OpenWrt 21.02.3 - Service Release - 20 April 2022

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          |__| W I R E L E S S   F R E E D O M
 OpenWrt 21.02.3, r16554-1d4dea6d4f

The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the newest service release of OpenWrt 21.02. It fixes security issues, improves device support, and brings a few bug fixes.

The OpenWrt project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices. It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices. See the Table of Hardware for supported devices. For more information about OpenWrt project organization, see the About OpenWrt pages.

Get OpenWrt firmware images at: or use the firmware selector at:

On February 9th 2022, OpenWrt switched to for bug tracking.

All bugs have been migrated, and the old service has been decommissioned (with redirections to the new service)

Do you want to be informed about important changes such as new releases and security fixes?

We have a new mailing list for this, as well as RSS options: see Important changes and announcements.

Only the main changes are listed below. See changelog-21.02.3 for the full changelog.

  • wolfssl: Fix multiple security problems (CVE-2022-25638, CVE-2022-25640)
  • openssl: Fix security problem (CVE-2022-0778)
  • zlib: Backport security fix for a reproducible crash in compressor
  • Support for the following devices was added:
    • Yuncore XD3200
    • Yuncore A930
    • MikroTik RouterBOARD mAPL-2nD (mAP lite)
  • ramips: Make memory detection more reliable
  • ramips: Fix reboot for remaining 32 MB boards
  • x86: Add pata_sis driver
  • ipTIME mt7620 devices: Fix flash detection
  • Turris Omnia: Improve detection of u-boot environment with U-boot 2021.09
  • Ubiquiti UniFi: Fix label MAC address
  • mvebu: udpu: Fix initramfs booting
  • a20-olinuxino-lime2: Fix Ethernet link detection on
  • TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v4: Fix TPLINK_HWREV field
  • OCEDO Raccoon: Fix link for long cables
  • Ubiquiti UniFi AP Outdoor+: Fix label MAC address
  • TP-Link WPA8630Pv2: Move to ath79-tiny target
  • Improve support for some GPON SFP modules
  • Fix SSL certificate validation with some sites especially sites using Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • hostapd fixes and improvemnts:
    • fix radius problem due to invalid attributes
    • Expose more data over ubus
  • base-files: Call “sync” after initial setup
  • imagebuilder: Fix broken image generation with external targets
  • Update Linux kernel from 5.4.179 to 5.4.188
  • Update openssl from 1.1.1m to 1.1.1n
  • Update cypress-firmware from 5.4.18-2020_0402 to 5.4.18-2021_0812
  • Update mac80211 from 5.10.85 to 5.10.110
  • Update wolfssl from 5.1.1 to 5.2.0
  • Some IPv6 packets are dropped when software flow offloading is used: FS#3373
    • As a workaround, do not activate software flow offloading, it is deactivate by default.

Upgrading from OpenWrt 21.02 is straightforward thanks to the sysupgrade utility: sysupgrade from web interface or sysupgrade from command-line.

An upgrade from OpenWrt 19.07 to OpenWrt 21.02 is supported in many cases, including preserving configuration. A configuration backup is advised nonetheless when upgrading from OpenWrt 19.07.

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