain: switch packaged toolchain to tar.xz (+5,-4)
5ad663b config: add choice for selecting the LLVM toolchain type (+25,-7)
6738820 build: fix bpf toolchain dependency for qosify (+17,-2)
2fea0e5 toolchain: gdb: Update to version 11.1 (+5,-22)
2a832b3 llvm-bpf: support creating a tarball in bin (+36,-3)
9f90a89 build: add support for using prebuilt LLVM toolchain (+21,-3)
0c249ab toolchain/gcc: revert a faulty upstream commit that caused miscompiled code (+160)
db34b93 toolchain: add a version that can be bumped to force toolchain/target rebuild (+24,-4)
ab241e0 toolchain/gcc: fix build on MacOS arm64 (+49)
475b366 toolchain/gcc: remove upstreamed patch, add backport (+46,-111)
0dca106 toolchain/gcc: replace revert with upstream fix (+114,-160)
f30e6d9 toolchain/gcc: refresh gcc-11.2.0 patch (+3,-7)
6e25569 toolchain/gcc: use ELFv2 ABI on ppc64 with musl (+1)
6676875 toolchain: musl: disable crypt size hack by default (+4,-3)
e708bf7 toolchain: glibc: Update to version 2.34 (+9,-12)
1b251d3 toolchain: glibc: Increase minimum kernel version to 5.4 (+1,-1)
77df120 toolchain: glibc: Enable --enable-bind-now (+1)
8c501bf toolchain/binutils: v2.37 Close the file descriptor if there is no archive fd (+184)
3572c5a glibc: update to 2.34 HEAD (+2,-2)
782a4e0 toolchain: gdb: Update to version 11.2 (+2,-2)
d438bdc toolchain: glibc: Remove patch for ARC700 (-55)
b3b0a25 toolchain/binutils: remove old versions (-362)
6b82218 toolchain: binutils: add support for version 2.38 (+92,-1)
65144c9 toolchain: musl: Update to version 1.2.3 (+4,-4)
688a59b toolchain: Update glibc 2.34 to recent HEAD (+4,-4)

Kernel (517 changes)

b10d604 kernel: add linux 5.10 support (+32.0K,-11)
a24df04 generic: ar8216: fix kernel 5.10 compile error (+8)
0e407df generic: ar8216: update version switch for of_get_phy_mode fix (+2,-2)
99f2b46 kernel: 5.10: fix busy wait loop in mediatek PPE code (+1,-1)
487b7ae kernel: 5.4: fix .patch file extension ()
1013bf4 kernel: hack-5.10: make UDP tunneling user-selectable (+11)
0c7340f kernel: 5.10: add missing partitions doc syntax commit (+324)
0e43f62 kernel: 5.10: refresh patches (+41,-36)
5bb9954 kernel: update kernel 5.10 to 5.10.16 (+4,-4)
f323dec bcm63xx: add kernel 5.10 support (+21.6K)
0621b23 generic: add various kernel 5.10 config symbols (+36)
5408399 generic: don't lock when recursively deleting partitions (+24)
5d3a6fd kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.99 (+89,-91)
a3e6521 x86: add led driver for PC Engines APU1 (+66,-5)
7747b3f generic: add bcm2835-rng quality patch (+52)
777e673 kernel: sort config (+6,-6)
f79f496 generic: add missing symbol (+1)
7405ff5 kernel: mtdsplit: add support for BCM63XX CFE firmware (+194)
dc6ac62 kernel: 5.10: add further generic kconfig symbols (+7)
30b4825 kernel: 5.10: fix kmod build failures (+44,-16)
55ed4bf generic: add missing symbols (+2)
5e9b07f kernel: add symbol CONFIG_POWER_RESET_LINKSTATION (+1,-2)
920eaab kernel: DSA roaming fix for Marvell mv88e6xxx (+2.4K)
e6aac8d image: add support for building FIT image with filesystem (+546,-44)
8d766aa kernel: add further missing symbols (+4,-3)
dc8cc44 kernel: bump version 5.10 to 5.10.18 (+88,-88)
4b92663 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.100 (+5,-5)
59d065c ramips: add support for ZTE MF283+ (+417,-1)
7d41432 kernel: 5.10: wireguard: backport 5.12-rc1 changes in net.git (+1.0K)
3888fa7 kernel: 5.4: import wireguard backport (+63.7K)
3500fd7 kernel: 5.4: fix patches after wireguard backport (+7,-25)
06351f1 kernel: migrate wireguard into the kernel tree (+181,-89)
23b801d kernel: 5.4: generic: add missing symbols (+13)
0b53d6f kernel: fix kmod-wireguard package fields (+2,-4)
cbcac4f kernel: b53: update the BCM5365 UID (+2,-2)
464451d kernel: no chacha-mips.ko on mips32 r1 targets (+5,-2)
598de0f kernel: move some new symbols available on 5.10 to generic (+7,-7)
a1735fe kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.101 (+4,-4)
2a27f6f kernel: backport pending fix to select CPU_MIPS64 (+73)
6b0295a image: extend FIT partition parser for use on eMMC/SDcard (+245,-19)
7a6d074 kernel: add support for enabling fit firmware partition parser via cmdline (+6)
d0d5fca kernel/zram: remove obsolete symbol (-1)
7a7b2fd kernel: add the latest mtd patch extending ofpart parser (+717,-65)
d540725 kernel-5.4: backport fd16931a2f51 for chacha neon (+336,-329)
1265dba kernel-5.10: backport chacha non block size optimizations (+310)
5e0b9db kernel: generic: add further missing symbols (+24)
196f3d5 kernel-5.4: bump to 5.4.102 and refresh patches (+94,-617)
cfa43f8 kernel: b53: update the BCM5365 UID in the fixup (+2,-2)
1b287ed kernel: remove symbols from 5.10 no longer present on upstream (-2)
0eef840 kernel: backport GCC 10 usbip build fix for 5.4 (+33)
fc61a87 generic: config-5.10: add missing symbols (+7)
9a20c84 kernel/modules: fix CDC NCM dependencies (+1,-1)
3a187fa kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.20 (+59,-1.1K)
be23f98 apm821xx: add support for kernel 5.10 for testing (+731,-2)
7bda2e9 kernel: fix kmod-usb3 dependencies (+62,-20)
89744dc kernel: generic: filter out CONFIG_PLUGIN_HOSTCC (+3,-4)
20b6e01 kernel: fix kmod-usb3 on platforms without PCI (+6,-3)
9397b22 treewide: make AddDepends/usb-serial selective (+12,-12)
1c48eee kernel: backport Broadcom NVRAM driver cleanups (+740)
b2b75e1 kernel: add two more missed 5.10 backports (+207)
deceb03 kernel: move mtd ofpart accepted patch ()
e90e75b kernel: add pending mtd patches adding NVMEM support (+515,-17)
0d5bf53 kernel: update 5.10 flow offload patches (+845,-473)
3d1ea0d kernel: add compatibility with upstream threaded NAPI patch (+41,-12)
e7fa97b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.105 (+17,-253)
1cd0987 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.23 (+18,-104)
736edf9 kernel: add missing config symbols for 5.10 (+6)
95a3741 kernel: support new mdio_devres.ko module in 5.10 (+22,-4)
4a79c32 kernel: replace threaded NAPI implementation in 5.10 with upstream backport (+639,-395)
680f91d kernel: backports: mt7530: fix TRGMII mode after reset (+174,-6)
12e942b kernel: move some disabled symbols to generic (+23,-86)
f65b0af ramips: move spi-nor-add-gd25q512 patch to generic ()
2a8ae3b kernel: 5.10: update kmod-usb-net-smsc95xx (+1)
66fd9ac kernel: 5.10: add missing dependency in kmod-mdio-devres (+1,-1)
ad11fc8 kernel: add kmod-ledtrig-audio (+15)
a374b8f kernel: 5.10: update sound modules (+6,-1)
9662da7 kernel: add missing config symbols, fix typos (+15,-9)
863ce4f kernel/modules: relocate teql hotplug from iproute2 to kmod-sched (+7,-2)
a50441b kernel: add exfat again (+26)
0b5a67a kernel: Reorder kernel configuration options (+9,-12)
0c0cb97 kernel: Add missing kernel config options (+2)
2ba0ab1 kernel: robustify dependencies in kmod-sound-hda-core (+1,-4)
2c81b16 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.106 (+142,-142)
eb96429 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.24 (+41,-145)
d07ac3e kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.25 (+7,-7)
bd47189 kernel: backport ehci overcurrent patches (+112,-44)
6dd727a kernel: create bootfs partition when parsing on BCM4908 (+9,-5)
27344b3 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.26 (+7,-14)
87046e8 kernel: add missing kernel config symbol (+1)
7d6553c kernel: Deactivate CONFIG_VFIO in generic kernel config (+1,-3)
ebfc94a kernel: Move CONFIG_USERIO to generic config (+2,-13)
55be1c3 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.108 (+33,-40)
3fd0a42 kernel: backport 5.13 mtd partitioning changes (+629,-44)
aa0adc8 kernel: fix FIT partition parser compatibility issues (+18,-65)
ec6293f kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.109 (+182,-182)
438e88e kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.27 (+64,-60)
ce14445 kernel: mtdsplit_fit: support FIT with external data (+243,-39)
2809d00 kernel: support FIT partition parser on mtdblock devices (+241,-12)
f07fe36 kernel: update flow offload patches to upstream version (+1.8K,-525)
734c3f7 kernel: fix mtd squashfs root regression on targets with CONFIG_FIT_PARTITION (+9,-5)
b0a34e8 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.110 (+29,-29)
0a22cef kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.28 (+6,-6)
dc61c32 kernel: Adapt renamed can-dev.ko (+1,-1)
e9c8c83 kernel: fix deferred mtdblock registration (+7,-12)
0806f8f lantiq: add Linux 5.10 support as testing kernel (+338,-91)
107111a kernel: crypto: format "crypto-hw-ccp" dependencies (+8,-1)
cb3fb45 kernel: limit crypto-hw-ccp to the x86 (+1)
7f70371 ramips/mediatek: import a patch fixing bug in flow-offloading (+24)
8222f8e ath79: fix link mode support list on UniFi AC (+72)
a3d431c kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.30 (+23,-87)
57e3265 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.31 (+5,-5)
33f419b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.111 (+5,-5)
79fdd68 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.112 (+220,-383)
6d4ef67 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.113 (+5,-5)
cee5df0 kernel: Remove dead scheduler options (-4)
74b51b5 kernel: Disable CONFIG_DMA_PERNUMA_CMA by default (+1,-2)
67a8413 kernel: Disable GPIO_CDEV_V1 by default (+1)
5288ee3 kernel: Disable CPU_THERMAL by default (+1,-1)
86d5ac4 kernel: Disable IXP4xx physmap by default (+1)
10aacb9 kernel/modules: move act_gact into kmod-sched-core (+2,-2)
7cea19c kernel: netdev: make kmod-of-mdio conflict with x86 (+1,-1)
4978e07 kernel: select kmod-backlight as dependency for kmod-drm (+1,-1)
4b87fd1 generic: add missing config symbols (+13)
4dcdc82 kernel/generic: add missing config symbol (+1)
b96db94 kernel: move patch to backport after upstreaming (+9,-4)
c4d39c4 kernel: default to zstd compression in ubifs (+50)
be7b560 kernel: enable lzo, zlib and zstd in ubifs (+8,-4)
3326b5e treewide: switch the timer frequency to 100 Hz (+4,-122)
17576b1 kernel: drop the conntrack rtcache patch (+8,-566)
182eaa4 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.32 (+32,-68)
0e3c31c kernel: backport mtk_ppe busy-wait loop fix (+72)
62a0a86 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.33 (+2,-2)
0d2873d kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.114 (+113,-38)
c03e98b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.115 (+3,-3)
4b14b42 kernel: Move an upstreamed patch under backports (+18,-12)
0d6f207 kernel: backport mtk_soc_eth fixes from v5.13 (+375,-79)
20a924d kernel: update mt7530 EEE patch from upstream (+240,-242)
9ffa2f8 kernel: Activate FORTIFY_SOURCE for MIPS kernel 5.4 (+150,-117)
e219b7f kernel: add kmod-ipvlan support (+18)
f88c64d kernel: netdev: add qlcnic (+17)
d7956c5 netfilter: remove no-op kconfig symbols (-10)
95b210e kernel: qlcnic: add dependency to kmod-hwmon-core (+4,-2)
5e926c2 kernel: qlcnic: fix typo in module description (+1,-1)
d31bd7a kernel: partly revert: update mt7530 EEE patch from upstream (+121,-120)
63d8117 kernel: Reorder kernel configuration options (+8,-8)
7ab3d94 kernel: add missing kernel config option (+1)
ed4641e kernel: fix parsing fixed subpartitions (+168,-16)
daa5860 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.116 (+3,-3)
da16b80 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.117 (+12,-32)
976e659 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.34 (+2,-2)
f35dbef kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.35 (+46,-98)
e724966 kernel: move three accepted patches from pending to backports (+1,-1)
4e385a2 generic: platform/mikrotik: release mtd device after use (+10,-2)
6a37286 kernel: add kmod-leds-uleds (+14)
b993b68 build: introduce $(MKHASH) (+40,-39)
6a57e1f kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.36 (+17,-162)
d337731 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.37 (+37,-127)
8615573 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.38 (+18,-155)
f726b37 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.39 (+17,-17)
3e1c92f kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.118 (+27,-56)
08593db kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.119 (+18,-148)
fec92f1 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.120 (+18,-49)
cb919f2 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.121 (+18,-18)
0eca969 kernel: add kmod-input-leds (+17)
f298d5b kernel: crypto: drop kmod-crypto-wq (-10)
577ba5a kernel: crypto: drop kmod-crypto-pcompress (+1,-14)
8f80b9b kernel: limit crypto-hw-geode to the x86/geode (+1,-1)
08664f9 kernel: limit crypto-hw-talitos to the mpc85xx and layerscape (+2,-1)
8d1567b generic: mt7530: fix EEE patch (+1,-1)
d683175 kernel: backport "mvmdio avoid error message for optional IRQ" (+33)
5f1338e kernel: fix a perf build error (+24)
3e9318f kernel: fix AutoLoad parameter for uleds module (+1,-1)
53b9cc4 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.40 (+4,-4)
25721d5 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.41 (+2,-2)
03bd089 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.122 (+2,-2)
19bf164 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.123 (+3,-3)
37b5f7c kernel: add missing symbol CONFIG_AHCI_XGENE (+2,-1)
9bda91d kernel: backport fix for hang on napi_disable with threaded NAPI (+57,-4)
766e0f5 kernel: ar8216: add get_features method (+20,-23)
c5a8b85 kernel: ar8216: remove soft_reset (-8)
da77b9c kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.42 (+148,-190)
752cd29 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.124 (+168,-167)
2fdb705 kernel: usb: add kmod-usb-gadget-ncm (+17)
e9c9b5e kernel: package Synopsys Designware PCI to I2C controller (+29)
1516767 generic: backport at803x fixes (+361,-208)
c44cefc generic: kernel 5.4: fix probe error for AR803x PHYs (+1,-1)
0b92b5b kernel: move some drm symbols to generic config (+3,-6)
677813c kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.43 (+18,-18)
c718212 kernel: make cryptoapi support needed by mac80211 built-in (+16,-9)
940c196 kernel: disable CONFIG_PCIE_BUS_PERFORMANCE (+2,-2)
f1e4115 kernel/modules: make sure igb loads at boot (+1,-1)
c1927f4 kernel: crypto: limit crypto-hw-hifn-795x to devices with pci support (+1,-1)
79481c7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.44 (+4,-3)
2a3b2f5 kernel-5.4: backport latest patches for wireguard (+1.5K)
2e17c71 kernel: Backport patch to automatically bring up DSA master when opening user... (+210,-40)
b92794f kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.46 (+4,-3)
697e80d kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.125 (+11,-11)
d8dc9f1 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.126 (+41,-25)
7ddee03 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.127 (+4,-4)
e6bb0b6 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.128 (+28,-82)
1f5afba generic: at803x: mask 1000 Base-X link mode (+132)
64ed3d8 kernel: backport a few upstream flow offloading fixes (+570,-6)
f4e3ff5 mediatek: prevent duplicate hardware flow offload entries (+26)
f529c84 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.129 (+14,-14)
968aa64 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.130 (+3,-3)
269e495 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.131 (+2,-2)
2fe1b32 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.132 (+118,-118)
b607b06 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.47 (+7,-7)
9a0de5e kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.48 (+3,-3)
2e324c0 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.49 (+3,-3)
b71767d kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.50 (+21,-21)
3446baa generic: add missing symbol (+2)
d284e6e treewide: convert mtd-mac-address-increment* to generic implementation (+507,-242)
a395cd0 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.51 (+32,-32)
8d633bf kernel: make uImage.FIT partition parser work on MBR partitions (+38,-2)
f7ab41a linux/rockchip: update the USB 3.0 controller node patch (+26,-28)
b309248 generic: add mac-address property for NVMEM mac addresses (+118)
3cb22b2 kernel: add missing symbol to kmod-qlcnic (+2,-1)
6bc6a41 generic: fix mediatek and dsa not detecting mac-addr from nvmem (+144)
023a136 kernel/generic: fix the arm gc-sections patch (+20,-16)
f032601 kernel: backport workaround for Realtek RTL8672 and RTL9601C chips (+392,-37)
92012dd kernel: Add support for XTX XT26G02A SPI NAND (+373)
2b2ac84 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.52 (+7,-16)
5408e81 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.133 (+66,-87)
d15db2f kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.134 (+24,-23)
2f1bd91 kernel/generic: add a missing symbol to the 5.10 kconfig (+1)
fb6b824 kernel/generic: sort the 5.10 kconfig symbols (+3,-3)
bd521f2 Revert "generic: add mac-address property for NVMEM mac addresses" (-118)
cd39aba generic: write back netdev MAC-address to device-tree (+112,-54)
9928236 generic: fix compile-error for non-mtd platforms (+16,-14)
5be1c02 kernel: fix bgmac compilation in kernel 5.10 (+1,-1)
e8e2b88 mediatek: mt7623: import patch to fix msi warning (+150,-18)
a57d7c2 generic: fix build warning (+12,-14)
f2961c9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.53 (+9,-9)
a20e614 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.54 (+22,-71)
f038a16 generic: add missing Kconfig symbol (+2)
28ef764 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.135 (+64,-64)
bd3cb93 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.136 (+29,-29)
9993e3e kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.137 (+2,-2)
191c4ff generic: add missing ARM64 crypto Kconfig symbols (+11)
b37f0dd kernel: fix kernel 5.5 and 5.9 PCI DT regressions (+122)
91a52f2 treewide: backport support for nvmem on non platform devices (+4.5K,-500)
1e37399 generic: enable netlink ethtool interface (+1,-1)
13d6d27 generic: add missing Kconfig symbol ARM_SCMI_PROTOCOL (+1)
774b386 generic: fix to few arguments to of_get_mac_address (+91,-13)
986685f kernel: kmod-xfrm-interface requires IPv6 (+1,-1)
a0b827b kirkwood: import patch to fix build and refresh patches (+158,-36)
39d12b0 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.55 (+8,-8)
33e84e7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.56 (+2,-2)
3c0a26b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.138 (+7,-7)
8e10b01 kernel: backport mdio_find_bus from 5.10.x (+68,-1)
968dc33 kernel/generic: add CONFIG_KCSAN to the 5.10 kconfig (+1)
4e57f83 kernel: Apply change to of_get_mac_address() to ks8851 too (+38)
29a3967 generic: fix kernel panic on existing mac-address node (+8,-16)
eaa9c94 generic: Kconfig: exit on unset symbol (+23)
1c9a9f7 treewide: add various missing config symbols (+16,-3)
5c88bf8 generic: add missing config symbol (+1)
ce2f312 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.57 (+21,-20)
6ec859d kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.58 (+7,-7)
02e2723 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.139 (+41,-40)
ed9341d kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.140 (+9,-91)
9704d25 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.59 (+3,-3)
8408e0f kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.60 (+8,-8)
96369a6 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.141 (+6,-6)
f25cebc kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.142 (+57,-113)
41ceec8 generic: add missing 5.10 config symbols (+15)
33b6885 generic: fix debloat dma-buf 5.10 patch (+12,-2)
cf40141 kernel: properly handle paging errors in fit partition parser (+5,-2)
6b1cd3e kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.61 (+40,-105)
be7e009 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.143 (+26,-65)
b8f8d06 kernel: fix warning about unused try_to_force_load (+34,-2)
7e135ad kernel: disable CONFIG_RCU_EXPERT and friends (+2,-23)
505b7a2 kernel: move two symbols to the generic kconfigs (+11,-115)
42ee7d8 kernel: add missing CONFIG_SECURITY_NETWORK_XFRM ksym (+2)
854a4de linux: backport DSA b53 driver fixes for switch ports (+82)
b9cc16a kernel: Set CONFIG_RCU_CPU_STALL_TIMEOUT=21 (+2,-16)
27199a4 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.62 (+22,-22)
66db87f kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.63 (+2,-2)
1a3b3dc kernel: Add missing kernel config options (+6,-5)
55643e4 kernel: fix jffs2 compilation with GCC_PLUGIN_RANDSTRUCT enabled (+2,-2)
5fb4cb0 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.64 (+14,-14)
51c7e1d kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.144 (+56,-56)
a88b32b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.145 (+12,-72)
c50ece5 kernel: backport switchdev fix for bridge in bridge configurations (+60)
bd74bc9 kernel: add package kmod-iio-ads1015 and remove kmod-hwmon-ads1015 (+15,-14)
8fa1b57 linux: update b53 upstream driver (+936,-10)
0be4dea kernel: add missing CONFIG_NET_DSA_TAG_BRCM_LEGACY config symbol (+1)
a4b5bc2 kernel: add a bridge feature for filtering BPDU packets on ports (+354)
8ea0d08 kernel: add patch to fix an issue with kernel headers that broke perf (+11)
3c3b84f kernel: 5.10: backport fix for lp55xx LED driver (+28)
73a2570 kernel: order kmod-kvm symbols alphabetically (+2,-2)
0e30276 kernel: add missing symbol to kmod-kvm (+1)
3a2c16d kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.65 (+74,-66)
870b10b kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.66 (+2,-2)
6e7fadb kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.67 (+29,-71)
9664b41 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.68 (+27,-536)
2bf320a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.69 (+3,-26)
b4cee3b kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.70 (+13,-54)
50f456b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.150 (+120,-154)
dbfebd1 kirkwood: solidify SATA_PMP config (+24)
57b323c kernel: Deactivate some ARM64 errata workarounds (+10,-61)
b4a3c20 kernel: drop kmod-gpio-dev (-16)
ce79358 kernel: 5.10: add missing symbols (+4,-5)
fd71ef3 kernel: backport bgmac upstream commits from 5.15 / for 5.16 (+177,-2)
b2cfed4 Revert "swconfig: fix Broadcom b53 support" (-33)
2e4193f kernel: 5.10: dsa: don't set skb->offload_fwd_mark when not offloading bridge (+138)
e4e4107 kernel: export switch_generic_set_link() symbol (+1)
35b3c4c kernel: Add AQR113C and AQR813 support (+142)
5ae2e78 kernel: drop support for mtd-mac-address (+16,-228)
20bc450 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.71 (+22,-22)
e672d1b kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.72 (+23,-23)
416eef7 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.151 (+11,-11)
b5893a4 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.152 (+7,-7)
f2e1e15 kernel: backport a rewrite of the mips eBPF JIT implementation (+9.5K,-10)
9ad3ef2 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.153 (+51,-1.7K)
3d0499b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.154 (+24,-24)
0ea33e5 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.155 (+15,-15)
3bd701d kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.73 (+7,-20)
72e53eb kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.74 (+19,-19)
d4f0e45 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.75 (+24,-67)
b0f6162 kernel: 5.10: backport 100 BaseX SFP support (+97,-1)
b519997 kernel: 5.10: backport Marvell 88E1510/2 PHY SFP support (+710)
360c181 kernel: backport GPIO LED patch for MT7530 (+184,-3)
36104dc kernel: 5.10: silence bogus "Missing #address-cells in interrupt provider" wa... (+28)
e3c47ff kernel: 5.10: backport qca8k stability improvements (+2.7K,-5)
c757c71 kernel: 5.10: backport additional qca8k fixes (+537)
8cd974d kernel: 5.10: backport qca8k legacy mdio mapping panic fix (+80)
3cee66c kernel: 5.10: backport at803x internal QCA8327 PHY support (+48)
dee8192 kernel: 5.10: backport at803x QCA83xx phy support improvements (+207,-2)
d888ef5 kernel: 5.10: backport QCA83x PHY resume fix, DAC amplitude preferred master,... (+378,-2)
f97cafd kernel: 5.10: backport qca8k feature additions (+2.0K)
ae77a46 kernel: 5.10: backport qca8k cpu_port_index fix in parse_port_config (+28)
b428f18 kernel: 5.10: qca8k: backport qca8k_setup tidy-up (+151)
a1939e7 kernel: Add extra configuration options (+7,-1)
02026d0 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.76 (+45,-135)
cc2a8c2 rockchip: move r8152 related patches to generic ()
a61a41d kernel: add support for ESMT F25L16PA(2S) SPI-NOR (+23,-2)
b69dfb0 kernel/modules: prevent bonding driver to create default bond0 interface (+1)
b82a23e kernel: remove custom partition name patch (+1,-36)
9201ff5 kernel: 5.10: fix ar8216 vlans (+183,-1)
1470009 kernel: 5.10: packet mangling code only for ar8216 driver (+8,-2)
f7f1249 kernel: 5.10: simplify logic in packet mangling patch (+7,-22)
df68042 kernel: Set some options in generic configuration (+2,-9)
b769bf5 kernel: update dependencies after 'imx6' -> 'imx' rename (+12,-12)
4b26ba4 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.77 (+191,-297)
30b0bd6 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.156 (+6,-66)
f2f42a5 kernel: 5.10: compress 7xx patch numbering ()
ec68c75 kernel: add missing KASAN config symbols (+8)
c5fa7ec kernel: add missing UBSAN config symbols (+26)
13bd072 kernel: Add regmap-i2c dependency to sound-soc-imx-sgtl5000 (+1,-1)
a505651 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.158 (+48,-48)
83f1d72 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.78 (+12,-12)
f81dc44 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.79 (+7,-7)
c953652 kernel: 5.10: backport explicit MAC06 disable patch (+47)
63ce6fc kernel: fix mac-address-increment patch (+48,-28)
3ae5da5 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.80 (+64,-485)
43b498f kernel: remove non-existent config symbols (-7)
c65196a kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.159 (+8,-8)
507911f kernel: add kmod-ledtrig-pattern (+16)
f1b4c1d kernel: add kmod-usb-net-smsc75xx (+16)
be077f4 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.81 (+14,-14)
894f483 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.82 (+40,-96)
bbdc13b kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.161 (+66,-120)
81995a5 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.162 (+45,-44)
529eac5 kernel: add back kmod-leds-tlc591xx (+18)
2f6c847 kernel: Add extra kernel configuration options for omap (+2)
be3fcd7 kernel: Deactivate B53 symbols in generic configuration (+10,-21)
fcb82e4 kernel: btrfs: enable ACL (-1)
362695a kernel: add kmod-video-gspca-sq930x (+15)
1c4b3ce kernel: add more disabled config options (+2)
3b20eb1 kernel: fix RCU issue in xt_FLOWOFFLOAD patch (+1,-3)
6c945fa kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.83 (+61,-116)
01bebc0 kernel: backport the upstream implementation of threaded NAPI to 5.4 (+692,-375)
85ad48c kernel: backport support for multicolor & RGB LEDs to 5.4 (+153)
a696e32 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.165 (+133,-133)
61c76f8 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.166 (+24,-24)
d4b2500 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.167 (+3,-3)
187c8f9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.84 (+40,-60)
43c0a12 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.85 (+18,-46)
002424e kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.86 (+2,-2)
eabb4a5 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.87 (+2,-2)
b61ab8f kernel: filter out both Clang and LLD versions (+2,-46)
fa3690f kernel: 5.10: consolidate mac80211 crypto options (+2,-160)
a47c82b kernel: drop obsolete symbols from kmod-video-core (+1,-7)
7e54e9f kernel: drop obsolete kmod-video-core dependencies (+1,-1)
080a769 qoriq: new target (+453,-1)
6563a6a kernel: import patch enabling AQR112 and AQR412 PHY (+146)
73c0ef1 kernel: import patch enabling AQR113 PHY (+43)
7b9d2d6 kernel: add id for AQR112 Ethernet phy variants (+55)
215c78e kernel: generic: refresh patch (+1,-1)
5761aa4 kernel: mtd: parsers: add nvmem support to cmdlinepart (+240)
a3774d7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.88 (+8,-63)
0b2c1d8 Move mvswitch 88E6060 driver to the ath25 (+25,-9)
c6ab514 packages: kernel: add i2c hwmon g762 kmod package (+15)
4e82a80 kernel: generic: backport linkstation-poweroff driver (+254)
83b5fbd kernel: 5.10: add patches to fix macronix flash (+65,-1)
7bf62e2 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.169 (+16,-16)
2bb02cc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.89 (+18,-128)
5cf198f kernel: 5.10: backport additional qca8k fixes (+123)
1e4469b kernel: 5.10: backport qca8k new feature (+1.3K,-1)
6c312d9 kernel: improve driver support for gen-3 Aquantia Ethernet PHYs (+61,-11)
9f08557 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.170 (+7,-17)
536f051 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.90 (+13,-22)
3fe253c linux-firmware: add new package r8152-firmware (+15,-1)
d9ff9a4 kernel: add kmod-phy-microchip (+15)
3fabca8 kernel: provide kmod-fixed-phy as separate kmod (+17,-2)
31647d8 kernel: add kmod-usb-net-lan78xx (+17)
f2c3875 generic: deny write to uImage.FIT sub-image partitions (+8,-4)
6eb196e generic: platform/mikrotik: make soft_config writable without 4K sectors (+4,-15)
8441a62 mikrotik: enable variable size erase (+401)
2d19e6c generic: platform/mikrotik: use MTD notifier (+61,-28)
bcf91fe kernel: move mediatek BMT support patch to generic patches (+866,-871)
fde2421 kernel: mtk_bmt: fix remapping after read/write failure (+67,-11)
31b6cfb kernel: mtk_bmt: extend debug interface (+96)
b86452f kernel: mtk_bmt: add support for limiting range of remapping (+29,-7)
0ddead0 kernel: mtk_bmt: pass number of bitflips on read to the caller (+9,-2)
7235c8d kernel: mtk_bmt: remap blocks after reaching bitflip threshold (+4)
ff6b4f2 kernel: mtk_bmt: add abstraction for supporting other formats (+122,-90)
e2aa04d kernel: mtk_bmt: add support for the bbt format used on mt7621 (+202,-6)
0765466 kernel: split kernel version to dedicated files (+9,-4)
612e1c6 kernel: 5.10: Backport pci-aardvark driver changes from 5.17 (+545)
080691d kernel: 5.10: Backport pending pci-aardvark changes fixing MSI support (+1.7K)
cf3a6e6 kernel: 5.10: Backport Armada 3720 comphy patches from 5.15 (+117)
bf991fa kernel: 5.10: Backport pending Armada 3720 comphy patches (+2.1K)
1ed50b9 package: kernel: add driver module for NCT7802Y (+15)
9149ed4 mvebu: cortexa9: Add support for Ctera C200-V2 (+529,-2)
0a08d4f kernel: add missing kmod+regmap-i2c dependency for NCT7802Y module (+1,-1)
53252c4 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.171 (+9,-9)
7229981 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.91 (+11,-11)
61e58f7 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.92 (+185,-415)
ef4c975 netfilter: correct some dependencies (+2,-2)
c064824 kernel: 5.10: drop broken-flash-reset patch (+1,-181)
764b1ec kernel: Fix compile warning (+8,-4)
c120f79 kernel: Add CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_OCTEONTX_CPT kernel config option (+1)
30cff7c kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.174 (+35,-77)
81a561b kernel: move bootargs-append patch to generic (+7,-7)
7a4a330 kernel: add disabled POWER_RESET_QNAP (+3,-4)
6cab21b kernel: Make kmod-usb-net-lan78xx depend on kmod-of-mdio (+1,-1)
45d541b kernel: add kmod-vrf (+27)
1343acc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.94 (+382,-461)
ff97fb9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.96 (+20,-20)
1ebb8e3 netfilter: add kmod-nft-compat (+13)
fcd5fd4 kernel: usb: remove left-over LINUX_5_10 dependency symbol (+1,-1)
4d3e17e generic: kernel: add patches with ZTE MF286D modem (+121)
54e82f5 ath79: kernel: drop _machine_restart again (+54)
637a3aa kernel: backport MediaTek jumbo frame support (+286)
4834565 kernel: backport MT7530 ageing time support (+99)
ee6ba21 kernel: backport MT7530 VLAN fix (+523)
d5f4472 kernel: backport MT7530 MDB operations (+171)
8b4cba5 kernel: backport MediaTek Ethernet PHY driver (+166)
3f4301e kernel: backport MT7530 IRQ support (+431)
781f2f7 Revert "kernel: backport MT7530 IRQ support" (-431)
1b311aa Revert "kernel: backport MediaTek Ethernet PHY driver" (-166)
f39872d kernel: generic: select the fq_codel qdisc by default (+4,-101)
73fd9f7 kernel: backport MediaTek Ethernet PHY driver (+163)
f9cfe7a kernel: backport MT7530 IRQ support (+428)
4a4f6a7 target/linux: add missing symbol (+1)
e9c1c83 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.98 (+68,-92)
5e43dd1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.99 (+7,-58)
94b4da9 kernel: add a fast path for the bridge code (+821,-4)
5625625 kernel: remove 640-bridge-only-accept-EAP-locally.patch (-164)
54e1a6f kernel: fix copy&paste mistake in bridge offload code (+1,-1)
ebe0b2a kernel: fix a race condition leading to a crash in hw flow offloading (+6,-5)
dabc78b kernel: backport fix for initializing skb->cb in the bridge code to 5.4 (+30,-2)
966de48 kernel: 5.10: backport gpio-cascade and related symbols (+238)
15f0074 kernel: add package kmod-multiplexer (+34)
2f50d65 kernel: add package kmod-gpio-cascade (+20)
e316664 net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: add ipv6 flow offload support (+65)
63f32eb target/linux: add help text to kernel config (+22)
666d427 linux/modules: split up oid_registry (+13,-2)
2aa97ec kernel: add kmod-hwmon-lm70 support (+17)
97158fe kernel: package ramoops pstore-ram crash log storage (+72)
3c561cf kernel: generic: add missing 5.10 symbols (+6,-3)
71d86a2 kernel: add disabled PSTORE+REED_SOLOMON symbols for 5.4 (+15)
8144f9c mpc85xx: HiveAP-330: add tmp125 temperature sensor (+81,-1)
4f443c8 netfilter: separate packages for kmod-ipt-socket and kmod-ipt-tproxy (+45,-7)
0225df1 netfilter: add kmod-nft-socket (+13)
43276b6 netfilter: add kmod-nft-tproxy (+13)
4a956a0 kernel: move CONFIG_ASN1 to generic config (+1)
02e42f0 kernel: kmod-tcp-scalable: add scalable tcp congestion algorithm (+18)
a2d4b57 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.101 (+89,-188)
0989b7a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.102 (+52,-92)
05ed7dc kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.103 (+525,-1.5K)
df1383f kernel: add support for XMC XM25QH128C (+11)
cc49abc kernel: move parser_trx patches of custom magic to generic (+5,-4)
d339de2 kernel: backport patch to allow using parser_trx from ramips (+33)
802df09 kernel: wwan: add MeigLink SLM750 modem support (+33)
efc8aff kernel/modules: add kmod-inet-diag package (+25)
fbe2c3f kernel: backport DSA patches fixing null-pointer dereference for 5.10 (+151)
23f94aa kernel: include CONFIG_KEXEC_SIG in configs (+2,-1)
4ecf834 kernel: enable SERIAL_8250_16550A_VARIANTS (+1,-1)
048f0b1 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.105 (+22,-19)
b04d38a kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.106 (+49,-59)
1eb5d50 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.107 (+5,-12)
786bf7f kernel: delete Linux 5.4 config and patches (-477.7K)
714ed05 kmod-lzo: include the lzo-rle kmod in the package (+2,-1)
88ad61a kernel: Fix patch header (+1,-1)
8cf9ba2 kernel: backport two intel igc patches from 5.15 (+116)
d52536e kernel: add (disabled) ASYMMETRIC_TPM_KEY_SUBTYPE symbol (+1)
da13fb9 kernel: generic: use chosen bootconf in FIT partition parser (+13,-4)
84f4710 kernel: generic: improve FIT partition parser (+41,-13)
38847eb kernel: generic: fix warning in FIT partition parser (+2,-2)
bb59603 generic: sync mtd rootfs hack with part_bits (+1,-1)
1e35d95 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.108 (+17,-17)
9ab337d kernel: backport pgalloc memory leak fix (+96)
55740b1 kernel: mark CONFIG_PSTORE_COMPRESS_DEFAULT as "is not set" (+1,-1)
66c075c kernel: modules: drop 'AddDepends/bluetooth' calls (-2)
2dafc04 kernel: load device-mapper early on boot (+1,-1)
662d1f9 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.110 (+93,-211)
aa64040 kernel: Fix readid method of XTX XT26G0xA (+3,-3)
f12adc4 kernel: Fix oob layout of XTX XT26G0xA (+3,-3)
19c65d3 kernel: backport ZTE RNDIS bogus MAC address fix (+239)
143cbb2 kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.111 (+42,-179)
474c3ed kernel: Remove patch for kernel 5.15 (-48)
f029912 Revert "kernel: backport MT7530 VLAN fix" (-523)
2042593 netfilter: move nf-log modules into separate packages (+32,-6)
caed024 kernel: add missing config symbols (+2)

Packages / Boot Loaders (212 changes)

2c2d77b layerscape: add FRWY-LS1046A board support (+97,-3)
80dcd14 layerscape: add LX2160ARDB (Rev2.0 silicon) board support (+120,-7)
910b5d6 tfa-layerscape: build fiptool again (+8,-3)
068c820 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: bring back package (+98,-47)
9cd089d arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: use @OPENWRT mirror for blobs (+1,-1)
b5bc538 uboot-envtools: add support for ZyXEL GS-1900-8HP v1 and v2 (+2)
702147b imx-bootlets: refresh patches (+25,-32)
f38c54c arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: correct location of PKG_LICENSE (+2,-1)
59d065c ramips: add support for ZTE MF283+ (+417,-1)
c16958e arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: add patch for Fidelix SPI NAND (+24)
ed50004 uboot-mediatek: add support for Linksys E8450 (+713,-160)
42f3efe uboot-envtools: add defaults for linksys-e8450-ubi (+25)
0394899 uboot-mediatek: rework support for Bananapi BPi-R64 board (+608,-3)
0246e48 mt7623n-preloader: remove mt7622-preloader (-14)
b102e28 uboot-envtools: add defaults for Bananapi BPi-R64 (+7)
547a932 uboot-envtools: adjust compile patch to version v2021.01 (+2,-2)
3cc57ba uboot-sunxi: add missing type __u64 (+10)
ded54ae mediatek: mt7622: bpi-r64: simplify eMMC install procedure (+18,-11)
dba979e uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: fix eMMC installation menu label (+1,-1)
e3ab355 uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: make sure eMMC installation runs only once (+3,-3)
5a3562c arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: remove {e,sd}mmc headers (-20)
f3f6301 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: don't try to install absent files (-6)
dc41698 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: update to ATF 2.4 (2021-02-25) (+30,-61)
51ef823 uboot-mediatek: improve BPi-R64 support (+14,-6)
9663562 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: don't select DDR3_FLYBY for 1ddr (+6,-10)
eb030a9 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: prune now uneeded declarations (-7)
bff84f3 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: fix typo SPI-SNAND -> SPI-NAND (+1,-1)
ce19e8f tools: mkimage: add patches for 64-bit MediaTek BootROM (+360,-17)
e2cffbb arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: update to 2021-03-10 (+8,-4)
9dfc2b3 uboot-mediatek: update to 2021.04-rc3 with MediaTek's patches (+5.7K,-8.8K)
0183ee2 uboot-mediatek: update configs for MT7622 devies (+48,-4)
997ff74 uboot-mediatek: fix build on Mac OS X (+10)
79b6a4b uboot-mediatek: import fix for AHCI and enable SATA (+26,-2)
e6ba970 realtek: Add ZyXEL GS1900-8 (+20)
578c73f uboot-mediatek: select matching U-Boot for board (+15,-9)
8dae189 uboot-mediatek: also install production image to eMMC (+5,-2)
74f1562 mediatek: add support for Buffalo WSR-2533DHP2 (+564)
41af873 uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: make use of FIT configuration selection (+16,-10)
a29f71c uboot-mediatek: fix default environment of bpi-r64 emmc (+1,-1)
0e3f6fb mediatek: Fix writing U-Boot env on Buffalo WSR-2533DHP2 (+1,-2)
81edc84 uboot-mediatek: don't rely in 'lzma' cmdline (+11,-5)
85fa8ad kexec-tools: update to 2.0.21 (+3,-53)
5ea7fab uboot-mediatek: adapt root= cmdline arg for bpi-r64 (+2,-2)
1db4681 uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: no longer force recovery on first-boot (+4,-4)
5e7d6d5 uboot-mediatek: update to v2021.04 (+8,-79)
a3e9fd7 uboot-envtools: add support for multiple config partitions (+32,-15)
b7154fa uboot-envtools: add wrapper scripts for alternate config (+6)
0268f76 uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: erase eMMC environment on installation (+1,-1)
d37aaf3 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: increase NOR bl3 size (+11)
e9ad412 uboot-mediatek: add build for Ubiquiti Networks UniFi 6 LR (+485,-7)
be41fd9 uboot-envtools: add env settings for ubnt,unifi-6-lr-ubootmod (+5,-2)
e94d1db uboot-imx6: drop support for Nitrogen6x/SABRE devices (-35)
15e8010 uboot-imx6: align indent size in Makefile (+5,-5)
8c33837 uboot-imx6: define 'BUILD_DEVICES' for Toradex Apalis (+1)
914563e uboot-envtools: drop shebang from uci-defaults and lib files (-18)
8c11597 uboot-envtools: imx6: drop redundant space after case keywords (+28,-28)
156a27e uboot-envtools: ipq40xx: drop redundant space after case keywords (+10,-10)
6ab80b0 uboot-envtools: ipq806x: drop redundant space after case keywords (+3,-3)
7cde7d2 uboot-envtools: layerscape: drop redundant space after case keywords (+1,-1)
012a9aa uboot-envtools: oxnas: drop redundant space after case keywords (+1,-1)
d050517 mediatek: bpi-r64: use separate partition for emmc bootloader (+11,-10)
cd7a990 mediatek: fix writing bananapi bpi-r64 env (+4,-3)
987562b uboot-mediatek: add spi-nand build for bananapi bpi-r64 (+302,-21)
dcdafbf uboot-envtools: support environment in spi-nand on bpi-r64 (+11,-3)
c75d441 uboot-sunxi: add ATF variable for specifying which flavour to use (+11,-2)
c216353 arm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: move to use the common tf-a build code and bump t... (+20,-14)
09d2be1 console: Port Multi Console driver to AArch32 (+435,-106)
7e2bbef pl011: Add support in AArch32 for MULTI_CONSOLE_API (+178,-20)
b3476d0 plat/arm: Enable MULTI_CONSOLE_API in AArch32 (+1,-3)
a08a201 Ensure the flow through switch statements is clear (+16,-9)
fd10a0a doimage: get rid of non null terminated strings by strncpy (+15,-8)
d47509d Fix misra warnings in delay timer and console drivers (+14,-13)
fa06b74 Fix static analysis defects (+6,-1)
077b3e9 MAKE_DTB: dependencies on device tree source files (+11,-4)
c0740e4 plat/arm: Remove option ARM_BOARD_OPTIMISE_MEM (+145,-168)
2bc6321 marvell: Continue migration to new APIs (+223,-216)
79621f0 xlat: Change check in mmap_add and mmap_add_ctx() (+2,-2)
8d30b49 Remove unused ROMLIB memory region macro (-6)
1a4b46d Set the IMAGE_BLx flag for the linker preprocessor (+2,-1)
1dcc28c Introduce RECLAIM_INIT_CODE build flag (+37)
87c8513 Mark BL31 initialization functions (+11,-11)
4d010d0 plat/arm: Mark arm platform initialization functions (+20,-18)
⇒ + 2739 more...
3225241 sunxi: add support for H6 boards and OrangePiOnePlus (+531,-2)
d0adc48 uboot-mediatek: minor fixes for bpi-r64 spi-nand default env (+4,-5)
9aa66b8 sunxi: add support for Banana Pi M2 Berry (+17)
d6cf997 uboot-sunxi: update ATF dependencies for 3 boards (+3,-3)
4f8da19 uboot-envtools: mvebu: add Buffalo LS421DE (+3)
b832ebb uboot-rockchip: update to v2021.04 (+31,-671)
ebed523 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: fix boot hang on unifi-6-lr (+3,-3)
43dad22 uboot-mediatek: unifi6lr: mtd erase before write to flash (+2,-2)
addf47a uboot-envtools: add support for Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (+4)
fbcfa89 uboot-mediatek: bpi-r64: add TFTP update options to eMMC bootmenu (+14,-6)
af3a1ad uboot-mediatek: unifi-6-lr: fix erase of production parition (+15,-13)
f990bdd uboot-envtools: change size for unifi-6-lr (+1,-1)
c91c0c1 arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
cc20175 uboot-mediaktek: add support for PSTORE and check it on boot (+131,-15)
2449a63 ramips: mt7621: Add support for ZyXEL NR7101 (+208)
e74d81e grub2: bump to 2.06-rc1 (+49,-79)
b108ed0 ath79: add support for ZiKing CPE46B (+113)
959eabf uboot-imx6: drop 'HIDDEN' flag from 'mx6cuboxi' define (-1)
fab114f uboot-imx6: update BUILD_DEVICES values (+3,-3)
6f3a05e uboot-envtools: support uci-default config also per subtargets (+7,-3)
622f8ef grub2: disable liblzma dependency (+2,-1)
42cd06f kexec-tools: add patch to fix issue with appended DTB and zImage on ARM (+53,-1)
57cb387 ramips: add support for JCG Q20 (+201)
eaf2e32 ath79: Add support for OpenMesh A60 (+202)
9a17279 ath79: Add support for OpenMesh A40 (+22)
b126d9c ipq40xx: add netgear wac510 support (+414,-1)
6d23e47 ramips: add support for Amped Wireless ALLY router and extender (+297,-15)
b232680 ramips: add support for Linksys EA8100 v1 (+26,-4)
da8428d ipq806x: add support for Askey RT4230W REV6 (+336,-11)
03d66d6 kirkwood: Add support for Sheevaplug (+160,-2)
482e65a uboot-kirkwood: refresh patches (+35,-45)
52dc799 uboot-rockchip: add NanoPi R4S support (+301)
5876d6a grub2: make grub2-bios-setup as a separate package (+25,-8)
ca94104 grub2: make grub2 tools built in a separate variant (+6,-2)
e472375 grub2: pass compilation parameters more accurately (+5,-3)
2c9537e grub2: update to 2.06 (+19,-59)
0c72143 ramips: add support for Linksys EA8100 v2 (+26,-4)
349e2b7 uboot-mediatek: several fixes for MT7622 (+123,-94)
ec3bd5e uboot-mediatek: rework support for the BPi-R2 (+301,-13)
a71fa5e uboot-envtools: move mediatek to mediatek_mt7622 ()
6b2000b uboot-envtools: add configuration for Bananapi BPi-R2 (+25)
025c0bc uboot-mediatek: fix board name of Bananapi BPi-R2 (+1,-1)
713be75 uboot-envtools: mvebu: update uci defaults for Turris Omnia (+4,-1)
0208b3b uboot-mvebu: update to v2021.07 (+4,-4)
0c111ce arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: remove unpacked sources upon clean (+7)
b40705b arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update to v2.5 (+441,-4)
6618e33 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update a3700-tools to current master (+9,-8)
c552bbe arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update mv-ddr-marvell to current master (+3,-3)
ac42765 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update CM3 toolchain to v10.2 (+12,-12)
896d49d arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: switch to CZ.NIC's Secure Firmware (+215)
8d14378 uboot-layerscape: fix dtc compilation on host gcc 10 (+46)
e68e80e uboot-rockchip: update to v2021.07 (+70,-310)
a1034af uboot-at91: fix dtc compilation on host gcc 10 (+49,-9)
fcfeb47 at91bootstrap: Fix compile with binutils 2.36 (+38)
7ca173d uboot-mediatek: pass console=tty1 for BPi-R2 (+1,-1)
de0c380 ramips: add support for Sitecom WLR-4100 v1 002 (+214,-2)
c5b44af realtek: add ZyXEL GS1900-24HPv2 support (+131,-1)
23e4d90 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: CZ.NIC's Secure Firmware bump to v2021.09.07 (+2,-168)
309c8b4 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: Add hash for aarch64 cm3-gcc (+4)
50773c5 tfp-layerscape: update to LSDK-20.12 (+23,-10)
454e411 uboot-mediatek: fix and make use of LEDs on BPi-R2 (+36,-5)
8db6410 uboot-lantiq: fix sha1.h header clash when system libmd installed (+172)
78cf3e5 mvebu: add Globalscale MOCHAbin (+471,-1)
53d19bb treewide: use AUTORELEASE on all uboot-* packages (+10,-10)
b6da10f uboot-mediatek: update to 2021.10 (+77,-610)
91eed5d rockchip: rename "Rock Pi 4" to "Rock Pi 4A" (+5,-34)
f262d2a fix pkg-config usage (+3,-8)
09465d8 always link host libraries static (+1,-42)
8b7e577 at91: add support for sama5d2 icp board (+32)
60f52f9 at91: add support for sama5d27-wlsom1-ek board (+39)
8746ba3 at91: add support for sam9x60-ek board (+39,-2)
e43eb16 uboot-sunxi: add support for FriendlyARM NanoPi R1S H5 (+281)
3c97fb4 ramips: add support for Xiaomi MiWifi 3C (+169)
8445117 ath79: add support for Dongwon T&I DW02-412H (+315,-3)
cb59536 uboot-envtools: mt7622: make use of find_mmc_part (+1,-1)
297f10d kobs-ng: update dependencies after 'imx6' -> 'imx' rename (+1,-1)
346db2f uboot-envtools: rename 'imx6' to 'imx' (+1,-1)
53cdf9b uboot-imx6: rename to 'uboot-imx' (+1,-1)
ddfebaf uboot-envtools: move imx to imx_cortexa9 ()
b6b09bf uboot-imx: set BUILD_SUBTARGET to 'cortexa9' (+3)
565b62c uboot-lantiq: danube: fix hanging lzma kernel uncompression (+48)
87b8f09 uboot-lantiq: fix out of bounds cache invalidate (+62)
e6f8cf6 uboot-lantiq: danube: fix SPL boot (+34)
9daf57d uboot-lantiq: reduce stack size (+56)
ffb807e omap: update u-boot to 2021.07 (+2,-2)
35b0dc3 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: fix commit ids to for mv-ddr-marvell (+12)
8d9f462 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: add cryptopp (+18,-20)
b18e87c arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: bump a3700-utils to current version (+3,-3)
50f65a9 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: bump mv-ddr-marvell to current version (+3,-3)
1404ed2 uboot-mvebu: update to v2021.10 (+2,-2)
b7befd8 uboot-lantiq: danube: fix hanging lzma kernel uncompression #2 (+9)
889043a uboot-omap: Remove omap3_overo configuration (+2,-6)
febc2b8 ipq40xx: add support for GL.iNet GL-B2200 (+425,-2)
674af9c uboot-layerscape: bump to LSDK-21.08 (+87,-49)
294140c tfa-layerscape: bump to LSDK-21.08 (+60,-56)
3fda160 qoriq: add support for WatchGuard Firebox M300 (+450)
f18288e arm-trusted-firmware-bcm63xx: add ATF for Broadcom devices (+42)
d0501dc tfa-layerscape: fix build on systems without openssl headers (+2,-1)
4e46ae1 kirkwood: add support for NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo v2 (+601,-2)
e0a574d ramips: add support for Linksys EA6350 v4 (+52)
72ef594 ath79: Add support for OpenMesh OM5P-AN (+248,-2)
97f5617 ath79: Add support for OpenMesh OM5P-AC v1 (+237)
8143709 ath79: Add support for OpenMesh OM2P v1 (+190)
213b406 uboot-mediatek: update build for the U7623-02 board (+273,-70)
31872a3 uboot-envtools: add configuration for UniElec U7623 board (+9,-5)
145d896 uboot-mediatek: update to version 2022.01 (+62,-111)
8c1a84a uboot-envtools: Update to version 2022.01 (+2,-2)
782d4c8 uboot-mvebu: update to version 2022.01 (+2,-2)
5c804bc uboot-mvebu: Add U-boot for Turris Omnia (+9)
d16bd89 uboot-mvebu: backport two patches for Marvell A38x (+214)
8c78a13 ath79: support ZTE MF286 (+279)
c32008a ath79: add partial support for Netgear EX7300v2 (+242)
3343ca7 ramips: add support for Xiaomi Mi Router CR660x series (+266)
cfe79f2 mpc85xx: Patch HiveAP 330 u-boot to fix boot (+91,-48)
411940d ath79: uboot-envtools: fix partition for ZTE MF286 (+1,-1)
696f0a1 uboot-mvebu: backport pending patches for Marvell A38x (+152)
bf13b2d at91bootstrap: update to v3.10.4, v4.0.1 (+22,-42)
3ed992a uboot-at91: update to linux4sam-2021.10 (+38,-63)
15ab77c sandbox: add missing compatible property in device tree (+2)
5e5c785 serial: sandbox: support Unicode (+1,-1)
4251fbc buildman: Improve [make-flags] section parser to allow quoted strings (+2,-1)
cb10579 Make search for more permissive (+27,-12)
69bbdd1 genboardcfg: Support a quiet mode (+7,-3)
6a3fc91 buildman: Ask genboardscfg to be quiet (+1,-1)
7c66ead buildman: Figure out boards before commits (+29,-30)
57cb9d5 buildman: Add options to get the arch and toolchain info (+86)
d08c38c buildman: Ignore blank lines during size checks (+2,-1)
b4f98b3 cros_ec: use uint instead of uint8_t for cmd param (+1,-1)
3c10dc9 binman: Add a library to access binman entries (+114)
bcee8d6 dm: gpio: Allow control of GPIO uclass in SPL (+112,-82)
b14c533 dm: core: Fix offset_to_ofnode() with invalid offset (+1,-1)
2206ac2 dm: pci: Allow delaying auto-config until after relocation (+42,-6)
6dd4b01 dm: pci: Move pci_get_devfn() into a common file (+65,-26)
d721001 net: Move the checksum functions to lib/ (+49,-61)
⇒ + 9022 more...
3e53eec at91: add support for sama7g5-ek board (+78,-6)
1050e66 x86: grub2: search for the "kernel" filesystem on all disks (+5,-15)
7ac8da0 ath79: support ZTE MF286A/R (+409,-202)
2d5b596 uboot-envtools: ath79: add support for ALFA Network Tube-2HQ (+1)
038d5bd layerscape: use semantic versions for LSDK (+9,-9)
0f432fa uboot-mvebu: backport patch to fix nvme detail crash (+92)
d15f9b9 uboot-envtools: mt7622: add support for Ruijie RG-EW3200GX PRO (+3)
9811322 uboot-envtools: add support for I-O DATA BSH-G24MB (+8)
0d45e1e uboot-bcm4908: add package with BCM4908 U-Boot (+181)
d1a8690 realtek: add ZyXEL GS1900-24 v1 support (+138)
561f46b ath79: add support for Araknis AN-300-AP-I-N (+135)
56716b5 ath79: add support for Araknis AN-500-AP-I-AC (+121)
41be1a2 ath79: add support for Araknis AN-700-AP-I-AC (+120)
9dbca6b uboot-bcm4908: use "xxd" from staging_dir (+4,-4)
3592aa8 uboot-bcm4908: update to the latest generic (+3,-3)
6fb1cb6 arm: dts: add Netgear RAXE450 / RAXE550 (+52,-1)
0625aad arm: dts: add ASUS GT-AX6000 (+119,-1)
f4c2dab uboot-bcm4908: add BCM4912 build (+33,-3)
f8b0213 ramips: add support for Beeline SmartBox Flash (+253)
9470160 mediatek: Add support for Xiaomi Redmi Router AX6S (+396,-2)
ef822ac uboot-envtools: oxnas: fix wrong eraseblock size for shuttle,kd20 (+1,-1)
64fd271 uboot-mediatek: add patch to allow accessing bootconf from Linux (+60)
9ae93c1 uboot-mvebu: backport patch to fix eMMC (+64)
fd81c05 grub2: add missing license (+3,-1)
1a2689a arm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: remove no longer needed Configure step (-4)
708b883 ath79: add support for Yuncore XD3200 (+49,-2)
321ec22 ath79: add support for Yuncore A930 (+129)
3b3dcca ramips: add support for BOLT! Arion (+199)
ff9264f ath79: add support for Sophos AP100/AP55 family (+287)
d60b3bf realtek: add ZyXEL GS1900-24HP v1 support (+136)

Packages / Common (573 changes)

d020887 build: reorder more BuildPackages lines to deal with ABI_VERSION (+13,-11)
b59905f gettext-full: update to 0.21 (+395,-120)
482c9ff openssl: bump to 1.1.1j (+2,-2)
d2d32dc kernel: lantiq: fix Module.symvers handling (+16,-2)
f41e653 bcm27xx-gpu-fw: update to latest version (+15,-15)
1d3a9b1 bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version (+2,-77)
10e84bd openssl: update package sources (+5,-3)
fb860b4 hostapd: backport ignoring 4addr mode enabling error (+79,-38)
09e6611 wolfssl: fix Ed25519 typo in config prompt (+1,-1)
1bf6d70 openwrt-keyring: add OpenWrt 21.02 GPG/usign keys (+3,-3)
bc4d80f gpg: add OpenWrt 21.02 signing key (+53)
4928391 usign: add 21.02 release build pubkey (+2)
4b37e3b libusb: Fix parsing of descriptors for multi-configuration devices (+91,-1)
f107e16 mtd: fixtrx: support CFE imagetag on bmips target (+1)
00f6944 bcm63xx-cferam: select for bmips target (+1,-1)
57fdcf6 kernel: 5.10: fix rtl8812au-ct build (+9,-16)
c8d2439 Fix sha245_state struct issue when compiling against 5.10 kernel. (+6,-6)
1e9689c Fix build on 5.10 kernel. (+75,-34)
17f7b21 wireguard: don't build on Linux 5.10 (+2,-2)
d1dfb57 wolfssl: bump to v4.7.0-stable (+4,-92)
12a80e4 openssl: always build with GOST engine support (+19,-18)
030bc39 ppp: Update to version 2.4.9 (+226,-891)
16e5b2f Fix netif_set_mtu for Solaris (+2,-2)
a72f809 pppd: Add client CHAP authentication timeout (+39,-14)
e7ee3ad pppd: Do not call update_link_stats() for every LcpSendEchoRequest() call (+3,-5)
9463ee8 Document PPPoE options in pppd.8 manpage (+37)
e87fe1b Add support for EAP-TLS (including experimental TLS v1.3 support). (+2.9K,-7)
049d5b8 Fixed static analyzer warnings; removed superfluous file (+6,-40)
31db94f Support renaming interfaces from a pre-up script. (+11)
a8fc7bf add $(INSTROOT) to $(DESTDIR) (+1,-1)
2b4166d Close discovery socket after session completed (+2)
75870d7 Convert to ANSI C (+1.5K,-2.7K)
d83b03f pppd: Fix compilation with uclibc (+1)
7555728 rp-pppoe: Fix compilation with musl libc (+2,-11)
9f84208 Implement get_first_ethernet() for Linux systems properly (+34,-1)
9793fd2 Fix indicating failure in Linux get_if_hwaddr() function (+1,-1)
7afd9fd Add option to specify ip-up script (+18,-4)
2e8848d Fix pppoatm plugin for pppd to accept a wildcard argument for an ATM device (+1,-1)
⇒ + 42 more...
fb83efb pcre: disable C++ bindings (+3,-18)
221eefa zlib: properly split patches (+501,-502)
a7ff66e rtl8812au-ct: fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH (+1,-1)
9a9cf40 download: add mirror alias for Debian (+10,-6)
06351f1 kernel: migrate wireguard into the kernel tree (+181,-89)
e0f7f5b wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20210223 (+2,-2)
cbcddc9 wireguard-tools: depend on kmod-wireguard (+4,-1)
3ffc30f selinux-policy: update to version 0.7 (+2,-2)
e410fb1 ltq-vdsl-app: fix -Wundef warnings (+24,-3)
348e098 lantiq: ltq-tapi: disable KPI and QOS (+2,-2)
e12fcf0 busybox: sysntpd: option to bind server to iface (+10,-2)
b77f21c libpcap: update to 1.10.0 (+73,-109)
b048a30 iproute2: update to 5.11.0 (+35,-29)
92409dd bpftools: update to latest stable 5.11.2 (+2,-7)
ea6d4bd libunwind: Add MIPS64 dep check (+1,-1)
0c0c9c7 igmpproxy: update to version 0.3 (+3,-11)
1ca5de1 hostapd: P2P: Fix a corner case in peer addition based on PD Request (+45)
ac39c4b bcm63xx-cfe: update to the latest master (+3,-3)
79f9578 sercomm: vox-2.5: add cferam file ()
3fb6f1c tp-link: c2300-v1: add cferam file ()
c24c23e rssileds: use new application led trigger backend (+5)
4d96143 bcm63xx-cfe: update to the latest master (+3,-3)
d035016 tp-link: rename to tplink to match DT vendor prefix ()
9e64e4c bpftools: fix libbpf pkgconfig file (+4)
24737d8 bpftools: fix param order for install on macOS (+11)
2a1bdde libsepol: update to version 3.2 (+3,-3)
b1fc2b5 libselinux: update to version 3.2 (+4,-4)
4670492 libsemanage: update to version 3.2 (+3,-3)
68934a5 policycoreutils: update to version 3.2 (+8,-8)
0b58ebc secilc: update to version 3.2 (+3,-3)
49edc4d checkpolicy: update to version 3.2 (+3,-3)
b5f6d20 opkg: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
d71856a pkg: pass-through ABIVersion to status file (+14,-2)
8704d13 xfrm: simplify the check for necessary kernel support (+2,-2)
c1f3c52 busybox: backport fixes for 1.33.0 (+67,-1)
29e2be6 elfutils: remove host build from target package (-2)
41a8f09 selinux-policy: update to version v0.8 (+2,-2)
6a7a1f1 opkg: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
d3a63b3 libopkg: add option to strip ABI versions from listed names (+38,-2)
988ed00 opkg: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
5936c4f libopkg: pkg_hash: prefer original packages to satisfy dependencies (+12,-2)
6cd13be gettext-full: disable nameless locale define (+5,-5)
5dc5015 mac80211: backport upstream patches for driver disconnect (+593,-15)
b5b0796 mtd: add option for TRX magic to fixtrx (+17,-6)
74f1562 mediatek: add support for Buffalo WSR-2533DHP2 (+564)
dbde2bc mbedtls: update to 2.16.10 (+13,-13)
b3f4197 mtd: fix imagetag compilation (+1)
9ac47ee build: use -nostdinc and -isystem in NOSTDINC_FLAGS for out-of-tree kernel mo... (+11,-4)
46cd076 ppp: compile fix: unset FILTER variable in Makefile (+12)
1c04365 busybox: udhcpc, allow zero length dhcp options (+49)
10ffefe iproute2: add missing limits.h includes (+45)
863ce4f kernel/modules: relocate teql hotplug from iproute2 to kmod-sched (+7,-2)
72885e9 iproute2: separate tc into tiny and full variants (+56,-27)
5c469e0 package/exfat: remove (-46)
56f4e54 ucode: introduce package (+116)
f807db0 firewall4: introduce package (+45)
d28880c umdns: add syscalls needed on Aarch64 (+1)
7fae64c libnfnetlink: quote $(FPIC) on command line (+2,-2)
abbaf69 igmpproxy: remove package (-221)
6a6f9e7 packages: kernel: add gpio-nxp-74hc153 (+327)
13a2344 ucode: fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH (+1,-1)
9390e20 elfutils: enable building with MIPS16 (+2,-2)
e27ef2d openssl: refresh patches (+2.5K,-201)
bbb9c1c Revert "openssl: refresh patches" (+204,-2.5K)
0bd0de7 openssl: bump to 1.1.1k (+24,-25)
0096a8d ucode: update to latest Git HEAD (+3,-3)
7a41fb3 lib: use execvp() in system() (+1,-1)
0d0357d vm: fix leaking source context strings in trace mode (+1)
fcedb19 lib: fix passing uninitialized memory to sigprocmask() (+6,-2)
091ae1b compiler: fix another try/catch miscompilation (+28,-4)
fe464ea allow passing tests to run as arguments (+19,-1)
86e3970 lib: fix value refcount of uc_unshift() return value (+1,-1)
b3d758b compiler: fix for/break miscompilation (+43,-5)
03f1324 object: free prototype object when registering existing ressource type (+4,-1)
9a6ef2b lib: prevent use-after-free after uc_shift() (+1,-1)
20a3763 vm: fix loop variable memory leak in NEXTK/NEXTKV instruction (+6)
00d9419 vm: fix further memory leaks in trace mode (+30,-6)
0341d64 vm: fix another for-loop memory leak (+1,-2)
b5f0de1 vm: add trace mode instruction dump output fixes (+10,-6)
aa9621d compiler: rework switch statement code generation (+95,-45)
75ea474 ncurses: split long line of supported terminfo (+12,-1)
6a6b5a6 ncurses: add screen-256color terminfo (+2,-1)
fd3d2d3 ucode: update to latest Git HEAD (+3,-3)
f0e2a64 tests: add missing test case for fixed switch codegen (+39)
97bf297 compiler: ensure that alternative if/for/while syntax has own block scope (+30)
973cc6c compiler: actually expand block scope fix to for/while alt syntax (+69)
3a6b187 firewall4: update to latest Git HEAD (+3,-3)
802b685 fw4.uc: remove upvalue caching (+296,-327)
25287af treewide: remove ucode module preloading (+10,-4)
8f8e42c fw4.uc: gracefully handle missing defaults section (+3)
7f69fbb ruleset.uc: reduce empty lines in output (-25)
694d428 rule.uc: fix redundant whitespace in rules without target (+14,-13)
25b2c7d fw4.uc: fix parsing boolean "0" values (+1,-1)
6bf82a8 fw4.uc: fix family test functions (+3,-3)
29fba84 tests: expand testing (+1.5K,-847)
c8c638a bpftools: drop unneeded libintl linking for NLS (+1,-5)
9a59f62 binutils: fix libbfd missing DSO dependency if NLS enabled (+4,-2)
aab3a04 iproute2: fix libbpf detection with NLS enabled (+21,-1)
48162e4 lantiq: enable G.INP retransmission counters (+7,-3)
4f27ea7 lantiq: use ActualNetDataRate for speed reporting (+6,-1)
829fa33 zram-swap: clean up the makefile (+9,-3)
565dfeb zram-swap: bail out early if the kernel doesn't support swap (+5)
d38f456 hostapd: enable airtime policy for the -basic variants (+1,-1)
427acb7 libcap: import from packages feed (+126)
dd91ba0 libcap: drop invalid copyright header (-2)
0f7f4de libcap: bump to 2.48 (+2,-2)
c935c6f lldpd: add libcap dependency (+2,-19)
8946be0 lldpd: bump to 1.0.9 (+3,-64)
e4d7e7b lldpd: enable LTO (+4,-1)
bcdf600 lldpd: further size reductions (+2,-2)
9b4fc4c firmware-utils: bcm4908img: convert into a package (+62,-2)
00a85a1 umdns: add missing syscalls to seccomp filter (+30,-27)
ca3289b valgrind: Fix compile problem with MIPS soft float (+68)
3bad9b0 lantiq: ltq-ifxos: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+10,-1)
f4acdf8 lantiq: ltq-vdsl-mei: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+71,-7)
31f3f79 lantiq: ltq-tapi: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+50)
804c541 ltq-atm/ltq-ptm: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+25)
e32d10e lantiq: ltq-vdsl: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+16,-4)
edbbec1 lantiq: ltq-adsl: add kernel 5.10 compatiblity (+14)
e85180d lantiq: kernel 5.10: disable ltq-deu (+1,-1)
0ec8c79 libsemanage: fix pkgconfig paths (+3,-1)
4407d45 ltq-vdsl-app: extent dsl metrics with state_num and power_state_num (+58,-14)
3e3af19 iproute2: avoid unneeded compiles to speed building (+31,-3)
cf20f1b bpftools: fix feature override for masking clang (+1,-1)
aabc632 bpftools: update to v5.11.16, simplify make (+7,-16)
c61ab68 nat46: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
2de14c5 add a module argument to skip checksum adjust for UDP if checksum is zero (+11)
4a9e4b1 zero csum: avoid calling the checksum adjustment function if udp csum is zero (+7,-6)
7688102 skip generating a UDP4 csum if the UDP6 csum is 0 and zero_csum_pass is set (+4)
9df230a Zero checksum handling (#25) (+3,-2)
e8a5670 dnsmasq: add ignore hosts dir to dnsmasq init script (+6,-1)
13397b2 busybox: backport fix for CVE-2021-28831 (+53,-1)
454d514 ltq-dsl-base: Make package nonshared to fix image builder (+2)
3980daf dnsmasq: Update to version 2.85 (+6,-92)
3a35939 busybox: add SRV support to nslookup_lede.c patch (+22,-2)
6713fe0 busybox: update to 1.33.1 (+3,-132)
b993b68 build: introduce $(MKHASH) (+40,-39)
7fea9d9 busybox: disable PREFER_IPV4_ADDRESS (+1,-1)
844598d umdns: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
b777a0b service: fix compilation with GCC 10 (+2,-2)
097dc94 openwrt-keyring: Only copy sign key for snapshots (+3,-2)
2d89d7c hostapd: add ubus notifications for adding/removing vlan interfaces (+78,-1)
cf45cae hostapd: add patch for disabling automatic bridging of vlan interfaces (+40,-3)
25fdb42 busybox: use $(AUTORELEASE) and SPDX (+3,-6)
a725382 busybox: show reproducible timestamp (+80,-4)
b36b8b6 busybox: remove nslookup_lede/openwrt.patch (+3,-995)
b810d64 busybox: preserve crontabs (+18,-4)
a9ebd3a busybox: nslookup applet link with resolv if use glibc (+4)
ef9b103 wolfssl: always export wc_ecc_set_rng (+51,-1)
ddcb970 hostapd: wolfssl: add RNG to EC key (+49,-1)
b1baa01 wolfssl: add support for OpenVPN (+7,-1)
0097899 binutils: update to 2.35.2 (+3,-3)
1903233 treewide: Mark packages nonshared if they depend on @TARGET_ (+24)
7131f5a nat46: fix memory leak (+3,-3)
0d5860d fix memory leak in nat46_netdev_destroy().The netdev is forgotten to free in ... (+1)
efee640 busybox: mention SRV support in help message (+30)
6687a24 opkg: use $(PROJECT_GIT), $(AUTORELEASE) and SPDX (+4,-6)
937dd79 hostapd: fix civic location option (+1,-1)
33c69ae hostapd: add missing inline stubs for ubus vlan event support (+8)
8e2ca15 hostapd: improve channel switch support (+9,-3)
753a91d hostapd: report radar detected events via ubus (+38)
c76f1d8 hostapd: add extra options for hotspot 2.0 / interworking (+25,-4)
3bd6c8c hostapd: add additional radius options (+17,-2)
2319cf4 hostapd: fix max_oper_chwidth setting for HE (+3,-3)
26da5c2 hostapd: add support for configuring rts threshold (+4,-1)
b5420dd iw: update to 8fab0c9e (+21,-20)
eefed84 hostapd: update to version 2021-05-21 (+238,-2.3K)
9a0807c tests: sigma_dut controlled AP using SAE-PK misbehavior (+37,-2)
fcef598 Do not try to connect with zero-length SSID (+7)
78c1cb8 tests: OWE transition mode BSSID mismatches (+18,-3)
411e426 Move local TX queue parameter parser into a common file (+105,-100)
c7cb42d Remove unused enum values (-8)
790026c Allow TX queue parameters to be configured for wpa_supplicant AP/P2P GO (+41)
cc2d036 HS 2.0: Use global pmf=2 for the created network block (+3,-1)
892ac42 tests: wpa_supplicant global pmf parameter (+96)
f119f8a WPS UPnP: Fix FreeBSD build (+1,-1)
2e80aea WPS UPnP: Support build on OS X (+3,-3)
363dbf1 SAE-PK: Remove requirement of SAE group matching SAE-PK (K_AP) group (+4,-51)
cad9ae1 tests: SAE-PK with different SAE group combinations (+38,-5)
f0704e7 tests: Clean up SAE-PK parameter use (+44,-52)
a77d6d2 SAE-PK: Update SAE confirm IE design (+60,-91)
de36f6b tests: SAE-PK with group 21 (+16)
518be61 SAE-PK: Advertise RSNXE capability bit in STA mode (+19,-2)
⇒ + 897 more...
d87b58b hostapd: fix adding back stations after a missed deauth/disassoc (+37,-11)
91abeeb mac80211: sync nl80211.h with upstream and backport a WPA3 related commit (+659,-35)
553cc47 hostapd: ACS: fix channel 100 frequency (+31,-1)
962d530 hostapd: support verbose build using V=sc (+1)
54cc175 hostapd: update to version 2021-05-22 (+4,-4)
b102f19 tests: Opportunistic Wireless Encryption - SA Query (+25)
46509a5 hostapd: add support for configuring the beacon rate (+3,-1)
190d4b6 hostapd: add configurable rssi thresholds for rejecting assoc/probe requests (+5,-1)
e309b57 hostapd: add support for configuring proxy ARP (+6,-2)
ec223cf hostapd: add support for specifying the maxassoc parameter as a device option (+85,-1)
704ab6a hostapd: add default values for r0kh/r1kh (+7)
98621c9 hostapd: add eap_server support (+21,-4)
96e9c81 hostapd: fix radius problem due to invalid attributes (+2,-2)
89bd860 hostapd: fix bringing up vlan interfaces with the no-bridge option (+15,-7)
305c1b8 hostapd: configure inter-AP communication interface for 802.11r (+39)
1412424 ethtool: update to version 5.12 (+2,-2)
72cc449 treewide: mark selected packages nonshared (+14,-6)
65b0fe2 opkg: Fix download over git (+1,-1)
da86064 opkg: update to git HEAD (+3,-3)
1bf042d libopkg: pkg_hash: print unresolved dependencies (+3,-1)
2e745e9 treewide: remove BUILD_PARALLEL from CMake packages (-16)
3dabb62 treewide: remove PKG_INSTALL from CMake packages (-5)
bb2ac5a hostapd: stop advertising 11w feature (+2,-6)
bffee5e busybox: disable bzip2 (+3,-4)
b9b4aef hostapd: add support for setting sae_pwe (+3,-1)
9f09c19 hostapd: make country3 option configurable (+3,-2)
85ce590 hostapd: fix handling of the channel utilization options (+2)
0b2c199 bcm63xx-cfe: update to the latest master (+4,-4)
e5050f3 linksys: ea9500-v2: add cferam file ()
bf98faa hostapd: make wnm_sleep_mode_no_keys configurable (+7,-3)
acdb7c3 hostapd: add default_disabled option to the supplicant (+8,-2)
1818b03 hostapd: add support for providing vendor specific IE elements (+4,-1)
18c24a2 zram-swap: robustify mkswap/swapon/swapoff invocation (+13,-36)
3628870 dnsmasq: Update to version 2.86test3 (+5,-5)
dea4bae dnsmasq: add config option for connmark DNS filtering (+12)
2a9d7ec Revert "dnsmasq: add config option for connmark DNS filtering" (-12)
76cc8a0 Revert "dnsmasq: Update to version 2.86test3" (+5,-5)
adddfe5 dante: move to packages.git (-207)
88114f6 busybox: sysntpd: add trigger to reload server (+22,-2)
7720de4 zram-swap: set the zram swap priority to 100 by default (+5,-2)
d317833 zram-swap: clean up the log messages (+8,-8)
ba5bd8e dnsmasq: distinct Ubus names for multiple instances (+29,-3)
89ef883 package/comgt: Handle bind/unbind events (+2)
8307da3 treewide: unmark selected packages nonshared (-9)
e4cfefa dnsmasq: use local option for local domain parameter (+1,-1)
398df62 hostapd: report bssid, ssid and channel over ubus (+38)
cde154c hostapd: remove unused mac_buff allocation (-1)
b0483b1 hostapd: add HE flag to get_clients (+1)
315f52e lua: make it easier to detect host-built Lua (+6,-2)
9aa0561 hostapd: make it possible to update station airtime weights via ubus (+99)
1ec4af4 hostapd: add support for enabling HE on channel switch (+3)
da2c244 hostapd: initialize ht/vht/he mode on channel switch by default (+24,-2)
8f7e6db hostapd: fix uninitialized stack variable on CSA (+25)
9ec5f5f hostapd: add "force" parameter for channel switch (+21,-1)
3a94c2c dnsmasq: add /tmp/hosts/ to jail_mount (+1,-1)
2434a57 elfutils: fix building with GCC 11 (+22)
7b46377 hostapd: make the snooping interface (for proxyarp) configurable (+35)
5dd1bd5 hostapd: fix a segfault on sta disconnect with proxy arp enabled (+19)
ae1c5d0 hostapd: make proxyarp work with libnl-tiny (+275)
f1b98fa hostapd: add missing chunk for the snoop interface fix (+7,-4)
7c4d79a otrx: use firmware-utils.git to avoid code duplication (+10,-603)
59c6322 dnsmasq: rework jail mounts (+7,-1)
ac4e8aa dnsmasq: fix more dnsmasq jail issues (+26,-10)
ddc8d08 dnsmasq: reset EXTRA_MOUNT in the right place (+2,-2)
022d1fe nat46: fix translation of ICMP protocols parameter problem and unreachable (+3,-3)
9b3a819 nat46-core: Fix translation of ICMP protocols parameter problem and unreachab... (+4)
d858366 ethtool: introduce ethtool-full build variant (+18,-13)
0a65fbb ethtool: update to v5.13 (+3,-3)
9df7ead iw: enable print wpa ie for scan (+25,-19)
97d88b1 iproute2: bump to 5.13 (+13,-57)
12564c5 fritz-tools: fix returning wrong values due to strncmp usage (+2,-2)
891c867 libpcap: add rpcapd as package (+20,-1)
af83e3c hostapd: respect fixed channel BW in HE20 mode (+1,-1)
292af15 util-linux: update to 2.37 (+5,-5)
30fb675 gettext-full: disable parallel compilation (+2,-2)
1795bd2 elfutils: update to 0.182 (+12,-66)
094fb3f libcap: update to 2.51 (+3,-3)
7aff590 libnftnl: update to 1.2.0 (+3,-3)
065d430 libpcap: update to 1.10.1 (+5,-5)
fcfd741 mbedtls: update to 2.16.11 (+3,-3)
381f0e3 nettle: update to 3.7.3 (+7,-7)
9982a51 pcre: update to 8.45 (+3,-3)
8b75174 hostapd: fix broken check in radar detection notification (-3)
8ae3d5f busybox: fix compilation with GCC 10 (-3)
9a79fe2 bcm27xx-userland: factor out a -dev package (+30,-4)
cc0112d selinux-policy: update to version 0.9 (+2,-2)
718a4f4 wolfssl: fix build with GCC 10 on 32 x86 targets (+123)
beddcfd gdb: update to 10.2 (+100,-106)
65ee14a dropbear: allow to use with xinetd (-2)
9754b6b ltq-vdsl/ltq-vdsl-app: clean up configure args (+10,-16)
a71a51c bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version (+2,-2)
8e4110d bcm27xx-gpu-fw: update to latest version (+15,-15)
23bf503 ltq-vdsl: add missing backslash (+2,-2)
31d984a lldpd: bump to 1.0.12 (+3,-3)
c26d741 hostapd: enable ht40 in wpa_supplicant when using wider HE modes (+1,-1)
3ebbf79 ustp: add OpenWrt STP/RSTP daemon (+55)
2b0378c gpio-button-hotplug: convert to gpio descriptor (gpiod_) API (+63,-79)
7119fd3 openssl: bump to 1.1.1l (+4,-5)
99786e1 hostapd: refresh patches (+12,-12)
7073e88 hostapd: fix Proxy-ARP with Hotspot 2.0 disabled (+51)
ec2078e hostapd: enable proxy-arp support for hostapd-full (+9)
a7aa237 wireguard-tools: bump to 20210424 (+3,-3)
a235b41 libjson-c: remove old math patch (+11,-45)
4d0883c ethtool: fix recursive dependency (+3,-2)
eebc25c firewall4: update to latest Git HEAD (+3,-3)
c9a3bf5 tests: adapt to latest ucode (+7,-2)
cf835ce treewide: convert deprecated syntax (+22,-22)
9e9057f ucode: update to latest Git HEAD (+38,-9)
7f0ff91 lib: allow parsing non-array, non-object value in json() (+4,-1)
f360350 lib: implement sleep(ms) function (+27,-1)
617a114 cmake: make 3.0 minimum version (+1,-1)
3c2aeff cmake: fix includes and libraries (+10,-3)
502ecdc cmake: enable extra compiler checks (+7,-1)
778e4f7 lexer: fix incomplete struct initializers (+83,-83)
8039361 main: provide just binary name in help output (+2,-2)
2b59097 tests: create custom tests from current tests cases (+10,-2)
1c548a6 cmake: do not output binaries into lib directory (+5,-5)
41d33d0 tests: custom: return exit code if tests fails (+1)
df73b25 tests: add more tests (+144,-3)
0e4a387 Add initial GitLab and GitHub CI support (+55)
93ededb tests: allow executing from any directory (+9,-3)
f2c4b79 treewide: fix issues reported by clang code analyzer (+51,-31)
35af4ba treewide: rework internal data type system (+4.2K,-3.0K)
4cf897c lib: uc_system(): fix invalid free() of non-heap memory (+3,-3)
⇒ + 102 more...
b6cbbbb busybox: update to version 1.34.0 (+223,-203)
edd53df iproute2: depends on dynsyms.list (+2,-1)
7d92bb0 wolfssl: update to 4.8.1-stable (+11,-18)
d2d0044 dnsmasq: Update to version 2.86 (+5,-5)
02a2b44 dnsmasq: add config option for connmark DNS filtering (+12)
f413e48 iproute2: update to 5.14 (+17,-17)
ef24475 ustp: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
c62d85c bridge: check port bpdu filter status and apply it to the config (+27,-5)
2555561 libnetlink: turn rtnetlink error answers into debug msgs (+2,-2)
462b3a4 build: use pthread cflags/ldflags (+4,-1)
17d19a7 hostapd: let netifd set bridge port attributes for snooping (+30,-1)
b62a4cf restool: fix compilation with GCC 10 (+269,-10)
96c7164 restool: update to LSDK-20.12 (+2,-369)
f84b513 bpftools: fix compilation with musl 1.2.x (+20)
67cd648 restool: add back PKG_VERSION (+2,-1)
5269c47 hostapd: fix segfault when deinit mesh ifaces (+5)
585cef5 cryptodev-linux: update to 1.12 (+3,-35)
063038b bcm4908img: store offset of tail data (+14,-11)
c4d5e60 bcm4908img: detect Linksys images (+23,-1)
ed7769a dnsmasq: add explicit "set:" for client-matching options (+6,-6)
9fb038c busybox: update to 1.34.1 (+2,-116)
72bfc35 umdns: add missing syscalls to seccomp filter (+3)
f536f5e gpio-cdev: add nu801 userspace driver (+56)
80b7a8a Revert "gpio-cdev: add nu801 userspace driver" (+2,-58)
a3de42e hostapd: ubus: add notification for BSS transition response (+74)
0eed96c hostapd: ubus: add BSS transtiton request method (+112,-40)
28d8e6a wolfssl: build with WOLFSSL_ALT_CERT_CHAINS (+8,-2)
c763007 wolfssl: always build with --enable-reproducible-build (+1)
7cb5af3 wolfssl: remove --enable-sha512 configure switch (+2,-2)
dbb0019 nftables: bump to 1.0.0 (+3,-3)
c4e9940 wireguard-tools: add uci option to disable wireguard peers (+16,-1)
43c64ff hostapd: fix goto loop for ubus assoc handler (+7,-8)
917126f ncurses: add tmux terminfo (+3,-1)
36019ed iw: sync nl80211 with kernel backports (+56,-13)
be3e260 wolfssl: fix compile when enable-devcrypto is set (+22)
276c80b ltq-vdsl-app: prepare for multiple mei ioctls (+23,-19)
70729d3 ltq-vdsl-app: add error vector counters to the ubus metrics (+23)
da4be02 hostapd: fix a race condition on adding AP mode wds sta interfaces (+23,-1)
63c01ad hostapd: fix up patches after the last commit (+8,-8)
9b880f0 hostapd: ubus: fix uninitialized pointer (+1,-1)
40c18e9 umdns: add missing syscall to seccomp filter (+1)
7630001 ethtool: update to v5.14 (+4,-4)
abc7a97 Revert "ethtool: update to v5.14" (+4,-4)
a1d3796 ethtool: update to v5.14 (+3,-3)
cfe0eb7 mac80211: Update to version 5.14.13-1 (+154,-1.9K)
6b2ed61 uclibc++: remove (+2,-428)
05a7af9 wolfssl: enable ECC Curve 25519 by default (+1,-1)
269bdf6 ucode: update to latest Git HEAD (+54,-3)
07ae165 ci: add libnl-tiny to prereqs (+1,-1)
e6dd389 ci: adjust build prereqs for GitHub as well (+1,-1)
cbae3cb lib: introduce Linux route netlink binding (+9.1K)
7fa1008 rtnl: allow reply nla payloads to be smaller than headsize (+12,-5)
74fdb97 rtnl: expose IPv4 and IPv6 devconfig information (+314,-2)
dd86e1d rtnl: automatically derive message family from certain address attrs (+14,-7)
64e4f68 types: fix formatting escape sequences for 8 bit chars (+1,-1)
98c4147 tests: support specifying cmdline args in testcase files (+15,-5)
e55188b compiler: properly handle jumps to offset 0 (+61,-33)
631f00d main: fix leaking module name when processing -m flag (+4,-1)
914f54c types: fix invalid memory access on setting non-contiguous array indexes (+57,-2)
bb358d9 lib: introduce Linux 802.11 netlink binding (+9.9K)
9a7c355 nl80211: expose sta_info attributes (+96,-2)
b9d4f61 nl80211: treat signal attr values as signed integers (+8,-3)
137428f nl80211: fix issues spotted by static code analyzer (+8,-1)
e43b751 ubus: fix handling signed 16bit and 32bit integers (+2,-2)
⇒ + 7 more...
db63923 umdns: add missing syscall to seccomp filter (+1)
de8a800 libsepol: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
6925c75 libselinux: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
c8d1f8f libsemanage: update to version 3.3 (+4,-4)
b97890d checkpolicy: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
a8c293c policycoreutils: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
2da891e secilc: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
04c5bcd selinux-policy: update to version 1.0 (+3,-3)
ae4069c Revert "libsepol: update to version 3.3" (+3,-3)
19c5277 Revert "secilc: update to version 3.3" (+3,-3)
5287def dropbear: add config options for agent-forwarding support (+13,-1)
25e15f5 libsepol: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
61a36ce secilc: update to version 3.3 (+3,-3)
a2fcd39 dnsmasq: improve init script (+4,-1)
8550086 elfutils: enable host build (+8)
a44e4aa dnsmasq: fix jail mount in case of ignore_hosts_dir being set (+2,-3)
a537d06 bpf-headers: add a package with kernel headers for ebpf (+178)
f3a28b6 qosify: add package for simple qos based on ebpf+cake (+209)
6738820 build: fix bpf toolchain dependency for qosify (+17,-2)
9ae5f09 qosify: fix package section/category (+2,-3)
67f9245 hostapd: avoid unnecessary package rebuilds (+3,-1)
93a42cf f2fstools: set each library package VARIANT (+3,-1)
4ea0cfe iproute2: Avoid unnecessary package rebuilds (+3,-1)
da668eb bpf-headers: unset PKG_CONFIG_PATH (+2)
605192f qosify: add missing dependency (+1,-1)
9a329c4 strace: remove code coverage makefile var (+11,-1)
b769bf5 kernel: update dependencies after 'imx6' -> 'imx' rename (+12,-12)
ff4fd56 qosify: include to avoid build error with full NLS support enabled (+1)
063d49b qosify: add missing config option for nat support (+2)
a5e3def hostapd: add wmm qos map set by default (+6,-1)
90a2398 gdb: Update to version 11.1 (+10,-10)
e1db260 valgrind: Update to version 3.18.1 (+139,-8)
11ad15e valgrind: Activate also on MIPS 64 (+1,-1)
c441599 strace: Update to version 5.14 (+9,-8)
7f1edbd binutils: Update to version 2.37 (+2,-2)
db3acba toolchain: Allow sanitizer on mips and mipsel (+2,-2)
efff352 hostapd: support qos_map_set without CONFIG_INTERWORKING (+112)
a05452e omcproxy: bump to git HEAD (+3,-3)
bfba2aa groups: use uloop_timeout_remaining64 (+1,-1)
84616a1 gdb: Add explicit patch to libgmp (+5,-1)
71af55a gdb: Make only full gdb depend on libgmp (+2,-2)
d8b33da dnsmasq: add support for monitoring and modifying dns lookup results via ubus (+270)
afb9c24 qosify: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
2ca7352 map: make a helper function for freeing entries (+10,-5)
411432e map: add support for adding dns regex patterns (+54,-8)
14803cb ubus: remove unused enum (-6)
a074017 ubus: add api for providing dns lookup results for dns regex rules (+90)
406fbf4 ubus: add support for dynamically adding dns based rules (+6)
5fc9118 README: mention dns regex entries (+2,-1)
3ed8c3e README: document mapping file syntax (+21)
91ce2e7 map: introduce low effort codepoint from RFC8622 (+1)
5ff14ac interface: enable NAT on interfaces by default (+4,-2)
e70f70e README: fix typo (+1,-2)
f25ded6 README: fix another typo (+1,-1)
675238b loader: always reinitialize programs (+6,-18)
010eea0 map: improve timeout handling of IP entries (+67,-16)
7ef54a7 map: add DF codepoint (+1)
6f7fbe6 map: increase active timeout to 300 (+1,-1)
60e06a5 qosify-bpf: inline check_flow() to ensure that it is jited (+1,-1)
⇒ + 1 more...
48c754d qosify: add missing dependency (+1,-1)
0e4ef0e qosify: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
7379709 map: default to fnmatch matching for dns patterns. support regex via leading / (+25,-7)
b56b112 ubus: fix crash caused by missing static keyword (+1,-1)
3a420e2 qosify: support wildcards in classifier filenames (+27,-12)
85cc004 qosify: move files to /etc/qosify (+4,-4)
a667f6b qosify: mark as nonshared (+1)
8a6b1a8 dnsmasq: add match_tag for --dhcp-host (+8,-3)
0b79e7c dnsmasq: generate the dns object name dynamically (+17,-5)
a564e1d nat46: update to latest git HEAD (+3,-3)
e7b48d1 add the mutex lock for create/delete/config/insert nat46 devices to fix nat46... (+18)
1fdf2a3 Fix kernel panic due to device deletion (#29) (+2)
0cbc6b1 dnsmasq: add ubus acl to allow calls to hotplug.tftp object (+3)
c834012 dnsmasq: fix the dynamic dns object names patch (+7,-7)
50d33fc qosify: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
0750f2b README: dnsmasq integration is complete (-1)
8e48d0b bpf: add initial support for splitting map dscp value into ingress and egress (+116,-89)
bfc2caf map: add support for defining aliases (+99,-3)
bdaacdc qosify: add default alias sections (+13,-1)
fa7356d iproute2: update to 5.15 (+5,-4)
7bc18aa firewall4: update to latest Git HEAD (+4,-4)
35f5120 rule.uc: always format ICMP type/code list as set (+1,-1)
c5a8e3e tests: adapt test to new ICMP print logic (+2,-2)
eb0a3ee fw4.uc: Do not quote port ranges (+1,-1)
9bd9e04 qosify: add missing alias support in the init script (+18)
f054fcd lldpd: bump to 1.0.13 (+2,-2)
d44ab66 lldpd: consolidate procd command lines (+2,-3)
53247d3 lldpd: add reload trigger (+5,-1)
5720ac8 hostapd: set VARIANT=* for wpa-cli, hostapd-utils (+2)
2f95dd8 ltq-vdsl-fw: update w921v firmware download URL (+5,-5)
7ae04d3 hostapd: fix use after free bugs (+6,-6)
537df46 qosify: move package to Base System (+2,-2)
ff6b89d qosify: keep ICMP in the default best-effort class (+1,-1)
8f355be bpf-headers: switch to mips64 for 64 bit targets (+8,-2)
0351a5f qosify: update to the latest version (+24,-16)
68961a5 ubus: drop dnsmasq check for dns_result method (+1,-12)
1ca3e26 bpf: refactor code to support explicit opt-in for bulk+prio detection (+141,-126)
3f0acf0 bpf: move flow prio/bulk detection config into a separate data structure (+23,-15)
bc54c97 map, bpf: create a separate map for configured dscp classes (+369,-215)
46cf3ea bpf: fix bulk flow detaction (+4,-1)
88f1db7 bpf: fix priority flow detection (+9,-2)
b5dec78 bpf: remove access to skb->gso_size (+2,-2)
e728a31 interface: unify status, always include ifname, ingress, egress (+20,-13)
991966f qosify: add class specific bulk flow detection example to voice class (+3)
b764cb9 qosify: add qosify-status script (+74,-1)
3d6e25d libjson-c: don't build shared host libraries (+1,-3)
a24de89 readline: disable shared library for host (+1)
a3cd6c0 pcre: bring back C++ bindings (+15,-2)
e6f5694 gettext: remove package (+3,-1.4K)
0e96e06 nftables: install libnftables to staging dir (+7,-1)
9b29c14 ethtool: update to version 5.15 (+2,-2)
9962585 qosify: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
2743e58 bpf: work around a verifier issue (+4,-2)
e961079 qosify: add support for configuring overhead (+41,-1)
3a1597c qosify: install hotplug handler into /etc/hotplug.d/iface as well (+9,-1)
7a496e4 qosify: update to the latest version (+3,-3)
0687267 map: allow referring to a class index directly in tcp/udp default entries (+11,-18)
1818157 dnsmasq: fix ismounted check (+2,-2)
398cbb7 hostapd: allow hostapd under ujail to communicate with hostapd_cli (+33)
f84053a hostapd: add a patch that allows processing auth requests for peers in blocke... (+40,-6)
3ba9846 hostapd: add beacon_interval to get_status ubus output (+1)
7a48dfc nftables: install package file (+3)
7c99085 ca-certicficates: Update to version 20211016 (+2,-2)
7f7034d libnftnl: bump to 1.2.1 (+2,-2)
6832271 nftables: bump to 1.0.1 (+3,-3)
ac83015 qosify: add besteffort class and switch all default classifications to class ... (+17,-13)
b7ce8a8 qosify: remove bulk flow detection from default ports (-3)
fbc9ce7 hostapd: make hostapd/supplicant/wpad packages depend on a specific version o... (+3)
25bc66e ca-certificates: fix python3-cryptography woes in (+53)
eddb513 nat46: update to latest git HEAD (+3,-3)
840e235 Fix coverity issues observed so far (#30) (+2,-2)
d9bc161 nat46-core: Fix typo since day one (#31) (+2,-2)
5b66dfa hostapd: enable FILS support in the full config and add build feature discovery (+42,-18)
b7d9bce hostapd: add support for enabling FILS on AP and client interfaces (+37,-4)
ea49690 hostapd: add support for specifying the FILS DHCP server (+18,-1)
03c0049 rtl8812au-ct: update driver to be ready for 5.15 (+3,-3)
e03c86e Fix compile warning. (+1)
39df559 Fix compile against 5.15 kernel. (+2,-258)
80fe8d0 dtc: import package for dtc & fdt from packages feed (+93)
a2cf659 dtc: support printing binary data with fdtget (+137)
942facd otrx: update to the latest master (+3,-3)
19110e6 firmware-utils: replace GPL 2.0 boilerplate/reference with SPDX (+36,-218)
42b95f9 firmware-utils: replace GPL 2.0+ boilerplate/reference with SPDX (+28,-314)
7374118 firmware-utils: seama: replace BSD-3-Clause boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-31)
3a537a4 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: replace BSD-2-Clause boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-20)
d220b73 firmware-utils: add GPL 2.0 SPDX to files with no license info (+13)
0e0b7cd firmware-utils: mkmerakifw-old: replace GPL-2.0-only boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-5)
2454b42 firmware-utils: mkmylofw: replace GPL-2.0-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-16)
173b9c5 firmware-utils: osbridge-crc: replace GPL-2.0-only boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-5)
31dc99d firmware-utils: trx: replace GPL-2.0-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-14)
e385314 firmware-utils: nand_ecc: replace GPL boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-15)
48c10eb firmware-utils: add support for ZyXEL ZLD firmware (+831)
ed222d4 firmware-utils: fix build on not Linux (+1,-1)
1487e97 firmware-utils: mkmerakifw-old: Add le32 support (+41,-22)
8a1ea44 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA1201 v2 (+44,-1)
9003dc1 firmware-utils: seama.h: replace LGPL-2.1-or-later boilerplate with SPDX (+1,-15)
cf73a89 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: use revision field (+2)
⇒ + 18 more...
4002a6a restool: bump to LSDK-21.08 (+3,-3)
954e127 libnl-tiny: update to the latest version (+4,-4)
8e0555f attr.h: Add NLA_PUT_S32 (+34)
a5cc9e0 iw: Update to version 5.16 (+260,-367)
16bcaa7 hostapd: add OpenWrt specific statistic counters (+105,-1)
9090e0b hostapd: close correct blobmsg table (+1,-1)
dd39249 hostapd: WNM: allow specifying dialog-token (+110,-4)
6d1e380 hostapd: provide BSS-transition-queries to ubus subscribers (+69,-10)
54cfe07 hostapd: make OpenWrt statistics per-BSS (+20,-20)
ac8673f openssl: add ppc64 support (+69,-2)
38c3ead nettle: disable assembler on ppc64 (+2,-1)
052e31e libunwind: add ppc64 support (+31,-2)
0210f37 hostapd: keep HE capability after channel switch in AP+STA/Mesh (+2,-1)
5e67cd6 hostapd: only attempt to set qos map if supported by the driver (+12)
18bdfc8 tcpdump: libpcap: Remove mirror (+2,-4)
5ca7793 hostapd: add missing function declaration (+10)
69ce75f hostapd: add fallback for WPS on stations (+14,-7)
137a760 layerscape: restool: Remove build of manpages (+18)
dfd695f libs/wolfssl: add SAN (Subject Alternative Name) support (+7,-2)
6bfc8bb utils/px5g-wolfssl: make selfsigned certicates compatible with chromium (+21,-1)
9ba6ee4 nftables: allow quoted string in flowtable_expr_member (+45,-1)
f61816f hostapd: refresh patchset (+11,-11)
def9565 openssl: bump to 1.1.1m (+7,-14)
7df80be binutils: fix compiling with arch-based distros (+2,-2)
6ba8d51 lua: add HOST_FPIC for host builds (+4,-4)
11d2c71 ltq-deu: init des/aes before registering crpyto algorithms (+2,-3)
ab270c6 ltq-deu: aes: do not read/write behind buffer (+14,-12)
17656f2 ltq-deu: aes-ctr: process all input data (+21,-31)
8dafa98 ltq-deu: make cipher/digest usable by openssl (+28,-28)
c8967d6 ltq-deu: set correct control register for AES (+1,-1)
737bd4f ltq-deu: convert blkcipher to skcipher (+413,-464)
e84c4b5 ltq-deu: convert SHA1 after library impl of SHA1 was removed (+9,-9)
19cb3c9 ltq-deu: fix cryptomgr test errors for des (+58,-31)
cd01d41 ltq-deu: fix cryptomgr test errors for aes (+44,-45)
536dc6f ltq-deu: add aes_ofb and aes_cfb algorithms (+194)
87a19c9 ltq-deu: make deu hash lock global and remove md5_hmac_ exports (+23,-48)
34a3eaf ltq-deu: changes for hash multithread callers and md5 endianess (+45,-79)
9cb1875 ltq-deu: fix ifxdeu-ctr-rfc3686(aes) not matching generic impl (+2,-1)
85383b3 ltq-deu: fix setkey errors and static shared temp for hmac algos (+137,-52)
0470b05 ltq-deu: fix temp size exceed in hmac algorithms (+146,-71)
6ade9d1 ltq-deu: remove compiler warning and shorten locked sections (+7,-43)
006fee0 ltq-deu: update initialisations for hmac algorithms (+4,-6)
43422de ltq-deu: add aes_xts algorithm (+324)
f8e5c60 ltq-deu: remove driver disablement for kernel 5.4 and above (+1,-1)
79efaa7 ltq-deu: add shash cbcmac-aes algorithm to the driver (+362,-5)
a0d6b09 ltq-deu: remove redundant code for setting the key in aes (+4,-120)
973e28f ltq-deu: change PKG_RELEASE to AUTORELEASE (+1,-1)
fc4d88c ltq-deu: add aes_gcm algorithm (+313)
b61d756 ltq-deu: disable arc4 algorithm (+4,-4)
3d4acc3 firewall4: drop kmod-ipt-nat from CONFLICTS (+1,-1)
ae60af8 firewall4: order DEPENDS alphabetically (+5,-1)
3ec25a6 firewall4: bump to git HEAD (+4,-4)
4ead2a6 treewide: move executables to /sbin ()
9ebc2f4 fw4.uc: filter duplicates in fw4.set (+3,-1)
85b74f3 treewide: support flow offloading (+22,-2)
be3b4e6 treewide: support hardware flow offloading (+4,-1)
38889b7 treewide: support set timeout (+4,-1)
31c7550 fw4.uc: do not skip defaults with invalid option (-5)
334a127 fw4.uc: introduce DEPRECATED flag (+4,-1)
7a0d38f fw4.uc: add _name as deprecated option (+2)
5e7ad3b fw4.uc: don't fail on unknown options (-1)
be5f4e3 fw4.uc: allow use of cidr in ipsets (+17,