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OpenWrt v18.01.0-rc2 Changelog (WIP)

This changelog lists all commits done in OpenWrt/LEDE since the start of the the LEDE lede-17.01 branch (`b9a408c2b49ccfa0e906bda00ef77f4002e401fd`), grouped by subsystem. The changes are chronologically ordered from top to bottom and cover the Git repository history until the tagging of the 18.06.0-rc2 release.

Build System / Buildroot (291 changes)

e9d20f1 build: introduce default HOST_MAKE_VARS for host-builds
5faad30 build: properly pass CPP and CXX flags in HOST_MAKE_VARS
3d71786 build: move STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG and BUILD_DIR_HOST back to a common directory...
c99f881 git-kernel: $(SUBDIR) should always be $(LINUX_VERSION)
6cf067d build: define common subdir targets in
9228d1c build: introduce extra targets that contain only proper dependencies
8aa93da build: write ABI_VERSION file when staging the package
87d9e34 build: stage unstripped packages inside PKG_BUILD_DIR
c150a19 build: stage bin/ packages inside PKG_BUILD_DIR
7a52356 build: add support for automatically removing build dir contents during build
131db36 build: remove separate /install step for host builds
d98bb7e build: extend CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE to tools/
40d3401 export STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG
86a7276 build: include CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE in STAMP_PREPARED
5aa03e1 build: disable CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE for packages/tools where QUILT is used
f784b3e build: fix regression in handling ABI_VERSION
2990a21 build: always run package/cleanup before package/compile
664918d Revert "build: always run package/cleanup before package/compile"
0e22d63 build: fix CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE for packages with multiple variants
afd2827 build: do not create empty directories in bin/
fb07085 build: fix bin/ package empty check
6699f58 build: use if-then to avoid non-zero return codes in bin/ packaging code
053dc3b build: do not auto-clean packages where the autoremove step has not run
cbbd71b build: remove obsolete mips32r2 CPU_TYPE
bfdc56d build: remove mips16 feature flag from target makefiles
f4f8f4a x86: unify CPU_TYPE for legacy and geode
807461e build: make the touch .autoremove call non-fatal
31b16a3 build: add generic build template for u-boot packages
7e1fc09 include/ keep Require-User lines with CONFIG_CLEAN_IPKG
25e2cf3 package-ipkg: Do not fail build without base-files
1e14f01 add UBOOT_MAKE_FLAGS variable similar to MAKE_FLAGS
1c0addb add support for overriding DEFAULT
aeba0fe build: move append-file to
0519baf prepare for linux 4.9 support
7d57db4 build: introduce STAGING_DIR_IMAGE
57657a7 build: Suffix build directory with _$(LIBC) for external toolchains
7faee1b firmware-utils: improve tools for Buffalo DHP series
74c09e7 fix detecting download errors with curl
d86802a build: keep recursive dependency check stampfiles up to date
289f2a8 scripts/ append short git hash based on upstream commit
68bef93 scripts: fix mercurial support, add mtime fallback
eaf3fef ccache, samba36: fix addresses to use https
7d00cfe build: centralize fakeroot code
40fb293 build: add missing wildcard for ignoring .pkgdir in dependency checks
f55c29e build: remove libc version suffix from build/staging directories
849ced8 build: support make tools/<name>/install again
d826af2 build: make <subdir>/install opt-in, use it for target/ only
3cd7f43 build: fix package build after deleting staging dir
202ae4c build: Pass -iremap gcc option as a single argument
fe1e362 build: make Host/Install/Default use Host/Compile/Default with an extra argument
0799de6 ARC: use -mcpu=XXX instead of obsolete -mXXX
f938de7 build: fix dependency of kernel_menuconfig target
8cc4d1e scripts/ add support for the A60
9dcb921 build: add buildbot specific config option for setting defaults
3bfcd21 feeds: add option to force feed update despite modified files
dce6eec build: skip headers install and config on make target/linux/prepare
ab20c63 x86: Set default baud rate on Geode images to 115200
b9b681c fix handling variations in "file" output
663f2a0 fix handling variations in "file" output
b1f102b scripts/feeds: Reuse TOPDIR if defined in environment
e313a33 build: allow building an individual subdir without dependencies using NO_DEPS=1
294e908 cmake: skip build system check on compile
1d49b53 build: unsilence move command
be206eb build: get rid of FIND_L from
9467ce4 build: get rid of
1f22957 build: clean up redundant touching of the package install info file
5ef0854 make PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS properly track string values
2c2fc50 build: make NETGEAR_REGION optional in netgear-chk
0d6494d force kernel rebuild on every run
a9c96ef build: improve performance by avoiding lazy-eval for make shell calls
1f12a3d kernel: speed up build system by getting rid of redundant work
3ceb0fa build: prepare config.seed before package compilation
01337ba build: add devel option to store build config in firmware
aab0b07 build: fix high cpu usage / hang in
d5a770f scripts: only generate config from feature flag if fully match
7c7ea09 include: Add nomips16 CPU_SUBTYPE
eb3ac82 include: add KERNEL_LOAD_ADDR to TARGET_VARS
370d740 kernel: do not try to copy vmlinux out of arch/$(ARCH)/boot
89118da build: fix STAMP_PREPARED with quilt
7fe5963 build: allow specifying flow-control to grub on serial console
6411a12 build: move PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS from to opkg
2fd1503 scripts/ fix error message on hash mismatch
d3bc118 check that CPU_TYPE has known CPU_CFLAGS mapping
68139cc pass HOSTCC and HOST_CFLAGS into the build
f6433ee kernel: move initramfs's init script out of base-files
b044bd5 build: remove package makefile overlay functionality
b889d1e build: fix aarch64 default cpu selection
50fcfd4 scripts/qemustart: initial version
003e152 include/ allow passing a compat string to the NAND image template
0b7ed65 kernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
5bf98b1 build: fix symlinked .config handling
edda8ec include/ Remove LARGEFILE option
5afe9a0 kernel: allow selecting RTC drivers on targets without explicit RTC support
5378c85 build: remove absolute path to perl and replace with /usr/bin/env perl
dac629f build: cleanup tmp/ dir of target rootfs
73bc636 build: ipkg: new field Alternatives
7842cce build: reset ALTERNATIVES field in Package/Default
ddbb036 build: allow val.% targets to bypass the prepare steps
e06d8f0 build: new fixes for symlinked .config handling
08fb61d scripts: Probe external toolchains for libgomp
6704410 scripts: Probe external toolchains for libthread-db
aa8e91a Generate cpiogz with root-owned files
48d71ab kernel: enable CRASH_DUMP on supported platforms
d0a6340 Revert "kernel: prevent addition of scm marker to localversion"
b6746a6 include: Do not alter KERNELRELEASE for external/git kernels
8e0e0e7 include: Determine MODULES_DIR correctly for external/git kernels
f62f4b3 build: stop overriding STAGING_DIR_HOST for toolchain build
221f323 build: set QUILT=1 automatically when calling package host build refresh
36ba623 build: fix quilt for mixed package/host builds
cbe0a7e scripts/ print the command used to download files
4b8a7c9 build: fix QUILT related overrides
ce73115 kernel: Hide kernel options behind a menu
90336ef kernel: Make KERNEL_PERF_EVENTS selectable
546e20e build: fix possible issue with kmod package having multiple AutoLoad's
1a341e8 build: fix kmod package build on non-GNU systems
2ab0963 build: fix kernel refresh failure on first run
0aed054 build: add KERNEL_MAKE and KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS variables and move to
fec38eb kernel: fix segmentation fault in mconf on linux
737b063 build: ensure that flock is available for make download
acc5ab6 include/toplevel: set env GIT_ASKPASS=/bin/true
e5fc15b build: move definition of KBUILD_BUILD_TIMESTAMP to include/
80d9ec5 scripts/ parse and validate field Require-User
3ce60ba build: Fix not altering KERNELRELEASE for external kernel
8e0d7d6 build: move lzma2eva build step to
e7cd6f5 ar71xx: add AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300E support
7d6c63d build: rename TPLINK_BOARD_NAME to TPLINK_BOARD_ID
5b7f592 build: move mktplinkfw2 related commands to
7887a46 build: enable gzipping of images on x86 even if ext4 is disabled
d8748e5 netfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
cf96453 scripts/ remove script
c2a11bc scripts: make all scripts executable
6a8cbc0 scripts/ drop NOGRUB variable
9fe9175 image: fix ar71xx legacy images
34c01e6 kernel: do not try to probe builtin modules on empty kmod package install
ef1cafa build: fix invocation of bundled in SDK and Imagebuilder
99c4295 scripts/ Adjust URLs
3e26340 Revert "kernel: do not try to probe builtin modules on empty kmod package ins...
f08f754 build: move mktplinkfw-combined command to
9e64874 build: do not override argv[0] in inner exec calls
bf5d32a scripts/ inhibit compile deps on missing build types
74d00a8 kernel: split patches folder up into backport, pending and hack folders
569f74e add missing CPP definition
589621b config: make CONFIG_ALL_* select other CONIFG_ALL_* options
0a761fe scripts/ use glob to expand target dir
b957e45 this patch broken grub2 builds
b30ba14 scripts/ fail loudly if provided hash is unsupported
fd84ecd treewide: fix shellscript syntax errors/typos
76ba01a build: remove @ as it's causing an error
feb1907 build: add image command for installing zImage file.
603900e build: add a darwin sitefile to deal with macOS 10.12 + Xcode 9 build errors
254061e build: add mktplinkfw2 hardcoded values to makefile
49b8462 image-commands: tplink-v2-header: pass kernel loadaddr and entry
a92f73e mpc85xx: Enable initramfs for p1020 subtarget
818f36a include: Include new location for DT bindings
555985a include/site: add powerpc64 config
56ed89f target: add cpu flags for powerpc64
7ea6261 config: set ARCH if powerpc64 is selected in the configuration
f28b3bb kernel: fixup KARCH for powerpc64 builds
4743915 include: Silence external kernel version checks
378e1a4 iptables: Fix target TRACE issue
2e49687 kernel: collect module symvers for external modules
e5e5c3f build: ensure PKG_INFO_DIR exists before trying to use it
22b5e28 build: actually fix the creation of PKG_INFO_DIR
96eb96c scripts/config: import qconf
349bb6e scripts/config: add -DKBUILD_NO_NLS to CXXFLAGS
ff43c03 scripts/config: Add qconf target to Makefile
b1501a6 scripts/config: add qconf files to .gitignore
23dd6db include/ Add xconfig target
986d9de build: allow calling append-dtb from image build commands
fae5f02 build: fix regression in append-dtb fix
c6f71ad build: fix another regression in append-dtb fix
ee791fa netfilter, iptables: add optional CHECKSUM module
2b6facc include: simplify module autoloading
e26ffb3 build: fix module symbol collection if build_dir is a symlink
b0e6284 build: fix generating dtb with / in DEVICE_DTS
2cb75cd build: allow defining license information per binary package
b78de62 toolchain: Test for supported versions of GCC
8ee2d3f build: accept gcc/g++ without minor version
c7b052d target: replace odhcpd by odhcpd-ipv6only
e23ff06 build: avoid failing in append-metadata if image could not be generated
34bbbbf merge: base: update base-files and basic config
bf5cef4 merge: release/banner: drop release name and update banner
7b5c989 merge: targets: update image generation and targets
d2c06eb merge: etc: update remaining files
d23e1e1 merge: properly remove %n / %N references
d810a2a kernel: fix spelling in CONFIG_DEVTMPFS help text
905bbc9 build: allow PKG_PREPARED_DEPENDS and PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS to be changed after ...
72051f7 export TMPDIR
f4b9d9d base-files: allow skipping of hash verification
5c944d9 kernel: include: remove last .0 from kernel versions again
307b290 include/ remove old configured stamps before attempting configuration
0b28cc5 scripts/ remove broken detection of self-dependencies
4700544 introduce name-agnostic PROJECT_GIT variable
ef27f15 kernel: allow disabling multicast routing support
ab1785b build: fix restoring /etc/opkg with PER_DEVICE_ROOTFS
1a384ac generate image in temp dir
a28bf67 build: add image command for CE images
b02fa33 add support for the A42
fce35bc config: support new symbol intro'd in kernel 4.12
1a2b5eb metadata: remove 'base-files' special case
1957758 metadata: make srcpackage extensible
39be6e7 metadata: move 'buildtypes' from binary to source packages
b2ab9c9 metadata: move 'builddepends' from binary to source packages
47f292f metadata: interate over source packages when generating Makefile
504cb91 metadata: change pkg->{src} field to hold a reference
f0c702f metadata: replace %subdir hash with a path field in source packages
423ec18 metadata: remove redundant fields from package hash
3abf663 build: remove package preconfig feature
37cf77d treewide: fix build depends to refer to source package names
5b479f7 metadata: handle target build depends together with host build depends
565de8b metadata: simplify generation of build depends from runtime depends
47d6b05 metadata: always resolve dependencies through provides list
52719c2 metadata: scripts/feeds: distinguish between source and binary packages, reso...
4bb54ed build: remove obsolete "package feature" feature
1e2570d include/ don't duplicate source package information for e...
de0ccd3 metadata: improve code readability by using (s)printf instead of string inter...
06d51db scripts/feeds: fix install of packages with different source/binary names
a405a93 metadata: do not emit broken kconfig dependency statements
d29e47f config: don't define the same symbol twice
bdc4129 build: remove use of STAGING_DIR_HOST/usr (fixes cmake build error on macOS)
dc555d0 build: disable BUILD_PATENTED by default
cfdfa6d drop `include_mk` build rule
ab6a96f rename symbol KERNEL_GIT_BRANCH -> KERNEL_GIT_REF
df0bd42 build: add hardened builds with PIE (ASLR) support
241e6dd build: cleanup SSP_SUPPORT configure option
60ad837 procd: fix procd_lock() when prepare_roofs
82ceb2a build: add config option KERNEL_MIPS_FPU_EMULATOR
d76ad1d lantiq: ase: turn off fpu emulator in default build
aa66aa0 scripts/qemustart: more portable array operation
e7e0254 netfilter: clean up dependencies of kernel modules
352c74f netfilter: add packages for arp and bridge tables of nftables
a9a43f3 build: patch bundled
abbb07a escape values used in VERSION_SED macro
ff8e9a4 treewide: combine VERSION_SED and VERSION_SED_SCRIPT
cde71a5 build: replace uses of OpenWrt with $(VERSION_DIST)
fc16693 config: fix ARM64 dependency check
df9781a u-boot,at91bootstrap: fix incorrect HOSTCPPFLAGS variable
2d27ebb iptables: Support building connlabel module
bef3f85 target: Remove nomips16 option.
02a1a8a build: cleanup leftover qconf files
ca32373 let profile remove from DEFAULT_PACKAGES
b9aca83 at91: fix image building with CONFIG_TARGET_MULTI_PROFILE
138c763 build: add --force option to gzip in Build/gzip
820f030 netfilter: add a xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target for NAT/routing offload support
884c957 scripts/ allow group-only Require-User specs
d2daaf8 include/ do not remove opkg prerm scripts during rootfs preparation
6ab50bb include/ retain list of conffiles with CONFIG_CLEAN_IPKG
cf1c7c0 include/ pass additional files dir to prepare_rootfs as an argument
2fbf669 imagebuilder: reuse rootfs preparation from
f505fb0 include/ base package-list manifest on unprepared rootfs
359273d include/ fix default Build/Prepare with empty ./src
643850f inclue/ fix package installation for per-device rootfs
43be508 build: make image target wait for initramfs
5862f01 build: revert "make image target wait for initramfs"
1b773a4 build: Allow to change the FIT config section name
7a303fe scripts: add EVA ramboot script
905a3f2 build: include kmod-ipt-offload in default images
fd588db build: filter out kmod-ipt-offload from the default selection on targets that...
2534141 mvebu: add support for MACCHIATObin (cortex-a72)
d6d3db0 build: Improve GCC version detection
e9eb939 include: extend SetupHostCommand macro to accept more arguments
177fa14 iptables: split physdev match out as a separate package
d3756a9 include/ build kmod packages with empty FILES
38bd4e4 build: fix uImage fake header command
a1c65b4 build: pass HOSTCXX to host builds as CXX
74a0d8c build: consolidate fake uImage header build commands
0b20490 ipq40xx: add support for OpenMesh A62
746c590 scripts: bundle-libraries: fix build on OS X (FS#1493)
41ab276 scripts/feeds: add support for git feeds with submodules
6fa88be build: add support for git submodules with CONFIG_SRC_TREE_OVERRIDE
8dcd941 tools/zlib: move zlib build to tools
9ea9020 Change SourceForge address to HTTPS.
1ce8465 Change OpenWrt mirrors to HTTPS.
e495a05 env: only use color diffs on terminals
ff6e62b build: log time taken by each packages/steps
f93c029 OpenWrt v18.06: set branch defaults
ff8bde5 build: prevent spurious package rebuilds under CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE
0411d3f build: add apend-uboot command
b6c134f include/ shorter version in Netgear factory header
97cb9d0 build: use busybox gzip compatible force option
25eb240 build: add busybox support to `time` prereq-check
93860bb build: change defaults to OpenWrt
208a3a1 build: ensure that iwinfo is selected when building for multiple devices
2a7d8cd build: fix target metadata scan dependencies
a5b9553 scripts/feeds: add src-dummy method
7fa7c85 include/ always add available feeds to PACKAGE_SUBDIRS
514a4b3 include/ rework generation of opkg distfeeds.conf
bc7abe8 include/ fix kernel rebuild on backport patch changes
a7b2764 include/ explicitly check for -f flag when using busybox time

Build System / Feeds (3 changes)

01205c3 Add video feed to feeds.conf.default
0a410df feeds: switch URLs to
f93c029 OpenWrt v18.06: set branch defaults

Build System / Host Utilities (150 changes)

968fa53 tools/cmake: remove HOST_CONFIGURE_CMD and re-distribute the args & vars
2b84dfa tools/qemu: use default host configure rule ; set appropriate vars & args
131db36 build: remove separate /install step for host builds
d98bb7e build: extend CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE to tools/
5f9b20b tools: wrt400n: fix making factory images with kernel bigger than 1MB
920ee1f Revert "tools: wrt400n: fix making factory images with kernel bigger than 1MB"
e2b8e9e tools: update kernel2minor to 0.24 version
83b97b0 update openwrt/00-kernel2minor-OpenWRT-integration.patch to ver := 0.22
9d3aa78 added integration patch for LEDE project
129d7ee README update
3e12c63 integration/lede: use name 'minor' instead of ugly name 'kernel2mikrotikyaffs2'
23072bb yaffs2 sources fixes for best portability
2cacb4d -e arg is now cause convertion to big endian byte order(if neccesary)
e39dc8d ar71xx: add support to TP-Link Archer C59v1 and C60v1
456e1b6 qemu: rename internal crypto/aes symbols
7faee1b firmware-utils: improve tools for Buffalo DHP series
eaf3fef ccache, samba36: fix addresses to use https
34ba64f tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.4
0928b6d cmake: update to version 3.7.2
56561b9 ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v2
8d53e37 tools: patch-image: fix file descriptor leak.
d90abeb tools/m4: update 1.4.18
dfac808 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for Archer C5 V2
2cf00b6 ccache: update to 3.3.4
65d2800 tools/sed: Update to 4.4
49ded28 tools/dosfstools: Update to 4.1
e45ee66 tools/libressl: Update to 2.5.1
80246ce tools/coreutils: Update to 8.27
0685f2a tools/upx: Remove from repo
74f9c9c tools: host/include/getline.h: Remove
a0f4b4b tools/isl: update to 0.18
1a0d52a tools/cmake: update to 3.8.1
8040420 tools/flex: update to 2.6.3
d7a3120 tools/libressl: update to 2.5.4
aeeb2fa flex: update to 2.6.4 (FS#809)
9235a29 tools/sparse: Update to snapshot 2017-03-31
95940a8 Add the __builtin functions needed for INFINITY and nan().
76a7371 Add a define for __builtin_ms_va_copy()
0f71312 Ignore pure attribute in assignement
efd34fa Add tests for the builtin INF and nan() functions.
6043210 sparse/parse.c: ignore hotpatch attribute
c04667e sparse, llvm: compile: skip function prototypes to avoid SIGSEGV
a53cea2 validation/prototype: regression for skipping prototypes
0d2809b ptrlist: reading deleted items in NEXT_PTR_LIST()
0dac478 .gitignore: add cscope and Qt project files
38c9e9f Add default case to switches on enum variables
8efbac1 Fix size calculation of unsized bool array
7647c77 Do not drop 'nocast' modifier when taking the address.
153fbd0 Fix warning compiling sparse-llvm
65f90e7 sparse: add 'alloc_align' to the ignored attributes
ffc860b sparse: ignore __assume_aligned__ attribute
6c283a0 sparse: add no_sanitize_address as an ignored attribute
⇒ + 147 more…
e25cedd tar: override symlink permissions
92c80f3 automake: import upstream fix for perl 5.26
c402224 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: support strings as soft_version
b7cc661 ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WR942N v1
9cd69c4 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add TP-Link Archer C25 v1
c47a1a3 firmware-utils: honor env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
b5aaafe mtd-utils/mkfs.jffs2: honor env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
0674141 firmware-utils: fix dgn3500sum compiler warnings
9fec39a ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WA855RE v1
7d21b4e firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for Archer C59/C60 RU
01280bc firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for Archer C5 v2 JP/US
b05c719 ar71xx: add support for TP-Link Archer C58 v1
4b35e17 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: support additional hardware version
24043a0 ramips: add support for TP-Link TL-WR840N v4 and TL-WR841N v13
896246b firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix support for -w option
23da3fb firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix MD5 salt
6165e4a ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WR902AC v1
3b7928c firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: add missing options descriptions
a3d232e firmware-utils: mktplinkfw: add option for endianness swap
eafaef3 automake: Update to version 1.15.1
91e262c tools: flex: fix build with automake 1.15.1
6b127d8 tools/flex: add autoreconf
90e27a1 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: update firmware header
7805745 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: use static board struct for custom values
8cd2814 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: fix Archer C60 factory image
027aea8 tools/flex: Revert "tools/flex: add autoreconf"
b4ce088 tools/expat: Update host version to 2.2.2
7c727c6 tools: expat: fix build on older host systems
5bc5d94 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for TL-WR902AC v1 US
b3cb0e7 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw: rework combined image option
d72371e firmware-utils: drop mktplinkfw-kernel tool
1c7144f firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for TP-Link RE350
d181cbb firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: replace "endian_swap" field with "flags"
35ddef8 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix info for images with LE kernel LA/EP
993c740 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: respect -e option when reading fw info
b70a962 tools/firmware-utils: document reserved fields in mkchkimg
8477d54 tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.5
1a5b7cc tools/expat: Update to 2.2.3
965df21 tools/pkg-config: Update to 0.29.2
9ebb23c tools/mkimage: fix musl build
25c0457 tools: patch various gnu tools for macOS 10.13
66a8c8f tools/firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: allow parameter override
161a3be ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer C20 v1
b0f2624 tools/expat: Update to 2.2.4
ed617fd tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.6
0fb14a2 tools: flex: fix segfault with glibc 2.26+
839129b tools/cmake: Update to 3.9.3
85d93b6 tools/mpfr: Update to 3.1.6
a4ec0aa tools/mm-macros: Update to 0.9.11
64da598 tools: cmake: fix librt linking (FS#1032)
90805b1 cmake: fix build error with Xcode 9 on macOS 12
10832c8 tools/firmware-utils: remove hardcoded values from mktplinkfw2.c
10324fc tools/firmware-utils: mktplinkfw regroup duplicate code
9e768b9 tools/firmware-utils: mktplinkfw move build_fw() to lib
9887afb ar71xx: add support for TP-LINK Archer C7 v4
20d363a tools/squashfs: use host cflags
4a5de1f tools/findutils: include sysmacros.h explicitly
855d210 tools/mtd-utils: include sysmacros.h explicitly
09bfca6 tools/squashfs: include sysmacros.h explicitly
4425fa8 tools/squashfs4: include sysmacros.h explicitly
050fb3b tools/firmware-utils: mktplinkfw* fix rootfs offset
d0ef275 ramips: add support for TP-Link TL-WR840N v5
6bcc1c5 tools/coreutils: install readlink
ca6002c ar71xx: increase kernel partition size for some TP-Link boards
55c77b3 ar71xx: increase kernel partition size for TP-Link RE450 v1
3ad5c16 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add more country codes for Archer C7 v4
673793d ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WR1043N v5
c61a239 add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools
fb66dc9 firmware-utils: add otrx tool for handling TRX images
08cc9a2 tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.7
d6e34b7 tools/sstrip: Fix compile under standard linux.
1a51241 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw: fix JFFS2 EOF markers
3083cc6 firmware-utils: mktplinkfw: add support for BR region code
3be10e3 tools/expat: Update to 2.2.5
83f729d firmware-tools/ptgen: fix minor coding style issues
4982859 firmware-tools/ptgen: use portable exit codes
ebd1547 tools: make-ext4fs: remove LEDE_GIT references
b4a46f0 tools/libressl: update to 2.6.4
b0d513e tools/scons: update to 3.0.1
3c4df66 tools/cmake: update to 3.10.1
d061033 tools/mpc: Update to 1.1.0
4343ac5 tools/mpfr: update to 4.0.0
eb58b14 ramips: tl-wr840n-v5: increase firmware partition for 4Mmtk layot
e787ad5 tools/tar: update to 1.30
64858a0 tools/ccache: update to 3.3.6
89a0fed tools: update patch to v2.7.6
a338491 ar71xx: add support for TP-Link RE355
063fa4c tools/mkimage: copy mkenvimage to bin directory
a9c0057 e2fsprogs: bump to 1.44.0
638e219 tplink-safeloader: add support to split & extract firmwares
068ba61 tplink-safeloader: add support to convert factory into sysupgrade
677d8df firmware-utils: fix erroneous variable redeclaration
3137622 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: compile as gnu99
84c1b78 firmware-utils: add JBOOT bootloader image support
9fc916a firmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: compile as gnu99
8262179 tools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.1
0d8a0a6 firmware-utils: image generator for D-Link DAP-1330
c074230 ar71xx: add support for TP-Link Archer C60 v2
373dc11 firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: move CPE/WBS 210/510 version metainfo to t...
e39847e ar71xx: increase kernel partition size for CPE/WBS 210/510
a8c3151 tools/cmake: Update to 3.11.0
85282ae tools/mpfr: Update to 4.0.1
b13e981 tools/mkimage: update to version 2018.03
a656ea0 tools: mkimage: provide dtc path during build
a31107a firmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: increase RE350 kernel size
8dcd941 tools/zlib: move zlib build to tools
bf167f8 tools/mtd-utils: Mark some lzma functions as static
c7cd166 tools/mtd-utils: update to version 2.0.2
2c192b6 tools/libressl: update to version 2.7.2
60427a9 tools/make-ext4fs: Fix build on MacOSX
56ae9f9 mtd-utils: add back macOS compatibility code that was dropped during the update
20d0dac firmware-utils: add DNS-313 image header tool
2d913fc tools/sed: Update to 4.5
0f5e01b tools/mm-macros: Update to 0.9.12
93959bd tools/xz: Update to 5.2.4
bc52833 tools/cmake: Update to 3.11.1
dcd6810 tools: zlib: do not hardcode the install prefix in zlib.pc
742ac01 ipq806x: increase kernel partition size for the TP-Link Archer C2600
4e9fa56 ar71xx: add support for TP-LINK Archer C7 v5
286a456 ar71xx: Add support for TP-Link CPE210 v2

Build System / Image Builder (14 changes)

6cb8e30 imagebuilder: properly escape single quotes in device titles
7d57db4 build: introduce STAGING_DIR_IMAGE
0d1765b imagebuilder: make submake invocations less verbose
9dcb921 build: add buildbot specific config option for setting defaults
9467ce4 build: get rid of
37e7a17 imagebuilder: fix bundling of DTS sources
19ac879 imagebuilder: add package_list function
1b555e1 imagebuilder: clean package_list
d80d1b6 imagebuilder: don't rewrite package list output
7b5c989 merge: targets: update image generation and targets
d2c06eb merge: etc: update remaining files
fd30187 imagebuilder: fix reference to removed VERSION_SED variable
2fbf669 imagebuilder: reuse rootfs preparation from
a02a69d imagebuilder: remove split patch dirs from imagebuilder archive

Build System / SDK (13 changes)

a68b1b9 sdk: do not strip static libraries
ada6d9f sdk: avoid using private repository clone urls as base repo entry
dab6338 sdk: fix Git URL detection
beb69e2 sdk: explicitely remove ccache directories when packing SDK
412cf4c sdk: add missing change from r3328-f55c29e4c7
90728c7 sdk: clean scripts/config before packing tarball (FS#504)
9dcb921 build: add buildbot specific config option for setting defaults
7c9f5c7 sdk: emit proper tag references for base URLs
9467ce4 build: get rid of
deaf959 sdk: restrict base feed repo to public git for CONFIG_BUILDBOT only
7b5c989 merge: targets: update image generation and targets
f839ad6 sdk: switch base feed url to
17b194a sdk: change base feed fallback to

Build System / Toolchain (88 changes)

a8a5cb9 musl: update musl to 1.1.16+ and switch to download from git
131db36 build: remove separate /install step for host builds
dde5c72 uClibc-ng: update to 1.0.21
f204e0f toolchain/gcc: reduce source directory size by about 420 MB
70973dd gcc: remove obsolete uclibc patch
46b0213 Revert "uClibc-ng: update to 1.0.21"
36cca3e toolchain/binutils: Switch to 2.27 as default version
b648e1c binutils: remove 2.25.1 support and leftovers of older versions
fa85060 toolchain/gdb: update to version 7.12.1
43332f5 toolchain/musl: parallelize make install
0f5d17a toolchain/gcc: parallelize make install
b96566a build: drop circular dependency
38fcd2a build: remove libc version config code
b2c6672 toolchain: remove separate prepare/ step
eed6c85 toolchain/uclibc: Fix unmanned configuration with "V=s"
a3408a5 toolchain/uclibc: Bump version to 1.0.22
f4d9d7a glibc: use default PATCH_DIR
bf867f7 glibc: override default rpath to /lib:/usr/lib
6c61676 glibc: update to version 2.25
bd3a5ca toolchain: force a full rebuild on buildbot if the toolchain changed
f44ae19 build: fix the toolchain rebuild check
9467ce4 build: get rid of
5e3fb70 toolchain: unbreak glibc on MIPS
31be46e toolchain/binutils: Add binutils 2.28
34e8393 toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2016.09
f62f4b3 build: stop overriding STAGING_DIR_HOST for toolchain build
70c2c8f toolchain: add gcc 7.1.0 support
8851a18 gcc: fix documentation entries added by 910-mbsd_multi.patch
2cf4e3c toolchain/insight: Remove from tree
c87aa0d toolchain/gcc: fix --with-isl path
6af0fac toolchain/binutils: Set 2.28 as default version
76b62e6 build: remove old kernel-headers build directories
22e2b40 gcc: gcc 6.3.0 fix comparison between pointer and integer
8647f4f toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2017.03
af0a933 musl: bump to latest 1.1.16+ git HEAD
c56448e musl: update to 1.1.16+ git HEAD 2017-08-30
3f4f580 toolchain: gcc: update 7.x to 7.2.0
592abe9 toolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1
118efdc Revert "toolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1"
fc35d6e toolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1
e95f22d toolchain/fortify-headers: Update to 0.9
07a99a8 gcc: fix build error with macOS + Xcode 9
d67979b toolchain/gcc: update 5.x to 5.5.0
a7e4aec toolchain/glibc: Update to 2.26
aba071d binutils: add version 2.29.1
9e91d32 toolchain: remove powerpc64 feature
0de9331 toolchain: use glibc for powerpc64 builds
76378c6 build: use KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS for kernel file compilations
7e2c271 gcc: remove support for libgcj/java
981be0c toolchain/musl: update to version 1.1.18
7b5c989 merge: targets: update image generation and targets
d2c06eb merge: etc: update remaining files
6b175b7 toolchain: musl: update to current HEAD
4336efe kernel: use upstream patches for musl
13a5cb9 musl: allow autorebuild
074fa8d musl: move BUILD_DIR_TOOLCHAIN/musl symlink to configure step
53021ce uClibc-ng: update to 1.0.28
e47fe32 toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2017.09
ca7e862 kernel-headers: adjust PKG_ variables when using git clone method
5577956 toolchain: add gcc configure default PIE and SSP
241e6dd build: cleanup SSP_SUPPORT configure option
1a8523c toolchain: gcc: update 7.x to 7.3.0
bcd17ce binutils: assertion failure bfd/elfxx-mips.c:3860
e387a1b toolchain: gdb: activate on ARM64
65ae02d toolchain/gcc: remove unused config symbol
7a97588 toolchain/gcc: use version 7.x for x86 by default
38dc678 gcc: refresh patches for version 7.3.0
25aaff9 gcc: merge upstream fix for PR 83496 (fixes FS#814)
1198204 toolchain: fix selecting older gcc versions for x86
87606e2 musl: update to version 1.1.19
fe98f26 toolchain/gcc: fix a build failure on 7.3.0 with macOS
16cec7a toolchain/gcc: merge pending fix for miscompiled MIPS16 code issue (GCC PR 84...
61eee1a toolchain/gcc: switch to version 7 by default
e28551b toolchain/binutils: add support for version 2.30
c7ced2f binutils: Use version 2.29.1 by default
15e9639 toolchain/binutils: remove version 2.28
4fd8722 toolchain/binutils: exclude .rej files when unpacking the tarball
3dee117 glibc: fix applying of patches
50433f3 glibc: update glibc to 2.26+ and switch to download from git
594dbaa toolchain/glibc: unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
ddb70e7 toolchain/binutils: completely remove 2.28 support
044e84f toolchain/binutils: Remove old patches
0370293 glibc: switch from git to https
097f3aa toolchain/binutils: Use xz tarballs where possible
f172456 toolchain: gccgo: fix building gccgo compiler
8aae794 toolchain/glibc: update to latest 2.26 commit
a6a5de4 uClibc-ng: update to 1.0.30
a63e38b musl: sys/socket.h: fix SO_PEERSEC value on MIPS

Kernel (493 changes)

ec1a695 kernel: ar8327/ar8337: disable ARL access code to avoid lockups (FS#384)
8ab057f kernel: remove yaffs2 support, it is no longer needed
97b5259 ar71xx: Chipidea USB device support
54e980a kernel: fix chipidea module dependencies
f67b027 kernel: update Broadcom PHY drivers
d5de926 generic: keep module aliases inside .modinfo
3049459 generic: rtl8366s: add support support for initvals from DTS
e2bd8b9 generic: rtl836x: add support for Green Feature
d45f81d kmod-sched-core: Add HTB and TBF traffic shapers
71f4d8a netfilter: re-enable TEE support for kernel 4.4
20996ed Kernel: bump to 4.4.44
28af0f2 kernel: make kmod package dependencies forward compatible
9ed108e kernel: update kmod-* packaging and dependencies for linux 4.9
6db7a01 imx6: fix build error
9f7fc23 kernel: mark nvmem as hidden, it is only used as a library for other modules
4d15150 kernel: bump to 4.4.45
c437df0 kernel: backport BCM54210E PHY support
5a164dd kernel: make BCM54210E PHY code work with 4.4
74ea99b ledtrig-netdev: don't cancel work on events for different interfaces
12288d4 kernel: update bcma to fix devm memory leaks
7583de2 kernel: rename bgmac patches to squeeze them
bde06ab kernel: use upstream accepted bgmac fix for BCM47186B0
6a85377 kernel: backport bgmac support for external PHYs
0f19c1d rtl8366_smi: add linux 4.4 compatibility
49f9c06 kernel: fix BCM54612E PHY support
3becadd kernel: bump to 4.4.46
063d5a6 generic: mtd: update settings of mx25u3235f
a0888ec generic: rtl8366rb: fix compatible string
402193b kernel: update mtdsplit for linux 4.9
1a52d11 kernel: update phy drivers for 4.9
f791fb4 kernel: add linux 4.9 support
d2c4041 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.47
b008357 kernel: port b53 to use kernel 4.5+ API
9c18235 kernel: add compile fix for linux 4.9 on x86
478be1d kernel: fix crashlog build error on 4.9
91fce81 kernel: add missing config symbols for 4.9
e991b0d kernel: merge b53 API patch with the one handling all switch drivers
4339e5d kernel: fix build error in mtdsplit driver
6d5419d kernel: update spi-nor in 4.9 to version from Linus's tree (4.10)
174ce4c kernel: update spi-nor in 4.9 to spi-nor tree version (next branch)
989a0b4 generic: add missing kernel symbols
6b5c3fd kernel: of-mdio: add missing dependency for linux 4.9
de1f830 generic: add missing symbols for linux 4.9
76eb62e kernel: backport bcm47xxsflash support for reading 32 MiB flashes
7096ed5 kernel: remove kmod packages for bridge, stp, llc and 8021q
db86615 kernel: move upstream accepted bcm47xxpart TRX cleanups
4bdf3a3 kernel: fix 304-mips_disable_fpu.patch for v4.9
84e7846 kernel: add missing symbols to generic/config-4.9
092f2c1 imx6: move to Linux 4.9 kernel
e0e5f8c kernel: fix linux 4.9 host tools portability issues
11215fb kernel: add rest controller option for kernel 4.9
d61a799 kernel: add missing config option for kernel 4.9
b1c2506 kernel: MIPS: IRQ Stack: Fix erroneous jal to plat_irq_dispatch
0caffa6 kernel: fix compile error on linux 4.9 with CONFIG_KALLSYMS disabled
5c651b0 kernel: fix kmod-rxrpc with kernel 4.9
fec57b4 kernel: add missing tracing related config symbols for linux 4.9
38f9d08 kernel: add missing symbol for v4.9
1e1a059 kernel: fix crashes on MIPS when loading kernel modules under memory pressure
236840e kernel: update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.10
a112435 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.49
2374549 ar8216: flush ARL table during reset after init_globals
a4efc99 mediatek: add more missing symbols
2cfc40a kernel: add Chinese codepages
5c49fec Revert "kernel: ar8327/ar8337: disable ARL access code to avoid lockups (FS#3...
890daca kernel: mtdsplit: Add support for Mikrotik NOR firmware
1c8d155 kernel: add missing config symbol for linux 3.18
91a65f6 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.50
9c3e290 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.12
b24d91f kernel: enable hwmon-k10temp in the x86/64 kernel config instead of packaging it
3fcc4b6 kernel: Add TPM Module support
a0a9ba0 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.13
011798a kernel: add missing HW_RANDOM_TPM symbol
4babc62 kernel: fix TPM related config symbols for 4.9
9721226 kernel: add missing TPM related config symbol for 3.18
d49ddcd kernel: add another missing TPM symbol
a1a0f3f kernel: sort generic configs
f9da623 kernel: fix MIPS memory function optimization build error in decompressor
23bf153 kernel: fix earlycon by keeping __earlycon_table
a92d977 kernel: fix kmod-tpm-tis packaging
f229f4a kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.52
787cb58 kernel: more tpm related symbols
697ff33 kernel: fix whiteout rename on ubifs (FS#579)
2422f84 kernel: disable deprecated CONFIG_USB_EHCI_ATH79 symbol
f2516e5 kernel: fix usb chipidea controller support
0504cd2 ar71xx: fix build without CONFIG_NOP_USB_XCEIV (FS#593)
318f2d6 kernel: fix of_node handling in LEDs core code
154b3a6 kernel: backport first bcma 4.12 patch for GPIO and of_node
99d0633 kernel: add another missing TPM symbol
08371a2 kernel: fix phy aneg crash
9a065fc kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.14
31c6452 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.53
7c9c9fd kernel: tpm: add Infineon i2c support
772ec02 kernel: add missing config symbols for 4.9
4475da9 kernel: Fix the incorrect i_nlink count after jffs2's RENAME_EXCHANGE operati...
6bada71 kernel: add missing config symbols for 4.9
afc1675 kernel: do not build modules.order
b4d5132 kernel: disable CONFIG_BCM_IPROC_ADC by default
35c596b kernel: video: add kmod-i2c-core dependency to kmod-drm
e41e1e6 kernel: move disabling DRM symbols to the config file
8fae77f kernel: update bcma including recent changes for 4.12
fbf8973 brcm2708: add kmod-drm-vc4 package
61eeb21 kernel: fix builds with kmod-drm-vc4 and kmod-backlight enabled
bf381f8 kernel: fix builds with kmod-drm-vc4 and CONFIG_SPI enabled
cfc5b35 kernel: disable DRM_HISI_KIRIN and USB_DWC3_OF_SIMPLE
2f8d086 kernel: add MIPS pci fix send upstream
88b125e kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.56
fb7ea71 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.17
02fe942 kernel: add arm64 erratums into config
8976569 kernel: Add kmod-crypto-crc32 (crc32_generic.ko)
8f2e52b kernel: Fix F2FS module dependencies
22ee675 kernel: kmod packaging for Intel 10G ethernet ixgbe driver
513dff3 kernel: add w83627hf-wdt watchdog timer module
967b6be ar8327: Add workarounds for AR8337 switch.
97e6b67 kernel: fix ubi auto attach logging
b26e342 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.20
c3778f2 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.59
7a52576 modules: Add kmod-igbvf kernel module for Intel(R) 82576 Virtual Function Eth...
f6433ee kernel: move initramfs's init script out of base-files
43d06ec kernel: add thermal monitor for nct6775/6776
136718a kernel: update MIPS pci fix to the accepted version
4a4c00e ath9k: drop obsolete patch
ac388ad kernel: make kmod-mmc unavailable on UML
c47a769 kernel: Add various arm64-related symbols
74b69ff kernel: backport Broadcom thermal drivers
aefa195 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.61
226e194 generic: mtd: backport mx25u25635f stateless 4b support
2db05cd kernel: use skb_cow_head() to deal with cloned skbs
f4ae444 generic: rtl8366rb: add support for initvals from DTS
0b7ed65 kernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
5afe9a0 kernel: allow selecting RTC drivers on targets without explicit RTC support
2b27e62 linux-4.9: Fix building of DWC3 module
83e4ed3 generic: refresh patches
a131b89 kernel: add Digi Edgeport USB serial driver package
0dcc36f kernel: add hwmon for W83627EHF and family
088e287 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.69
e842e16 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.29
855f2ae kernel: add kmod-usb-net-pl package
e250aca backlight-pwm: fix module description
a76cbc0 kernel: fix autoloading arch-specific modules
0b17375 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.30
7142cb4 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.70
69aaf1c kernel: add missing config options
aef3935 kernel: properly package 8250 serial PCI module
913b229 mvswitch: fix autonegotiation issue
2cc61e6 ip17xx: correct aneg_done return value
0063958 kernel: update myloader for linux 4.9
b47fd76 kernel: add CONFIG_SCHED_HRTICK=y to the generic config
68e7a2a kernel: disable CONFIG_SG_POOL by default
67a322a kernel: remove CONFIG_ZONE_DMA_FLAG from 4.9
f4a4f32 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.71
b9600b8 kernel: really select kernel 4.4.71
55623a9 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.31
fd1096e kernel: make regmap LZO cache optional
5df15c0 b53: allow configuration through device tree
814e169 linux/ledtrig-netdev: remove `unsigned < 0` check
878cd77 linux/swconfig_get_attr: fix leak of msg in case of error
4052443 kernel: don't switch allocate_partition to use mtd_roundup_to_eb
8c1e760 kernel: backport upstream mtdpart.c cleanups
4d5f296 kernel: backport upstream mtd support for partition parsers
f5f1d40 kernel: backport MTD patch extracing TRX code to separated parser
d165f1f kernel: move Lantiq PEF7061/7071/7072 phy driver to generic
d18f76f kernel: use .patch extension for all patches
69649a1 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.34
f80963d kernel: update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.74
8794954 kernel: disable various symbols for v4.9
76c460b kernel: backport usbport LED trigger driver support for DT
eaaba94 kernel: add missing symbol to generic
1dace8c brcm47xx: resolve GPIO conflict for WRT54GSv1
9808b9a kirkwood: switch to kernel 4.9
1743ed4 kernel: add missing symbols
d8748e5 netfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
cd54b2d kernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.37
ecfca0e kernel: netfilter: fix nf-nathelper(-extra) description
88f3c63 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.40
39e8ab1 kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.79
74d00a8 kernel: split patches folder up into backport, pending and hack folders
e5e6045 kernel: add missing patch
2d02a4f kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.44
364befe kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.83
40213cc kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.45
3435de8 kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.85
4d8a66d generic: provide get_port_stats() on ar8xxx switches
4ddbc43 generic: provide get_port_stats() on adm6996 switches
3056d09 generic: provide get_port_stats() on b53 switches
0369e35 generic: provide get_port_stats() on rtl836x switches
c30a70f generic: make switch_port_stats tx/rx_bytes long long
046618f kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.47
9c82861 kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.86
096dff8 kernel: rtl8306: fix port link status
09735db kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.87
d5b7215 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.49
eff3549 generic: drop support for get_port_stats() on ar8xxx
8201018 kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.88
344fde3 kernel: add packaging for Xeon iTCO watchdog timer
a5922f6 kernel: bluetooth: add marvell sdio bluetooth module
9fc5df5 generic: drop 704-phy-no-genphy-soft-reset.patch
692aa82 kernel: kmod-btmrvl: Add kmod-mmc as dependency
bb83c9d kernel: update to 3.18.71
e37c763 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.50
f7afcf1 kernel: add some config options
6e48eb2 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.51
8273964 kernel: kmod-usb-storage-uas
f138833 kernel: don't scrimp on memory on big iron
fde7688 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.52
657f2a1 kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.89
dbbb4df kernel: owl-loader: fix compile warning
ae2a8a3 kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.90
f625df7 kernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.53
a0c05a7 kernel: fix receiver overflow for 82574L under load
29a6c4f kernel: add missing config options for layerscape target
cf17e03 kernel: Add some more generic config options
3a69ad3 kernel: split 82574L patch into multiple files
b2ea46f generic: net: tcp: backport tcp tx performance patches
9aeb7ce generic: net: generalize napi_complete_done
e77fa68 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.91
f12c429 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.54
2cd32a3 kernel: add fix for bgmac with B50212E B1 PHY
f251a79 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.92
81e28be kernel: kmod-macsec module for 4.9
886d66a kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.57
398edca kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.93
44b9175 omap: Add support for kernel 4.9
48dcd26 omap: clean up configuration
7c42f15 kernel: fix ftrace support on 4.9
f73ed33 kernel: add config option
19a7f44 kernel: move IIO modules to
6833508 kernel: add kmod-iio-bmp280
8348106 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.58
02ccfff pending-3.18: 610-netfilter_match_bypass_default_check: fix 32bit compat layer
856c53f pending-4.4: 610-netfilter_match_bypass_default_check: fix 32bit compat layer
5e425ad pending-4.9: 610-netfilter_match_bypass_default_check: fix 32bit compat layer
56342ee kernel: enable CONFIG_ADVISE_SYSCALLS
c082938 kernel: add support for limiting 4K erase sector support based on flash chip ...
ee791fa netfilter, iptables: add optional CHECKSUM module
74f8917 generic: make mtdsplit-tplink.c honor rootfs offset
6fe9090 modules: Add kmod-ixgbevf kernel module for Intel(R) 10GbE Virtual Ethernet s...
a8a23ca kernel: add packaging for mtdoops
00a8f34 kernel: backport a patch that allows drivers to tweak the TSQ logic
f922b0c kernel: pull edgeport firmware from linux-firmware repo
146326c kernel: Enable fadvise on older kernels.
b9e700c kernel: fix lzo and lz4 modules
62ede4f kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.63
7ffeecd kernel: add it87-wdt watchdog timer module
0c78de8 kernel: add kmod-i2c-i801
06e1b90 kernel: add NFS4 client support
9cfcd49 kernel: e100: take e100 firmware from linux-firmware repository
4e93ec1 kernel: i2c-piix4: fix dependency on TARGET_x86
9fe59ab kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.65
7a318bc kernel: Update kernel 4.4 to 4.4.100
f997478 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.67
668eb70 kernel: MIPS compile out no-op DMA mapping ops where possible
c13b4ef kernel: fix compiler warning in mtdsplit_minor.c under 4.4
ea5d9f5 kernel: tune e1000e module parameters
342d748 add Sun Neptune 10Gbit Ethernet
0402c48 kernel: generic: add some more 4.9 configure options
b3f9549 kernel: generic: Add kernel 4.14 support
efd1854 kernel: tg3: deactivate hwmon for kernel 4.14
38be62b kernel: add kmod-dax
00b5df8 kernel: add kmod-lib-zstd
1ea5f86 kernel: add kmod-crypto-acompress
f1e839d kernel: add kmod-crypto-rsa
1992733 kernel: add kmod-crypto-ecdh
876191d kernel: unset CONFIG_CIFS_SMB311 in kmod-fs-cifs
b0d7fcd kernel: deactivate some new network features
ac27f38 kernel: kmod-rxrpc: handle renamed kernel module
5c9cc1e kernel: kmod-mmc: handle moved mmc_block.ko
228da87 kernel: kmod-sound-core: handle moved snd-seq-device.ko
9572bae kernel: kmod-fbcon: deactivate for kernel 4.14
36f83db kernel: kmod-zram: deactivate CONFIG_ZRAM_WRITEBACK for kernel 4.14
b0b9ec8 kernel: kmod-iio-bmp280: allow compile with kernel 4.14
e387d9b kernel: kmod-rtc-ds1307: add dependency to regmap
712e1b3 kernel: add missing dependencies to kmod-crypto-acompress
f704b64 kernel: Update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.70
b80b0e1 kernel: kmod-crypto-hw-talitos: fix dependencies
efa22b1 kernel: add missing config symbols for 4.14
cb2c064 kernel: move console loglevel to generic
b0d99b7 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.107
bb51193 kernel/4.4: add missing newline character to UBI messages
975e9cd kernel/4.9: add missing newline character to UBI messages
df68e63 kernel/4.14: add missing newline character to UBI messages
1064e76 linux: unbreak host tools build for 4.14
60c4f9c kernel: add i2c-smbus module package
7b6e01d kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.72
e547f16 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.108
4b275ba kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.73
d30c0f4 kernel: make uas work during early boot
8b35da1 kernel: move CONFIG_KASAN to generic config
c5ca1c9 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.11
34e9937 kernel: fix packaging of kmod-gpio-nxp-74hc164
aa399b4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.12
5aabc2c kernel: kmod-w1 depends on kmod-hwmon-core since Linux 4.14
1d2590f kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.75
efb375b kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.110
1abb5c6 generic: unlock Winbond flash on boot
ef27f15 kernel: allow disabling multicast routing support
bde5e7a kernel: backport mtd implementation for "compatible" in "partitions" subnode
2228dbf kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.76
eceff9e kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.111
7c7586b kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.13
d8a12a7 kernel: Add a bunch of missing symbols
34e319d kernel: move DRM_DEBUG_* symbols to generic config
6577244 kernel: sort generic configs
0c12830 kernel: add missing DRM symbols to generic config
d667909 kernel: add missing config symbol
5c0b288 netfilter: enable CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK from kmod-nf-conntrack
02050f7 kernel/4.{4, 9}: add manufacturer ID for Winbond NANDs
9ddfac8 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.14
d8565a0 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.77
a30370b kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.112
f9aca01 kernel: backport fix for nftables on big Endian
4336efe kernel: use upstream patches for musl
666e9cf kernel: add IEEE-1284 parallel port support
eaf79d0 Revert "kernel: add IEEE-1284 parallel port support"
6f425a2 kernel: generic: add 4.9 config option
e6de92c iptables: make kmod-ipt-debug part of default ALL build
a519937 kernel/modules/other: disable Nokia BT UART
af707a1 add hwmon to IGB and IXGBE drivers
953bf6b update LINUX_VERSION filename for cloned repo
53f62bc add missing dependency to kmod-hwmon-core
d4f5390 Revert " add missing dependency to kmod-hwmon-core"
74beb6f Revert " add hwmon to IGB and IXGBE drivers"
b81b18b add hwmon to IGB and IXGBE drivers
a9c65c2 add missing dependency to kmod-hwmon-core
f65591f kernel: add test MTD driver package
e7e0254 netfilter: clean up dependencies of kernel modules
352c74f netfilter: add packages for arp and bridge tables of nftables
33e8f7e netfilter: add missing dependency to kmod-ipt-tproxy
ab44f8f leds: correct ledtrig-heartbeat Kconfig description
653af8f kernel: fix forwarding locally generated packages in bridge isolation patch
3072908 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.18
0219138 kernel: remove kmod-spi-gpio-old
7c5960d kernel: add kmod-fou
b38758d kernel: backport fix undefined abort
680e867 kernel: mtdsplit: Add support for D-link JBOOT
49d3c5f kernel: add IEEE-1284 parallel port support
78f5af6 kmod-sched: add sch_multiq to extra schedulers
2d27ebb iptables: Support building connlabel module
1fe8885 kernel: add missing symbol for v4.14
6e73570 kernel: add missing symbol
5c7a587 kernel: mtdsplit: split by WRG header
c2d3047 sort kernel modules
de62386 sort kernel modules
d1aae1a sort kernel modules
0b004cc sort modules
f646188 sort kernel modules
7f61924 sort kernel modules
970cbfc kernel: Add missing config options
87b35c1 kernel: ubifs: create use file system format 4 by default
eb8fbc4 generic: swconfig: add mode led attribute
0b4e3b1 generic: swconfig: reduce lock duration on sysfs files
f4e5880 ramips: preliminary support for 4.14
6873cf4 kernel: add missing symbols
88ba414 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.20
f621b53 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.82
761d45e kernel: add missing symbol
ae42e7c kernel: add missing config symbols
cc89211 kernel: add missing symbols for v4.14
3282e71 kernel: backport dwc pci enumeration fix
3b2708f imx6: add support for Linux 4.14
eefe02b kernel: order mtd backported patches by kernel release
8651f11 kernel: backport patches simplifying mtd_device_parse_register code
2f85985 kernel: backport pcie enumeration fix to kernel 4.9
1263d07 kernel: ar83xx: add support to configure per port VLAN priority
ba5f700 kernel: ar83xx: remove stray leading space
42845f4 kernel: add kmod-iio-mxs-lradc
5360441 modules: gpio-mcp23s08: fully depend on i2c-core
d2ac070 modules: iio-mxs-lradc: build on mxs only
6112abf kernel: enable CONFIG_USB_PCI for PCI usb modules
c38fb58 kernel: fix disabling common usb quirks on 4.14
9595a9e kernel: fix return value of usb_xhci_needs_pci_reset
0405205 kernel: fix MIPS GIC clock source counter width (affects MT7621)
b7265c5 kernel: backport a series of netfilter cleanup patches to 4.14
1033356 kernel: backport netfilter NAT offload support to 4.14
820f030 netfilter: add a xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target for NAT/routing offload support
9d2a237 kernel: avoid stripping retpoline flag with CONFIG_MODULE_STRIPPED
ecd810d kernel: fix kernel module packaging errors on imx6
14a0131 kernel: remove kmod-appletalk
aad1f11 kernel: refresh patches
9f2c769 kernel: add missing symbol
ae27cbf kernel: generic: Fix skip GRO for foreign MAC address patches
46c49d8 kernel: optimize for performance by default starting with 4.14
bcf4a5f ramips: remove chunked-io patch and set spi->max_transfer_size instead
a86e6b5 kernel: add minimal TCP state tracking to flow offload support
28a74f3 kernel: remove nf_flow_table hardware offload patch (it is not ready yet)
1ac14d3 kernel: fix crash in flow offload code when cleaning up unregistered hooks
a5aee46 kernel: more fixes for flow offload
f5b4f5f kernel: package efivarfs module
664733d kernel: generic: add 4.14 config option
a49f656 kernel: m25p80: allow fallback from spi_flash_read to regular SPI transfer
83d8df1 kernel: kmod-geneve: kmod for Geneve tunneling
6734ffb kernel: generic: Move config option to generic
b5469b3 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.23
45fdb12 kernel: generic: Add kernel configuration options
5af85da kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.85
e72b246 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.119
97c6246 kernel: remove an old kernel compatibility line from module packaging
7c1dae6 kernel: bump to version 4.14.25
cfc5867 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.86
4e8f1e9 kernel: unroll MIPS r4k cache blast function
9306bdf kernel: merge a pending fix for HFSC warnings/slowdowns (fixes FS#1136)
ed3860c swconfig: convert swdevs_lock from spinlock to mutex
9004fc3 kernel: b53: drop support for old location of bcm47xx_nvram.h
ac9bcef kernel: use V10 of mtd patchset adding support for "compatible" string
1b90672 ipq40xx/ipq806x: move qcom-dwc3 usb driver to generic
96288dc generic: revert broken LED core patch
fa8e99c kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.87
895ea64 kernel: bump 4.4 to 4.4.121
9899ffc kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.27
0de2213 kernel: b53: look for NVRAM's "robo_reset" entry on every platform
bfc6514 kernel: b53: fix compilation on BCM47XX
48d1755 kernel: fix flow offload UDP handling issue
99d511d kernel: fix offloading connections with SNAT + DNAT
2c7b0e9 kernel: flow-offload: only offload connections that have been fully established
db108cd kernel: fix crash in flow offload when removing net devices
c89e338 kernel: netfilter: fix dst entries in flowtable offload
41a881a Kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.29
83e1fce kernel: add kmod-sound-ens1371
605b6a0 kernel: add missing config option
aed03d5 kernel: update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.91
de79f4a brcm47xx: add kernel 4.14 support
ece8155 kernel: Add support for XM25QH64A and XM25QH128A SPI NOR flash
a74fd57 kernel: update kernel 4.14 to 4.14.32
be55424 ramips: add wistron neweb d18q1 lte-modem support
e9d5f8e ramips: add BroadMobi BM806U lte-modem support
11a3d27 kernel: add hardware offload patch for flow tables support
d073f65 kernel: add support for enabling hardware flow offload via iptables
1c37cbb kernel: fix xtables flow offload issues
17a955d ar8216: reduce latency by inserting scheduling points into code hogging the CPU
cb7ac15 ar8216: reduce latency even further for ar8327 chips
cdcd5c9 kernel: use accepted mtd patchset adding support for "compatible" string
24749ee kernel: change dependency of kmod-ebtables-* on kmod-ebtables to selecting
f640ed7 kernel: unhide kmod-br-netfilter
ff9a2ab kernel: kmod-ebtables: do not depend on kmod-br-netfilter
177fa14 iptables: split physdev match out as a separate package
f5195e7 kernel: mtd: bcm47xxpart: improve handling TRX partition size
445682c base-files: move netfilter sysctl defaults to specific kmod packages
ec1d7b9 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.34
ca54bd1 kernel: fix an issue with infinite stack traces on MIPS
78666c7 kernel: fix usb interface on 3G dwm-158 modem
9aa196e kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.96
6cd41b4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.36
7912677 kernel: Fix data corruption on some mips devices.
3877550 arm64: enable harden branch predictor
3435dbd kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.37
45219c1 kernel: Restrict dmesg output to root.
58f7b5b kernel: add missing in6_dev_put_clear call to an ipv6 network patch
b05b16f kernel: Remove AutoLoad for legacy usb gadget modules
1e90ba8 krnel: The dm9000 module does not need to depend on pci
3dc523f kernel: add OF support to rtl8355 driver
53c474a ath79: add new OF only target for QCA MIPS silicon
441c26d kernel: fix build error for external kernel.
f9dcdc7 kernel: mark source kernel for netfilter backports
a564cfc kernel: fix chipidea2 dependencies
dc629d9 kernel: fix kmod-switch-rtl8366-smi dependency
d8c7cd9 kernel: rtl8366_smi: guard of_mdiobus_register() call
a3096b4 kernel: fix build error in flow offload code with CONFIG_NETFILTER=n
0706934 kernel: backport mtd patch for minor partitioning cleanup
4045080 kernel: use accepted version of bcm47xxpart fix commit
56bd23c kernel: let kmod-rtl8366-smi conditionally depend on kmod-of-mdio
72ebcef netfilter: fix hardware offload regression (FS#1551)
2b7289c kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.102 for 18.06
e39414e kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.43 for 18.06
acdac1a kernel: whitespace fixes
95922e1 kernel: disable ARCH_WANTS_THP_SWAP by default
1deadfe kernel: disable DMA_{NOOP|VIRT}_OPS by default
294a45a kernel: disable DRM_LIB_RANDOM by default
1f26cfc kernel: enable EXPORTFS by default
16e0866 kernel: enable FUTEX_PI by default
23cdf9f kernel: enable THIN_ARCHIVES by default
b295e3a kernel: backport patch to fix dst handling for offloaded connections
6f8eb1b kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.106 for 18.06
1199a91 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.48 for 18.06
0c59c9c kernel: fix 811-pci_disable_usb_common_quirks.patch
8e1269c kernel: allow hardware NAT offload drivers to keep a priv pointer
244fd1a kernel: fix conntrack leak for flow_offload connections
18f18a2 kernel: fix conntrack fixup of offloaded flows on timeout
4121018 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.108 for 18.06
6cf00dc kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.49 for 18.06
4f76592 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.109 for 18.06
d6ee5e4 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.50 for 18.06
b85e150 mips: fix dynamic ftrace
8af6497 kernel: atm: pppoatm fix vc-mux connection failures
747600e kernel: add missing softdog symbol
7f3121c kernel: backport fix for missing tunnel encapsulation limit option
71825c0 kernel: cleanup offload hooks on netdev unregister
c96b344 kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.110 for 18.06
ab7cabd kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.52 for 18.06
5a40fad kernel: bcm47xxpart: fix getting user-space data partition name
3a5498c kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.111 for 18.06
ca903c7 kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.54 for 18.06
3e81365 kernel: gen_stats: Fix netlink stats dumping in the presence of padding
c99c70e kernel: backport page fragment API changes from 4.10+ to 4.9

Packages / Boot Loaders (215 changes)

34ec245 uboot-lantiq: fix build issue
dc5ba0a packages: mark packages depending on a target as nonshared
3d1b2b2 uboot-kirkwood: add uboot for nsa310b
b27241a uboot-lantiq: switch to using
83783f2 uboot-ar71xx: switch to using
04cc026 uboot-kirkwood: switch to
981ec49 uboot-at91: switch to
605a03d uboot-imx6: switch to
0dbdc2a uboot-layerscape: switch to
608d36e uboot-layerscape-32b: simplify the package, it does not build anything
366c339 uboot-mvebu: switch to
ce997eb uboot-mxs: switch to
12bfa1c uboot-omap: switch to
bb88ec9 uboot-oxnas: switch to
9913c4e uboot-pxa: remove package
e018c4d uboot-sunxi: clean up, switch to
317bd88 uboot-zynq: switch to
55ecceb uboot-envtools: add nsa310b envs
07c9bde mxs: fix image build issues
d974e5a uboot-lantiq: fix a tool portability issue
b52932e uboot-lantiq: mark SPL variants as broken
237bd36 mvebu: put u-boot images into image staging directory
c6502ce layerscape: put u-boot and ucode images into image staging directory
cf3d1b6 sunxi: put u-boot images into image staging directory
7f9d537 oxnas: put u-boot images into image staging directory
e0579ae mxs: put u-boot images into image staging directory
475da81 ixp4xx: put apex images into image staging directory
a6ef593 uboot-kirkwood: remove obsolete patches
a9d347c uboot-kirkwood: fix goflexhome/net bootcommand
7601859 uboot-envtools: add nsa325 envs
add1dd0 uboot-kirkwood: add Zyxel NSA325 uboot
88aa7ee package/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh OM2Pv4/-HSv4 support
bddb243 package/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh a60 support
2696b0e package/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh A40 support
3b90ed8 uboot-kirkwood: fix usb of nsa310b u-boot
b132d4f uboot-omap: Do not hide bootloader packages
a4def18 uboot-omap: Update to u-boot v2017.01
43b6d3f uboot-omap: Makefile: Include
0e5d67d layerscape: add LS1043A Rev1.1 support
619eff8 armv7: set openwrt/lede default boot env for ls1021atwr
6a153b9 armv8/fsl-layerscape: fdt: fixup LS1043A rev1 MSI node with upstream method
399cbbd grub2: update to 2.02~rc1
ffa9f3d packge/boot/rbcfg: add new boot constants found in the recent Mikrotik devices
c95c316 package/boot: update uboot-kirkwood to 2017.03
5c617ae uboot-fritz4040: add an ipq806x u-boot for FritzBox 4040
7e798da lantiq: remove lantiq_board_name, use the generic function instead
0d271ce target: add pistachio
eb98bf6 pistachio: remove pistachio_board_name, use the generic function
ca44b9a pistachio: remove custom board detection override
5592064 package/boot/uboot-kirkwood: fix build errors for nsa310 and nsa325
dfacdc6 kexec-tools: get kexec running on MUSL and x86 hardware
2526d15 uboot-lantiq: fix build error on mac os x
68139cc pass HOSTCC and HOST_CFLAGS into the build
8b8ce56 uboot-ar71xx: fix build error
ffd055d grub2: update to 2.02~rc2
1861869 ramips: dont replace the board name
4ac4148 package/uboot-omap: assign BUILD_DEVICES most boards
e2caa74 package/uboot-omap: install image to STAGING_DIR_IMAGE
147e18b package/uboot-omap: re-introduce patches dropped by update to v2017.01
a5eb9c6 package/uboot-omap: add default uEnv to boot via mmc card
23fc55e package/uboot-omap: add am335x_boneblack
ca89886 uboot-omap: enable thumb for overo
21c2e93 uboot-omap: rename patch to 101-disable-thumb-omap3.patch
ec4a8c6 mvebu: ClearFog renamed upstream to ClearFog Pro
ee1cee2 mvebu: add ClearFog Base support
cd9d0f9 uboot-envtools: add support for 8devices Rambutan
86c4144 u-boot-mvebu: update to 2017.03
c4f9474 u-boot-mvebu: clearfog: implement distro-boot
e2814f6 u-boot-mvebu: clearfog: enable setexpr command
558d869 ar71xx: add support for EnGenius ENS202EXT
bbb27b1 uboot-lantiq: Support newer versions of the PEF7071 ethernet
d189fe6 uboot-lantiq/spl: fixed uninitialized variable len in spl_uncompress_lzo
415c47d package/grub2: update to 2.02
5e4bb47 kexec-tools: bump version and add support for crashdump kernel
bdd3c94 uboot-envtools: add Arduino Yun support
f12a326 treewide: use the generic board_name function
8223dac uboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network AP121F
60f6c2b ramips: drop Edimax BR-6425 support
3e6d303 uboot-lantiq: Enable TFTP PUT support for backups
9adfecc uboot-envtools: Add support for IPQ806x AP148 and DB149
1422d44 uboot-sunxi: update to version 2017.07
85b7d78 uboot-sunxi: do not depend on dtc being install on host
b9a3592 uboot-sunxi: revert the usage of binman
41e7d2e sunxi: split into cortex A8 and A7 subtarget
ea46d38 arm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: add new package
e080a7c uboot-sunxi: build A64 SoC and pine64 U-Boot
f295db6 sunxi: add Olimex A20-OlinuXino-LIME2
71a93a2 uboot-at91: move BUILD_SUBTARGET from U-Boot/Default to devices
8f1764b uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D3 Xplained board
dacab64 uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D2 Xplained board
5b9cff9 uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D4 Xplained board
670448a at91bootstrap: New package at91bootstrap
6c32e05 arm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: depend on sunxi target
a7465f3 sunxi: add Olimex A20-OLinuXino-LIME2-eMMC
ad0e107 uboot-mvebu: add missing UBOOT_MAKE_FLAGS variable
49e6e9c uboot-mvebu: fix SETEXPR redefinition warning
56348c9 uboot-mvebu: add OpenSSL compat patches
f2107fc ramips: improve Xiaomi Mi Router 3G support
1114f5d sunxi: improve A20 Lime2 upload speed
5508510 sunxi: add Orange Pi R1 support
2be307c rbcfg: Implement CPU frequency control
806624a layerscape: rename subtargets and update makefile files
2e2203f layerscape: update packages with LSDK git trees
b80f6a5 uboot-sunxi: build for NanoPi NEO
b4c3570 uboot-at91: multiple build fixes
cc443e8 at91bootstrap: Add BUILD_SUBTARGET variable
0a919af at91bootstrap: remove manual copy of binaries to BIN_DIR
184c92e uboot-envtools: add support for Nokia WI2A-AC200i
1a53315 uboot-sunxi: Backport fix for stale CONFIG_SUNXIG_GMAC references
67da6a7 uboot-kirkwood: update to 2017.09
6a35659 sunxi: Added profile for HAOYU Electronics Marsboard A10
f9ecb0d sunxi: add Orange Pi 2 support
47cff4c layerscape: support all-in-one firmware for ls1088ardb/ls2088ardb
69c8e8d layerscape: support LEDE boot for ls1088ardb/ls2088ardb
38417e9 layerscape: update u-boot to LSDK-1709-update-103017 tag
c64ac4c QE: Set QE_IRAM_READY after uploading firmware
2dcba27 arm64: ls2088ardb: Fix nor fall back option failure
4dcd33d armv8: ls1088a: Update MC boot sequence
091c401 driver: fsl-mc: memset pointers after malloc
3ddb3d3 armv8: fsl-layerscape: Add support of GPIO structure
74b6833 drivers: net: pfe_eth: LS1012A PFE driver introduction
676ef26 drivers: net: pfe_eth: provide pfe commands
af5f822 drivers: net: pfe_eth: LS1012A PFE headers
f0640ed board: freescale: ls1012a: enable network support on ls1012a platforms
7b2f1c3 armv8: fsl-lsch2: initialize pfe gemac
99089ae armv8: fsl-lsch2: add pfe macros and update ccsr_scfg structure
d91e382 armv8: fsl-lsch2: configure pfe's scfg & dcfg registers
a518a57 fsl: csu: enable ns access for PFE
0f0e241 configs: ls1012a: add pfe configuration for LS1012A
aad3422 armv8: configs: ls1012a: correct the generic timer frequency issue
39bd068 armv8: ls1088aqds: Change phy mode to PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_RGMII_ID
⇒ + 2 more…
ede0454 layerscape: stop pfe before starting up kernel
b973f9b u-boot: ls1012ardb: stop pfe before start kernel
9e7b166 layerscape: enlarge ext4 rootfs size to 30MB
050c7f1 layerscape: update mtdparts for ls1012ardb/ls1046ardb
2b1ec44 layerscape: add ls1012afrdm device support
43cb4c0 u-boot: add image for ls1012afrdm
c7fdff1 uboot-envtools: add support for Wallys DR342
a479c79 kobs-ng: add header for integer definitions
c61a239 add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools
bf6b3af uboot-sunxi: add NanoPi M1 Plus board
332438b uboot-sunxi: fix build of HAOYU Electronics Marsboard A10
7b5c989 merge: targets: update image generation and targets
63d7f7f lantiq: use the compatible string as board name
4a4d957 lantiq: sync image filename with boardname
8e03eea uboot-layerscape-armv8_32b: fix package download
224d4a9 ramips: drop LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo userspace support
dda2229 layerscape: fix package download
ca04884 uboot-envtool: remove superfluous + sign from PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS
0ebdf0c kirkwood: drop support for orphaned boards
2f757f6 uboot-kirkwood: fix default u-boot selection
c9e2c35 kirkwood: use the generic board detect
f5df635 kirkwood: sync image filename with boardname
f5d267d uboot-kirkwood: add uboot for pogoplug v4
0e94df6 uboot-envtools: add pogoplug v4
0674a99 kirkwood: sort occurrences of boardame alphabetically
c529298 uboot-at91: fix build after fpu activation
21d8fce at91bootstrap: at91bootstrap default selection
6fc8a44 at91bootstrap: remove redundant definition of BUILD_SUBTARGET
5147e0d at91bootstrap: make packages hidden
e1b6539 uboot-at91: make packages hidden
33f09cf ipq806x: convert to dt-based board-detection
7293499 ipq806x: Sort occurrences of boardame alphabetically
9514cde uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh A42 support
6261012 uboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network AP91-5G
b38ff78 uboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network N5Q
ec141c1 uboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network R36A
53e3df2 uboot-envtools: add support for GL.iNet GL-AR750
e7469d5 arm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: use release build and bump version
0f0b478 sunxi: fix udelay()
60a1f02 PSCI: revert Allwinner changes
8d3f98e PSCI: add core_power_down_wfi() hook for late power-off
91f2402 sunxi: use late core_power_down_wfi()
cbb89f3 sunxi: read DT name from SPL eGON header
ae78724 sunxi: enable LCD power on Pinebook
805f756 uboot-sunxi: bump to 2017.11
f142de5 uboot-sunxi: refresh patches
ef04166 uboot-sunxi: fix build by adding comparabilities for old dtc
df9781a u-boot,at91bootstrap: fix incorrect HOSTCPPFLAGS variable
a6f79f5 uboot-mvebu: fix build ; use the build's tools/libressl
13e8d54 uboot-fritz4040: Fix build with HOSTCFLAGS
d59cc79 kexec-tools: issue warning when dd'ing vmcore
83d9992 kexec-tools: bump version to 2.0.16
d6fd44c layerscape: update u-boot to LSDK1712
0ca9091 armv8: fsl-layerscape: Fix MC reserved memory calculation
44a294b drivers: net: ldpaa_eth: Correct error handler for qbman_swp_acquire()
002dc70 driver: net: ldpaa_eth: Add PHY-less SGMII support
64169db armv8: ls1088: introduce CONFIG_SGMII_PHYLIB
c249f5f ls1088aqds: Add CONFIG_SGMII_PHYLIB in header file for QDS
a95797b armv7: ls1021a: Fix marco CONFIG_LS102XA
8e9a95e u-boot: fixup the iommu-map property of fsl-mc node
f53d786 armv8: fsl-layerscape: Allocate Secure memory from first ddr region
b040e4a armv8: fsl-layerscape: Add support of disabling core prefetch
2068345 cmd: mac: Update description of help
7bd0db8 SECURE BOOT: Add SD fall back option
139ec62 Revert "armv8: ls1088a: correct pcie fixup compatible string"
85a3451 usb: Add delay to fix USB 2.0 stick enumeration failure on LS208xA
8dc0a63 drivers: net: pfe_eth: add pfe_rx_done to clear bd after packet processing
5dc8c93 drivers: net: pfe_eth: use writel/readl to access hw bds
44c39f0 drivers: net: pfe_eth: cleanup typos and indent
⇒ + 22 more…
e547bd3 layerscape: support ubifs rootfs in u-boot env
40a40df u-boot: support ubifs rootfs in env for ls1012a/ls1046a boards
dc263cd packages: uboot-mxs: bump to 2017.11
123dbb7 packages: uboot-mxs: override instead of appending u-boot make flags
b2a5f76 ar71xx: Add eTactica EG-200 support
616f883 Revert "uboot-sunxi: fix build by adding comparabilities for old dtc"
4bc1ebb Revert "uboot-sunxi: refresh patches"
94ef87f Revert "uboot-sunxi: bump to 2017.11"
c971b4e uboot-sunxi: dts: Update orange Pi R1 integration
6247929 uboot-sunxi: add u-boot DT for NanoPi NEO Plus2 board
3c24a1d sunxi: add support for NanoPi NEO Plus2 board
718e5cd uboot-sunxi: Add Xunlong Orange Pi Zero Plus
627a28e lantiq: rename gphy firmware
1b13cbc grub2: disable building platform code for target utility
c6bd0b4 uboot-envtools: add support for WHQX E1700AC/E600G/E600GAC v2
f487133 uboot-envtools: add support for Samsung WAM250
3b8a858 uboot-envtools: add support for YunCore T830
f01b394 uboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network AWUSFREE1
8584fee uboot-sunxi: add Xunlong Orange Pi PC
9f3f61a mvebu: add support for Turris Omnia
be3da90 mvebu: Add subtarget for Cortex A9 build
d85a7f1 uboot-fritz4040: fix build with gcc7
43f35ce uboot-imx6: fix build with GCC 7
54b275c ipq40xx: add target
8cc22fa uboot-mxs: refresh patches
5d3fbd5 uboot-mxs: fix compile problems related to OpenSSL
f21cd96 uboot-kirkwood: update to 2018.03
7e1e29d uboot-sunxi: bump again to 2017.11
367ee32 uboot-sunxi: fix build by adding comparabilities for old dtc
ed369e0 uboot-sunxi: refresh patches
8e1065d sunxi: add build for sopine
0a3e07b u-boot-mvebu: set configuration options in Makefile
dff904a u-boot-mvebu: update to 2018.03
3fc8f50 uboot-envtools: fix ALFA Network AWUSFREE1 support
10ea53f ramips: add U-Boot env support for ALFA Network AC1200RM
f6e6ead packages/uboot-omap: bugfix: serial using ns16550 fifo not enabled
68150d3 uboot-envtools: update to 2018.03
bc43f75 uboot-envtools: remove makefile duplication for supported targets
0b20490 ipq40xx: add support for OpenMesh A62
bdb0de1 uboot-envtools: add support for ESPRESSObin and MACCHIATObin
5ca159a uboot-zynq: Fix build with libressl 2.7.2
c21a4c7 uboot-mxs: Fix build with libressl 2.7.2
9bfca30 uboot-mvebu: Fix build with libressl 2.7.2
3aa28f4 uboot-envtools: Change download to git.
87f87e4 at91bootstrap: update to v3.8.10
4aca7e0 AT91C_PIO_CFGR_DRVSTR typo fix
4aaa8b0 README: Update the GNU ARM Toolchain description
bce591e driver: nandflash: Fix set/get features of NAND on-die ECC
e158ad8 include: add types.h
b95cde4 include: add fls() function - find last bit set
6b33069 include: add min() and max() into common.h
5badc20 driver/spi_flash: add spi_flash sub-system with SFDP support
1215707 driver spi flash: update flash chip detection
a4f6043 board: Add new board: SAMA5D27-SiP SOM1_EK board
508eb63 board: sama5d27_som1_ek: Update the qspi frequency
59a3995 board: sama5d27_som1_ek: Adjust the offset of u-boot
44a0c3d board: sama5d2_xplained: Add default configuration for eMMC
100ed42 board: sama5d2_xplained: Adjust offset and length of uboot
148142d backup mode: add documentation for the "resuming" variable
51a7a5c backup mode: the backup_mode() function don't need to return a value
a766d3e backup mode: add a little comment in main()
⇒ + 69 more…
790b20b uboot-at91: fetch uboot src from u-boot-at91 github
22c398d at91: Add SAMA5D27 SOM1 EK board
f34b495 uboot-at91: fix DTC command not found.
60750ab at91: reorganize at91 subtargets
27ca6cd at91: Add SAMA5D2 PTC EK board
bfbdeeb mvebu: add support for WRT32X (venom)
938908f uboot-mvebu: fix build on hosts lacking pkg-config
68586cf uboot-mxs: fix build on hosts lacking pkg-config
6052232 uboot-zynq: fix build on hosts lacking pkg-config
6f398aa oxnas: reboot target
b32c304 uboot-oxnas: fix build with newer GCC
763c047 uboot-oxnas: fix typo accidentally committed during oxnas reboot
0c4f658 ar71xx: add support for OCEDO Koala
ce73f89 uboot-kirkwood: fix malformed boot configuration

Packages / Common (743 changes)

b65572f curl: fix HTTPS network timeouts with OpenSSL
da5d060 zlib: Update to 1.2.11
421a6d3 gettext-full: fix to use $STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG instead of $STAGING_DIR/host
47c22c2 lede-keyring: bundle latest usign certificates
0c85f12 Add unattended GnuPG build key
fc1c937 Add my public key
619e174 Add my public usign key
c5da79a Add my public GPG key
ecf79d7 Add public usign key used by the 17.01 release builds
a50b752 Add public GPG key used by the 17.01 release builds
d9b1a55 kmod-sched-cake: fix parameter passing kernel/user space
135affc Retire cake_const.c
53e9be4 Added diffserv3 mode to gen_cake_const
032d548 Add diffserv_llt
a3210bd Change cake to const lookups
69449f3 Correct parameter passing order
f2e6e11 openvpn: let all openvpn variants provide a virtual openvpn package
f798776 libtool: don't clobber host libtool infrastructure
633c35a hostapd: fix stray "out of range" shell errors in
36c13e5 x86: drop ep80579-drivers
dc5ba0a packages: mark packages depending on a target as nonshared
7ba2062 opkg: clarify messages and errors related to downloads
fa0ac03 Fix dependency for hostapd
7ba5890 mwlwifi: Fixes rewritten history hash and latest version
c0345d9 hostapd: expose wps_independent and ap_setup_locked as uci options
c0ed04c hostapd: default to wps_independent 1
e38bafb kmod-sched-cake: add 'mpu' minimum packet length support
a40f3f9 iproute2: cake: add 'mpu' minimum packet length support
c7a7e7c openvpn: ssl-enabled variants also provide a virtual openvpn-crypto package
a5eee54 gpio-nct5104d: Add nct5104d driver package
33f8f6c openvpn: add support for various new 2.4 configuration options
fe12d51 leds-apu2: Add PC Engines APU2 LED driver
12db207 openssl: update to version 1.0.2k
5d2a9d2 busybox: convert netmsg and lock applet to "new style" applet definition
84da2a6 busybox: update to 1.26.2
200d932 toolchain: Broaden the executable loader pattern
37b489f hostapd: backport support for sending debug messages to the syslog
8a8fa29 kmod-sched-cake: Bump to latest version
bdd1fad iproute2: cake: update cake support
546b1a4 hostapd: enable support for logging wpa_printf messages to syslog
139eb68 gpio-nct5104d: add compatibility for linux 4.9
185c374 leds-apu2: add compatibility for linux 4.9
a112786 xtables-addons: update to version 2.12
f18f3c8 rotary-gpio-custom: depend on Linux 3.18 and 4.4 (will not work on newer kern...
1b4e3ed dnsmasq: expand 'add_local_hostname' fexibility including FQDN
9525743 dnsmasq: make DHCPv6 viable for standalone dnsmasq install
eaf3fef ccache, samba36: fix addresses to use https
9df777d openvpn: adding key_direction to append_params.
eccb2e5 acx-mac80211: fix scan API error that could lead to a crash
07d5fc7 dnsmasq: honor quietdhcp option for DHCPv6
f9f6a21 dnsmasq: fix instances in dhcp_add()
3bef96e dnsmasq: update to dnsmasq 2.77test1
196509b brcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
985c90d tcpdump: update to version 4.9.0
0af460b utils/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.4
2faa1ed iperf3: Update to 3.1.6
da0b911 uclibc++: patch bugfix erase() on derived __base_associative
0bf85ef dropbear: enable SHA256 HMACs
a3408a5 toolchain/uclibc: Bump version to 1.0.22
c22255e tcpdump: fix tcpdump-mini build on glibc 2.25
412e0bb perf: avoid picking up a dependency on libunwind
dc4844b pppd: fix compile issues with glibc 2.25
9827c3e gdb: update to version 7.12.1, fix glibc 2.25 build issues
c7ce990 ltq-ptm: fix build with kernel 4.9
ca9b996 ltq-vmmc: fix build with kernel 4.9
2eed117 ltq-ptm: use netif_trans_update() only for kernel >= 4.7
bb9d2aa ppp: add pppoe-discovery to an independent package
d5221d5 ppp: honor ip6table for IPv6 PPP interfaces
5035213 package/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh OM2Pv4/-HSv4 support
6bd9ba8 package/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh A60 support
8636417 package/om-watchdog: add OpenMesh A40 support
cb801b0 hostapd: mv
d1a75c5 ebtables: update to last commit
2a6fbce mdns: update and rename package to the umdns
9bbaf3c Change dns_send_question function arg from unicast to multicast
a698c63 Add simple "Fall through" comment to the announce_timer function switch
55a5d75 Rename service_reply_a to dns_reply_a and move it to proper file
dfdebdd Don't call dns_reply_a from service_reply
c0c78c9 Fix/change comment format about port 5353
61869f3 Send A(AAA) records when announcing
a069fbb Move matching logic out of service_reply_single function
e47f6cf Avoid duplicated iteration over services when announcing
3d85c9c Check correct attributes when loading service from blob
9879d5f Simplify UDP vs. TCP handling in service_announce_services
c3c168c Don't use _services._dns-sd._tcp.local
578616a Drop one-liner service_announce function
95d8e0d Rename project to umdns
1a6e9b0 Load service JSONs from /etc/umdns/
745d040 Set TTL to the new value when updating cached service entry
1283a0f Rename cache scanning to updating
⇒ + 13 more…
27040db dropbear: bump PKG_RELEASE
6c44ac2 libpcap: remove feature dependencies on kmod-* packages
b65dc04 opkg: switch to own fork to improve memory usage
348a1d0 build: missing pkg.m4
9932840 build: remove output shaving support
38bb613 build: allow overriding host cpu with make variable
996cf8f build: statically link libopkg
673d721 cli: enforce argument to upgrade command
9f84497 cli: default to /etc/opkg.conf
a48345d libopkg: strip trailing white space in conffile specification
d654a43 libopkg: print error messages to stderr
4a97d5b libopkg: do not rely on getline()
386dbd3 libopkg: fix double-free crash on recursive package removal
9d0d61c libopkg: line-wrap descriptions only on interactive terminals
e62fc97 cli: implement --nocase flag
ebecbc3 cli: implement find command
dd4c78a libbb: use external gzip command as I/O layer
cd113c7 libopkg: store compressed package lists
ae179dc libopkg: discard empty control file fields
⇒ + 67 more…
0247314 dnsmasq: bump to dnsmasq v2.77test3
aff2d5c hostapd: fix feature indication
ca8aee0 Revert "px5g-standalone: provide px5g via PROVIDES"
55ffc38 opkg: re-enable usign support
bec9804 build: enable usign support
7df0069 mbedtls: add --function-sections and --data-sections to CFLAGS
709d10e px5g: replace px5g-standalone with a statically linked variant of px5g-mbedtls
19720a6 opkg: fix handling conffiles in status lists
271d485 libopkg: initialize conffile list during status parsing
2c8cb0c dnsmasq: bump to dnsmasq v2.77test4
fdfde3e libpcap: add optional netfilter support
9e4555f opkg: fix stray printf() (#551)
2a66079 libopkg: switch to GPL2 SHA256 implementation
f9baf91 libopkg: remove stray printf()
3e41afd iw: sync nl80211.h with mac80211 package
c8ac9c0 iftop: bump to latest upstream
a29163f wireless-tools: Change download url to github
ebf846b opkg: mark as essential (FS#571)
9b2321f thc-ipv6: Allow overriding CFLAGS
562ebe7 bsdiff: Also pass down TARGET_CPPFLAGS
4c02435 omcproxy: Update to latest HEAD
1fe6f48 Cmake: Find libubox/list.h
306ee64 px5g: Fix TARGET_LDFLAGS and add TARGET_CPPFLAGS
4aa1560 adb: Also pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS
30159b3 rssileds: Fix build with external toolchains
9e740fa openssl: Use mkhash for STAMP_CONFIGURED
d35ce56 brcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
7f0c95a toolchain: Allow external toolchains to specify libthread-db
aedd5d5 opkg: fix several package installation bugs
b1dc770 libopkg: fix some overly aggressive line wrapping in pkg_depends.c
793155f pkg_depends: fix unsatisfied dependency installation order
0fb3e9f pkg_depends: propagate virtual provided detail flag to providers
439c89e opkg_cmd: fix endless loop in whatprovides/whatreplaces
15fc1ee opkg_cmd: avoid null pointer dereference in opkg_what_depends_conflicts_cmd()
1fdc2ca pkg: mark bit fields in pkg_t unsigned
758527e pkg: forward "provided_by_hand" flag in pkg_merge()
19070b6 unarchive: fix possible segmentation fault in deb_extract()
64de1cb ppp: propagate master peerdns setting to dynamic slave interface
78f14c0 openvpn: move list of params and bools to a separate file
3a06dd6 dnsmasq: do not forward rfc6761 excluded domains
452f544 vxlan: add new package for netifd VXLAN proto
0ebc681 umdns: update to the 2017-03-10 version
e985074 Drop unneeded casting of "entry" from struct cache_service
46b8781 Drop unneeded code to simplify getting hosts over ubus
d437678 Cancel (re)connect timer when deleting interface
055e9df xtables-addons: fix build error on ARC
7b52278 mbedtls: update to version 2.4.2
c481774 curl: update to version 7.53.1
8eac991 umdns: update to the version 2017-03-14
6515101 Access cached records (instead of services) to read list of hosts
80dd246 Refresh DNS records A and AAAA directly
fd5a160 Don't cache hosts as services
2f09a1e iwcap: fix handling kill signal during dump
48ae44d opkg: gracefully handle missing $PATH, fix build warnings
5dc3e33 libopkg: specify "/bin/sh" instead of "sh"
1ff2475 libopkg/opkg_cmd.c: more robust PATH handling
6e28563 libbb: fix gzip_thread() warnings
7975c73 libbb: change gzip_read() buffer argument to void *
6fbf8a9 libbb: remove unused variables
7cbc466 libopkg: remove unused variable from opkg_install_package()
f4a55d1 libopkg: remove unused progress callback
e450488 libopkg: remove unused progress parameters from opkg_download()
f0c0a80 opkg_utils: add missing header
da8d599 pkg_depends: add missing parse_replacelist() prototype
53e199e pkg_hash: remove unused variable in pkg_hash_load_feeds()
1654bcc pkg_parse: remove const requirement from pkg_parse_line()
d9e5814 pkg_parse: remove unused variable in pkg_parse_line()
28b5e15 pkg_parse: fix bad message level for opkg_msg() call
0b60d6a libopkg_test: mark functions static, remove unused opkg_test()
cfe46c7 opkg_active_list_test: mark functions static, swap strcmp() with memcmp()
b6a8b43 toolchain: add musl to external toolchain
902590e curl: Adjust URLs
6e44f47 sysntpd: restore support for peer-less (standalone) mode
51d9ac6 libnl: Fix building with uClibc
66146a2 perf: fix build with kernel 4.9
b03b293 lldpd: bump to 0.9.6
8e07751 dnsmasq: don't point --resolv-file to default location unconditionally
312b9dc iproute2: fix ip monitor can't work when NET_NS is not enabled
17987b9 iperf3: Update to 3.1.7
cc5721c lzo: Update to 2.10
106ae11 umdns: update to the version 2017-03-21
f89986b Fix refreshing cached A(AAA) records that expire
496aeba Fix comment typo in cache_gc_timer
e1bacef Drop entries cached for interface we're going to delete
ce7e9e9 Use one define for DNS-Based Service Discovery service name
c725494 Use MCAST_PORT define for port 5353
943bedb Fix reading port of incoming packets
9f1cc22 Fix replying to "QU" questions received on unicast interface
1478293 Fix code freeing cached non-A(AAA) records too early
a0403cd Keep source sockaddr for every cached DNS record
480d7bc Fix sending unicast questions on cache expire
480a6ae libs/openssl: Refresh mirror list
eac1a54 utils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2
7dc2a58 libs/libpcap: Rework URLs
fd95397 utils/tcpdump: Rework URLs
06c49db openvpn: add extra respawn parameters
76cc264 busybox: enable the "ip neigh" command (FS#618)
8a4208d utils/f2fs-tools: Update to 1.8.0
aa729bc Revert "utils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2"
cf9812d utils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2
0aee976 util-linux: unconditionally enable ncursesw support
c5e245a util-linux: re-enable parallel builds
46e3903 gdb: fix invalid sigprocmask call
aadd629 lantiq: remove residual watchdog parts from ltq-vmmc
f3474ca busybox: vi: backporting patches to fix ZZ and :x command
ea18559 iw: enable MESH ID in scan output
001a50d lantiq: cleanup code ar9-vr9 parts
49acec5 lantiq: align falcon code with ar9-vr9 code
5d4aece dnsmasq: use logical interface name for dhcp relay config
0b24850 busybox: don't install NTP scripts if NTP isn't configured
6411a12 build: move PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS from to opkg
3169a6a busybox: fix installation of cron and ntpd scripts in the default config
1449b52 opkg: backport upstream fixes, code cleanups
07f3b02 set_flags_from_control: remove function
816d330 Fix typo in pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate.
86b584d pkg_dependence_satisfied: remove unused function
7fe45f2 active_list_add_depend: remove unused function
23d31fb active_list_sort: remove unused function
89bf8b9 conffile_list_push: remove unused function
f5082ac conffile_list_pop: remove unused function
2985c00 nv_pair_list_last: remove unused function
368bb62 nv_pair_list_prev: remove unused function
46c5de5 pkg_dest_list_push: remove unused functions
48142a3 conffile_list_pop: remove unused function
7d24212 str_list_last: remove unused function
52c31c1 str_list_prev: remove unused function
980cfb2 str_list_push: remove unused function
947d3d4 pkg_src_list_pop: remove unused function
51275a8 pkg_src_list_push: remove unused function
⇒ + 5 more…
813efe5 mdadm: extend uci config support
8b3fa16 firmware: rework fritz-tools package
1c42598 dnsmasq: peacefully coexist with ISC DHCPd
fc859fb iproute2: add libgenl.h and ll_map.h to InstallDev section
de5b8e5 busybox: add musl compatible nslookup replacement
210e96d OpenVPN: Update to 2.4.1
a7f8564 openvpn: add myself as maintainer
efb22b6 binutils: fix build with host gcc < 4.9
98e43b1 iptables: bump to 1.6.1
5e2d15b iptables: set ABI_VERSION to force rebuild of dependent packages
7ae58be busybox: Move libresolv detection to LEDE Makefile
56457db dnsmasq: fix uninitialized varname in init-script
8ed5c6d busybox: fix build of nslookup_lede applet without IPv6 (#728)
e80a041 iptables: fix wrong depends for nftables support (FS#707)
980c41f utils/mdadm: Update to 4.0
0b7ed65 kernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
dca2966 busybox: Enable sendfile by default
e5bbead dropbear: fix procd interface trigger install
f1e3285 busybox: nslookup_lede: fix compatibility with v1.25
76871a8 busybox: nslookup_lede: mimic output format of old Busybox applet
9412fc2 dnsmasq: support dhcp_option config as a list
c13f943 perf: disable build for ARC, it is currently broken
34e8393 toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2016.09
fc9361e opkg: alternatives support
3f13edd pkg_run_script: use pkg->dest in half installed case
7a96972 libbb: xreadlink: fix memory leak on failure case
546bc72 pkg: alternatives support
8b1b094 busybox: add as an alternative of /sbin/ip
cfa5865 iproute2: add ip-tiny, ip-full as alternatives of /sbin/ip
9b4c415 iproute2: bump PKG_RELEASE
fa3649d busybox: add alternatives specs for those also provided by procps-ng
b65c619 dnsmasq: bump to 2.77test5
cf75fb5 busybox: alternatives: accomodate CONFIG_BUSYBOX_CUSTOM=y
0c3fe28 opkg: alternatives: use ERROR level for symlink failure
04e279e pkg_alternatives: use ERROR level for symlink failure
41feba8 hostapd: fix reload frequency change patch
ed62d91 hostapd: add legacy_rates option to disable 802.11b data rates.
cd5cd7c dnsmasq: fix dhcp_option usage warning
7296767 dnsmasq: make tftp root if not existing
eb99f89 dnsmasq: add interface-name uci list.
54ea0f4 dnsmasq: use append_interface_name when using option --interface-name
44da45a dnsmasq: don't propagate DUID from one host to another
5dc76a4 perf: Disable perf for ARC770 only, enable for ARC HS38
6f01abf fritz_tffs_read: fix parsing of size argument
8381485 fritz-tools: Find zlib.h header file
c258bc7 toolchain: Package libgomp
e66f17a openvpn: update to v2.4.2
deef713 dnsmasq: bump to 2.77rc3
5e48188 hostapd: remove unused variable declarations in
1a16cb9 mac80211, hostapd: always explicitly set beacon interval
f7e84a4 om-watchdog: cleanup Makefile
08ab3fd om-watchdog: cosmetic code style fixes
04e9163 om-watchdog: add support for Teltonika RUT5xx (ramips)
ea2927e network/utils/ipset: Update to 6.32
4b0a2ca devel/strace: Update to 4.16
89807b6 network/utils/curl: Update to 7.54.0
74395d9 libs/libnftnl: Update to 1.0.7
070a461 dnsmasq: add IPv6 nameserver configuration in server mode
db776c0 comgt-3g: enable modem before to setpin
b295966 devel/trace-cmd: Update to 2.6.1
ccc54b2 elfutils: bump to 0.169
ce8bfa9 lldpd: drop specific respawn params [use system-wide]
ec987e5 f2fs-tools: Switch to gz tarball
6e10fc7 dropbear: bump to 2017.75
5d48dc1 libunwind: update to 1.2
aaabf47 umdns: update to the version 2017-05-22
64f78f1 Rename mdns_hostname variable to the umdns_host_label
ff09d9a Rename service_name function to the service_instance_name
920c62a Store instance name in the struct service
26ce7dc Allow filtering with instance name in service_reply
49fdb9f Support PTR queries for a specific service
0e8b948 Support specifying instance name in JSON file
43cc399 dnsmasq: bump to 2.77rc5
3f0d3d1 samba: fix CVE-2017-7494
423a7a6 lldpd: bump to 0.9.7
e6d4235 json-c: disable implicit fallthrough warning (gcc 7)
3c7a99e xfsprogs: update to 4.11.0
4ba2f4d DWR-512: adding wwan support for the dwr-512 3G modem
c2dc732 iptables: fix typos in 600-shared-libext.patch (FS#711)
b32689a dnsmasq: add dhcp-script hook for other packages
484f768 elfutils: Pass -Wno-unused-result to silence warnings as errors
43e4e1f Move enablemodem from ramips to new package adb-enablemodem and make it used ...
52e36cf samba: bump PKG_RELEASE
e783f58 mwlwifi: update to the latest version
5fac04c Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
7b96b8a Modification of the code to load firmware
f834af0 Re-architecture mwlwifi.
618bbc0 Change driver version to
ce31432 Added draft version for new data path.
25b90b1 Added debugfs "ratetable" to get rate table.
ca699af Connected rx antenna setting for 88W8964.
87b163f Fixed problem: restart mwlwifi to let AP work.
374afe9 Added functions to check/dump arp/icmp packet.
7b07491 Corrected receive sequence number for slow data.
6457434 Added code to bypass duplicate check of mac80211.
80e1a1a Added code to bypass ampdu reorder of mac80211.
a7cb7ca Added code to ack (re)assoc resp immediately.
217ad84 Won't reset sequence number of Tx BA stream.
ef239c5 Fixed problem: iperf Tx can't work.
12185a6 Fixed problem: "wifi up" will destroy data path.
⇒ + 28 more…
a4198f8 iproute2: bump to 4.11
b4f463d openvpn-easy-rsa: update to 3.0.1
21f25bc ppp: propagate master firewall zone to dynamic slave interface
1fe41c4 dnsmasq: bump to 2.77
6db1d13 umdns: remove superfluous include in init script
860e053 Lantiq: make possible to tweak DSL SRN from UCI
743be70 lantiq: fix ifxmips_atm_amazon_se.c
5ca2033 lantiq: fix lantiq_mei.c and amazonse.dsti for adsl modem firmware
5229c45 mdadm: Do not check RUN_DIR
f500799 perf: Depend on KERNEL_PERF_EVENTS
0aed054 build: add KERNEL_MAKE and KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS variables and move to
ab48538 gdb: remove Build/Compile rule ; default one works
079d57b gdb: disable simulator ; it's broken on ppc
d264464 mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-06-06
29e8808 Used statioin ID for BA streams.
c0de845 Fixed problem: security mode of STA can't work.
36bc327 Change driver version to
8b486ec dnsmasq: add dhcp-script hook conditionally
16a905b dnsmasq: make bind-dynamic 'non-wildcard' interfaces default
a53f8ba dnsmasq: manage resolv.conf if when listening on
8180bba Revert "dnsmasq: manage resolv.conf if when listening on"
8f4085e dropbear: fix service trigger syntax error
77dc6a2 libunwind: update to version 1.2.1
680a5c5 dnsmasq: add dhcp-range tags configuration
de6ff15 busybox: backport 'ip rule suppress_{prefixlength, ifgroup}'
4ed40be hostapd: add support for acs_chan_bias option
dde9da4 busybox: ash/hush fix for read-builtin command
7d7356d ca-certificates: Update to version 20161130+nmu1
991899c valgrind: bump to 3.13.0
0406382 libreadline: add host-build
7e12863 fritz_tffs_read: get tffs size from input file
4482063 treewide: add license tags
329f6a9 mbedtls: update to 2.5.1
45f4f66 openvpn: update to 2.4.3
f33de80 dnsmasq: backport tweak ICMP ping logic for DHCPv4
0e7bbcd hostapd: add acct_interval option
37c1513 hostapd: configure NAS ID regardless of encryption
9aaf3d3 dropbear: server support option '-T' max auth tries
6371159 dropbear: add option to set max auth tries
7d31fe6 dnsmasq: backport patch fixing DNS failover (FS#841)
f3ae0f8 dnsmasq: dnsmasq --rev-server support
eb7c14d bzip2: add symlink to binary
08cd5b7 lantiq: set up DSL front-end GPIOs if they exist
ad02f56 acx-mac80211: disable for kernel 4.9+
0b493ed acx-mac80211: remove cobalt reference
a81a082 mtd-utils: use source package name for lzo in PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS
2be6037 ncurses: add libnucrses-dev package
a89c36b dnsmasq: restore ability to include/exclude raw device names
d8748e5 netfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
254f0da opkg: bump to version 2017-07-11
c668fce opkg: add --no-check-certificate argument
52fc006 pkg_alternatives: pass if the desired symlink already exists
683e737 curl: bump to version 7.54.1
b3cba68 lzo: use default Build/Configure rule
462ca4e zlib: use default Build/Configure rule
eaf6f15 nftables: Update to 0.7
87908ff datatype: fix parsing of time type
262b97b datatype: less strict time parsing
0974fa8 datatype: seperate time parsing/printing from time_type
48587aa parser: add a time_spec rule
6aa18b5 parser: fix inconsistencies in set expression rules
5253233 expr: add set_elem_expr as container for set element attributes
38a077f set: add timeout support for sets
7b52489 setelem: add timeout support for set elements
35960e1 setelem: add support for attaching comments to set elements
a9467e5 nftables: add set statemet
fd8a16b mnl: use new libnftnl batch API
efd5d12 netlink_delinearize: pass ctx pointer to stmt_reject_postprocess()
5764e58 netlink_linearize: fix range cmp instruction generation
19719a3 ct: add maximum helper length value
933fb6b netlink_delinearize: remove obsolete fixme
665a262 eval: prohibit variable sized types in concat expressions
⇒ + 463 more…
c7f8bce kmod-sched-cake: drop maintainer
f12a326 treewide: use the generic board_name function
6f133a4 dnsmasq: backport remove ping check of configured dhcp address
8647f4f toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2017.03
d0f6a51 dnsmasq: introduce config support for forced DHCP options
d9f7ae6 ipset: split libipset as a subpackage
636dc87 mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-07-13
7da6428 Add support for Linux 4.12
75f0b0b Create
4cc9b09 Create
22d08c4 Create
b37f306 Fix use of container_of macro for ISO C
d669729 Create
3729540 Added code to report tx/rx rate and signal.
1cc8aa6 Fixed problem: tx rate won't be updated.
8acc41c Update
d12ac2d Update
0f023b7 Added code to support BSSID assignment of VAP.
cf6a8e8 Update
5599a72 Added code to report noise floor.
80124fa Modified the way to support BSSID for VAPs.
4fd0788 Corrected the way to extend BSSID for VAPs.
8a71713 Ignored incorrect rx accounting.
⇒ + 5 more…
9dcb3fe samba36: Remove legacy options
eb43a81 opkg: bump to version 2017-07-28
4bd8601 pkg_parse: fix segfault when parsing descriptions with leading newlines
911331a tcpdump: Update to 4.9.1
b90fb5f openssl: update to version 1.0.2l
a94555c ltq-xdsl-app: drop esi call
2d6c7c2 lantiq: ltq-atm/ltq-ptm: fix showtime handling on driver load
c650432 ltq-vdsl-app: use notification based ATM/PTM driver load
f6254a2 ltq-vdsl-app: mask out ADSL bits when VDSL is requested
2da6c85 ltq-vdsl-app: add support for auto xfer_mode and auto line_mode
10c4437 utils/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.5
779227d nftables: remove date from version
3e9c06d brcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
e7373e4 wpa_supplicant: log to syslog instead of stdout
a2a226e ca-certificates: Update to 20170717
e505f59 utils/util-linux: Update to 2.30.1
5a22df6 gpio-button-hotplug: leave untouched
1948d8e nvram: fix memory leak
2a253e7 nvram: add usage() function
c7e2a6f nvram: improve argument check when program start
69da83d nvram: add help message for nvram magic not found
d18e0dc hostapd: add additional ubus notifications
34a206b dnsmasq: add ubus notifications for new leases
e2ef801 xtables-addons: fix nathelper-rtsp dependencies
4cac13f Revert "xtables-addons: fix nathelper-rtsp dependencies"
0168ba2 Revert "busybox: ash/hush fix for read-builtin command"
4fce22e util-linux: add missing dependencies
f099803 samba36-net: new package
77d3ac8 iputils: switch to new upstream
5c2c0f8 util-linux: don't need to build NLS support
e665b3d iputils: update sha256sum
d55fff4 iperf3: update to 3.2
fc48aeb iperf3: add SSL variant for iperf_auth feature
d99c527 Revert "iputils: switch to new upstream"
f47c41c xtables-addons: update to version 2.13
d87f27a f2fs-tools: drop patch in favour of CONFIGURE_VARS
252c8dd f2fs-tools: drop musl compat patch
cdb494f f2fs-tools: fix mkfs.f2fs on big-endian systems
1e6e37c dnsmasq: add support for multiple tags for each host.
6c9e2d4 dnsmasq: fix indentation
289d190 lantiq: ltq-ptm: fix ADSL showtime handler
ca79337 dnsmasq: forward.c: fix CVE-2017-13704
ccb79a3 samba36: Remove guest ok since LuCI configures it.
b2f60e6 samba36: Don't resolve interfaces.
343e3d2 samba36: Remove syslog and load printers lines.
a63eb74 busybox: move traceroute applets to /bin
a3c0d5f busybox: move passwd applet to /bin
89f8a01 busybox: update to 1.27.2
f7528ed dropbear: Link ssh and scp command to /bin instead of /usr/bin
12930fc Revert "dropbear: Link ssh and scp command to /bin instead of /usr/bin"
9a753c4 dnsmasq: backport official fix for CVE-2017-13704
5629904 dnsmasq: backport arcount edns0 fix
bd24d53 hostapd: fix iapp_interface option
910e3be lldpd: bump to 0.9.8
21014d9 tcpdump: bump to 4.9.2
69ac637 mbedtls: update to 2.6.0 CVE-2017-14032
c11762e strace: bump to 4.19
fd84ecd treewide: fix shellscript syntax errors/typos
ad510c4 wwan: json format in some modem definitions
560b733 libs/wolfssl: add libcysassl to PROVIDES field (for backwards compat)
d03c23c cyassl,curl,libustream-ssl: rename every `cyassl` to `wolfssl`
8334a23 libs/wolfssl: disable hardening check in `settings.h`
41706d0 libs/wolfssl: adjust symbol defaults against libwolfssl defaults
7bc8036 libs/wolfssl: bump to version 3.12.0 ; add myself as maintainer
010cddc mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-08-10
612df7c Make sure EAPOL packet gets high priority.
3ca0ea1 Change driver version to
1f1619c Fixed problem: RCU stall will be triggered.
03be67e HDR : Added header file
b9c7244 Fixed comparison error.
9a6db69 Change driver version to
5b1660a utils/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.6
ef485bb dnsmasq: Pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS to Makefile
2375e27 tcpdump: noop commit to refer CVEs fixed in 4.9.2
feab5fa dnsmasq: fix dhcp "ignore" option on wwan interfaces
70593ac hostapd: ft_psk_generate_local support
b0d2c4a hostapd: ft_over_ds support
ce53c0e openvpn: add "extra-certs" option
3008fc9 usbutils: avoid duplicating the git revision
2ad649d iperf: bump to 2.0.10
d9beae9 curl: bump to 7.55.1
7e58392 ipset: bump to 6.34
b0f8b13 samba36: add Package/samba/Default
456de21 ipset: replace patch that was reverted upstream
754659d curl: fix disable threaded resolver
7865e86 hostapd: update hostapd full config
70ade53 hostapd: update hostapd mini config
6511379 hostapd: update wpa_supplicant full config
1cde439 hostapd: update wpa_supplicant mini config
c14cc53 hostapd: update wpa_supplicant p2p config
a9a3752 openvpn: update to 2.4.4
f1ae982 ltq-vdsl: fix PM thread suspend and resume handling
36fd53f ltq-vdsl-mei: disable optimized firmware download
00e9a7a umdns: update to latest git HEAD
9f40133 Remove ttl==255 restriction for queries
8f7e3bc Remove incorrect comma in http service json config
b84fdac Add debug output for service_timeout
a816e1e dropbear: make ssh compression support configurable
9f5f5d2 hostapd: add support for specifying device config options directly in uci
7921624 hostapd: add support for accessing 802.11k neighbor report elements via ubus
1d70422 gdb: bump to 8.0.1
e64463e util-linux: avoid using the getrandom syscall
c317af7 iw: fix build on musl host
fe36f7b ltq-vdsl-mei: revert disable optimized firmware download
6a5a58e util-linux: update to 2.30.2
c4562a9 package/utils/f2fs-tools: Update to 1.9.0
a8f63a0 mac80211: update to backports-4.14-rc2
67ac017 dnsmasq: bump to v2.78
bd523d4 ltq-ptm: mark AmazonSE support as broken
d07f924 ltq-vmmc: disable for falcon
834c93e dropbear: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
2f78034 hostapd: update to version 2017-08-24
1f0fdaf Fix race condition between AssocResp callback and 4addr event
7655bd7 P2P: Do not use wait_time for SD Response TX without fragmentation
e297cc0 tests: P2P service discovery restarted immediately
4be02b7 OpenSSL: Remove SSL_{CTX_,}_clear_options ifdefs
d7f12e4 OpenSSL: Make sure local certificate auto chaining is enabled
969e525 tests: Skip eap_tls_pkcs8_pkcs5_v15 with BoringSSL
9187b13 wpa_supplicant: Add BSS CURRENT control interface command
0c8d7b0 tests: wpa_supplicant BSS CURRENT command
04f02fa Fix wpa_cipher_to_alg() return type
62b95eb hostapd_cli: Add missing command help descriptions
4f59ad0 hostapd_cli: Use common completion for commands that use stations
86adff0 hostapd_cli: Completion for further commands with STA parameter
bf4167b hostapd_cli: Add completion for set command
c04a67d hostapd_cli: Add completion for get command
4a45dc1 mesh: Show [MESH] flag in print_bss_info()
f05a893 tests: Check MESH flag in BSS output in wpas_mesh_mode_scan
⇒ + 818 more…
c088203 hostapd: escape double quoutes in wpad CFLAGS
0e265dc nghttp2: add libnghttp2 package
7789707 curl: add nghttp2 support
6b533fd ipset-dns: bump to git HEAD
ade2cf8 Separate ipsets for v4 and v6
9e9696a treewide: switch to HTTPS
bcfc39b libnetfilter_queue: bump to git HEAD
b39cac7 src: Correct typo in the location of internal.h in #include
58cb066 src: Declare the define visibility attribute together
e84b559 Revert "src: Declare the define visibility attribute together"
003c2b1 examples: set dummy connmark value to show use of NFQA_CT nested attribute
63973da doc: extend the doxygen section about NFQA_CFG_F_GSO
d7f74c7 build: bump version to 1.0.3
3f9eb57 build: bump library release version too
601abd1 doc: Add information about retrieving UID/GID/SECCTX fields
7695f14 libnetfilter_conntrack: switch to git
f8595a5 conntrack-tools: switch to git
7ffb707 dnsmasq: add listen_address parameter
db18cee iproute2: bump to 4.13
1cec4d4 busybox: provide "ip"
0f061af wpan-tools: add the wpan-ping to test the 6LoWPAN network
2af4148 package/kernel/leds-apu2: fix whitespaces
2e6d4c3 package/kernel/leds-apu2: add apu3 board detection
e4b6900 libs/libnl: Update to 3.3.0
2dc9c82 lantiq: xrx200: rename nas0/ptm0 to dsl0
f40fd43 ppp: fix compile warning
bbda81c hostapd: merge fixes for WPA packet number reuse with replayed messages and k...
699c6fc wireguard: add wireguard to base packages
a29848c ppp: make the patches apply correctly again
5fff2f4 hostapd: bump PKG_RELEASE
2127425 hostapd: backport extra changes related to KRACK
c5f97c9 hostapd: add wpa_disable_eapol_key_retries option
f6c4a9c wireguard: version bump to 0.0.20171017
060e375 hostapd: bump PKG_RELEASE
db4550c broadcom-wl: fix compile with kernel 4.9
06e4105 libs/lzo: Reenable unaligned access on ARM, PPC, ...
d456a88 ltq-adsl-app: convert init script to procd
1470c79 ltq-adsl-app: use notification based ATM/PTM driver load
b02b700 lantiq: xway: rename nas0/ptm0 to dsl0
63c436e ltq-atm: remove xrx200 special handling
dacf6db ltq-adsl-app: add more script notifications
240d4b1 ltq-xdsl-app: script style nit
21e59ee hostapd: fix up ubus support
378e1a4 iptables: Fix target TRACE issue
8eadec4 mdadm: Fix config generation
d4e7af5 mdadm: fix parameter quoting
75021e9 Revert "wpa_supplicant: log to syslog instead of stdout"
860aba9 acx-mac80211: switch to AutoProbe
70e7efb acx-mac80211: drop PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS
557e98e broadcom-wl: define module directories
5cee719 broadcom-wl: reorder kmod build and pass EXTRA_VERSIONS
7eda0d2 broadcom-wl: switch to AutoProbe
471d5dc mwlwifi: switch to AutoProbe
851644b adb: fix package description
76378c6 build: use KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS for kernel file compilations
1e5e005 ltq-atm: Add missing dependency to kmod-ltq-adsl-ase-mei
f6c0130 nghttp2: bump to 1.27.0
6f0ae9d Update manual pages
d2324bd Update bash_completion
c23fc86 Bump up version number to 1.27.0-DEV
cc6f759 src: Add static to constexpr char[]
7d4d48a Add timing-based load-testing section to h2load howto
2576855 nghttpx: Send non-final response to HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2 client only
8ffe389 h2load: Print out h2 header fields with --verbose option
16320a0 Reduce libxml2 version requirement to 2.6.26
35e445b fuzz: Fix typo (‘-fsanitize=adres’) in README.rst
c2d9a1e Support for Windows / MinGW
5fa1938 clang-format
aaa0b85 Amend some macro comments
9382116 Fixed accidental compiler flags concatenation for MSVC.
f507b5e nghttpx: Use an existing h2 backend connection as much as possible
17c88d6 Compile with g++ 7.2.1
a319143 nghttpx: Fix bug that header fields are missing in HTTP/1.0 response
⇒ + 7 more…
b00cf0e curl: bump to 7.56.1
889b21f ar7-atm: drop LINUX_VERSION tests
fce2664 ar7-atm: fixup proc fixes
c77ba7d ar7-atm: fix function signatures with expected ones
5302abe acx-mac80211: allow compilation on 4.9
098afa1 openssl: Enable assembler optimizations for aarch64
f90f94d nghttp2: switch to release tarball
56189f1 ltq-atm: add missing dependency to kmod-ltq-adsl-*-mei
e0bd225 wireguard: version bump to 0.0.20171101
f0c37f6 libunwind: disable building with ssp
e03dcf4 iperf3: update to 3.3 and refresh patches
f5468d2 openssl: fix cryptodev config dependency
6d2f3b1 package: kernel: dtc: Add DTO support
ee791fa netfilter, iptables: add optional CHECKSUM module
09f90b7 hostapd: remove default r1_key_holder generation
ee59f81 partially revert "mwlwifi: switch to AutoProbe"
a9a78a7 ltq-adsl-mei: use the same file name for all variant
e763401 ltq-atm: fix dependency for xrx200
dea3bad ltq-ptm: add missing depency to ltq-?dsl-*-mei
23c1504 layerscape: add restool package
f718659 wireguard: move to kernel build directory
12f9305 wireguard: fix portability issue
164fe69 openssl: update to 1.0.2m
6ab4521 package/elfutils: add CFLAG -Wno-format-nonliteral
e2f25e6 openvpn: add support to start/stop single instances
17a4eac dnsmasq: fix swapped ubus args mac and ip
31ebbe3 igmpproxy: remove firewall rules when service is stopped
c6761e7 otrx: use helper function when checking image's CRC32
6d283b8 otrx: optimize memory usage when creating TRX image
3f96e57 otrx: add support for -A (append) and -a (align) options
46e875a hostapd: refresh ubus patch
43f6694 hostapd: set mcast_rate in mesh mode
772afef hostapd: explicitly set beacon interval for wpa_supplicant
d91494e hostapd: rework frequency/ht/vht selection for ibss/mesh
c382237 packages: nvram: fix memory leak in _nvram_free
b15c563 otrx: always align image to 0x1000
d5bcd02 libnl-tiny: use fixed message size instead of using the page size
eea9d25 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20171111
c61a239 add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools
ab8f20c otrx: drop unused otrx_create_parse_options function
7083716 otrx: bump buffer size in otrx_create_append_file
36a9227 otrx: fix memory leak in otrx_create_append_zeros
dca96b7 openssl: Add optimization option
bd1ee90 wolfssl: add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools
bc50a97 dnsmasq: load instance-specific conf-file if exists
cc0847e hostapd: don't set htmode for wpa_supplicant
6346291 hostapd: remove unused local var declaration
298ade2 acx-mac80211: fix build on kernel 4.9
fc4e7bd usbutils: Update usb.ids file to latest
9052dd6 libusb-compat: Upgrade to 0.1.15
088262a wireguard: bump to 20171122
40868e3 kmod-sched-cake: update to latest git HEAD
e4a3628 Whitespace tidy up
4abc443 Ingress mode, first stage. Can't yet be configured active.
0849336 Ingress mode can now be configured.
c21ec0c Correctly report ingress-mode status.
cc201cc Revert "Correctly report ingress-mode status."
921dfa8 Revert "Ingress mode can now be configured."
8d14c88 Revert "Ingress mode, first stage. Can't yet be configured active."
bd426aa Fix build error on 4.12
6f28803 codel5: make more checkpatch compliant
5ab7026 sch_cake: make compile again
dfb2f6c pkt_sched: make compile again
38cc071 mwlwifi: Update to latest commit in upstream repo
e119077 Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
0b3087e nghttp2: bump to 1.28.0
2f1c05b lldpd: bump to 0.9.9
179125d wireguard: bump to snapshot 20171127
fcfd5cd dnsmasq: fix dhcp-host entries with empty macs
759785c dnsmasq: add interface to ubus notification
b59b799 ltq-ifxos: fix compilation against glibc
b0b289e curl: bump to 7.57.0 (3 CVEs)
b32e4c6 packages: dnsmasq: remove unused stamp file
aec1b6b samba36: backport an upstream fix for an information leak (CVE-2017-15275)
347d181 dnsmasq: backport infinite dns retries fix
c3c1185 iproute2: update to v4.14.1
79a19e5 iproute2: align ip help text for tiny variant
6515887 hostapd: Expose the tdls_prohibit option to UCI
bd45e15 hostapd: backport fix for wnm_sleep_mode=0
94fcd92 strace: Update to 4.20
a39ddff dnsmasq: write atomic host file
3cd6ccf opkg: bump to version 2017-12-07
468158f libopkg: fix SHA256 calculation for big endian system
73e6c81 file_util: implement urlencode_path() helper
9f003e3 opkg: encode archive filenames while constructing download URLs
ebdfc12 add opkg option http_timeout
d1fe095 file_util: consolidate hex/unhex routines
71c27cb file_util: implement urldecode_path()
3b417b9 opkg_download: decode file:/ URLs
55e70c8 openssl: update to 1.0.2n
1f8585c merge: ssid: update default ssid
23f774f merge: packages: update branding in core packages
d1ba483 merge: busybox: update CONFIG_NSLOOKUP in busybox config and respective patch
f4c68e1 busybox: fix glibc libresolv dependency for LEDE nslook applet
893a1ed dnsmasq: add DHCP build switch support in full variant
e4a69bd mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-11-29
cbb631e Make sure bandwith is initialized.
574e24e Added debugfs file tx_amsdu to control tx amsdu.
760f7bf Added MDE to beacon.
466368f Free station id after firmware deletes it.
d5c5b05 Don't ack null or qos null data packet.
1522af5 Change driver version to
902961c wolfssl: update to 3.12.2 (1 CVE)
65d62b5 dropbear: disable MD5 HMAC and switch to sha1 fingerprints
30e18c8 wireguard: bump to 20171211
1cfbd50 package: move distfeeds.conf from opkg to base-files
06f8b4d e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.7
1044723 busybox: enable find -newer needed for shorewall firewall, no size increase o...
d2e96d5 opkg: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS to include entries
0589979 kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest bake of cake
ff38695 A less aggressive autorate margin.
0758e90 Try a lower-latency priority queue in shaped mode.
2575be7 This is what happens when you code while half-asleep.
e89caa6 Another rather obvious fix. Why doesn't the kernel have -Wsigned-compare on ...
9c3da02 Did I get *any* of this right first time?
6c341ce Getting closer - try not to starve the Bulk tin.
a7133c6 Need to adjust tin rates - first test.
3e36769 Continuing the individual weight adjustments...
08da7dd Try a completely different approach to the starvation problem.
17ee7e7 Ingress mode, first stage. Can't yet be configured active.
85aeee2 Ingress mode can now be configured.
c6c865e Correctly report ingress-mode status.
8742ff9 Fix uninitialised tin_order in besteffort and precedence cases.
14cbb5e Temporary fixes for Diffserv-LLT bandwidth and incorrect stats in unlimited m...
c9e2017 Bring Cake up-to-date with local bugfixes.
c84e7a4 Remove all tc-filter code, which was never actually used. Fixes compatibilit...
⇒ + 54 more…
a9940ca iproute2: cake: support new operating modes
c0160f0 xtables-addons: update to version 2.14
436fe56 xtables-addons: fix compile with kernel 4.14
e80ab48 libiconv-full: fix compile-time linking error GCC7
dda2229 layerscape: fix package download
edf5ae2 wireguard: bump to 20171221
67c1c14 nghttp2: bump to 1.29.0
4f02285 dnsmasq: rewrite config on host name modification
23bba9c dnsmasq: send procd signal on service reload
a10fae1 busybox: streamline Makefile
20c349f busybox: add missing TARGET_CPPFLAGS and TARGET_LDFLAGS
0f72690 iptables: fix nftables compile issue (FS#711)
7aa1595 kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest bake
8978b24 Proper fix for diffserv-llt mode.
833c87c Try to handle decaying flows and packet trains more efficiently.
3ab36e8 Properly initialise the policy array.
79b9b76 Rate variables in diffserv_*() shouldn't be 64-bit; this causes difficulty wi...
2ed46bb Try to solve higher sparse latency in ingress mode when non-ECN bulk flows ar...
06b301f Add a failsafe to ingress mode, so it always delivers some packets even at hi...
8052827 Improve ingress-mode failsafe behaviour under sustained prior load.
dd40546 Fix overhead accounting after Dave's refactor.
801f83b Little build fix.
5bf0b65 Revert unnecessary changes resulting from merge. Sigh.
d0a14c1 mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-12-14
05b3e03 Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
af210f0 Added code to support WDS client for 88W8964.
619e632 Added code to print out pci device node.
b04d559 Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
c96d1ed Added code to support WDS AP for 88W8964.
1fcef06 Modified the code to get correct region code.
843d00c Change driver version to
9f62650 nftables: fix sha256sum
7c0a2bc busybox: backport cve-2017-16544 fix
2277cd1 busybox: enable flock by default
25302c0 umdns: update to latest git HEAD
7897441 umdnsd: Replace strerror(errno) with %m.
383e8ae package/libs/zlib: Use toolchain build logic
3acecba package/libs/zlib: Add ARM and NEON optimizations
0dd4391 package/libs/zlib: Add option for O3 optimization
cbe7164 package/libs/zlib: Add host build
da95c9a opkg: switch source url to
b61a648 busybox: clean up patch fuzz
4e80071 lua: clean up patch fuzz
b153dbf argp-standalone: clean up patch fuzz
8a57531 hostapd: set group_mgmt_cipher when ieee80211w is enabled
3f5e39e zlib: only enable NEON optimizations on eligible targets
6e4fa5d hostapd: bump PKG_RELEASE after 802.11w changes
f1fb710 lantiq: activate noise margin delta for VDSL too
1b1388f linux-atm: add br2684ctl option to specify the netdev name
e4936a9 ltq-xdsl-app: drop manual br2684ctl reload
d3fd386 lantiq: create ATM/PTM interfaces with dsl as netdev name
18f4944 ltq-xdsl-app: drop script for renaming the netdev
fe920d0 treewide: replace LEDE_GIT with PROJECT_GIT
377c4a6 omcproxy: silence fw3 warnings
f73f1ae ebtables: update to latest git 2017-10-24
73c2371 ebtables: extensions: Constify option struct
6a82659 Use flock() for --concurrent option
9a9c7fb kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest cake bake
402f05c Use full-rate mtu_time in all tins, to improve latency control in ingress + d...
31277c2 Avoid unsigned comparison against zero.
8cf5278 ack_filter: fix TCP flag check
37cf77d treewide: fix build depends to refer to source package names
aba3b1c dnsmasq: use SIGINT for dnssec time valid
5bbcd80 xtables-addons: remove from base
8061c62 authsae: remove package
ef8cd6b util-linux: add fstrim support
a319806 dnsmasq: backport dnssec security fix
adaf1cb dnsmasq: backport validation fix in dnssec security fix
3d8040e libnftnl: update to 1.0.9
a307912 nftables: update to 0.8.1
4336efe kernel: use upstream patches for musl
95ab18e vxlan: add options to enable and disable UDP checksums
03a00ee wireguard: bump to 20180118
e6de92c iptables: make kmod-ipt-debug part of default ALL build
2c50af0 openssl: tell the build system that we are doing CROSS_COMPILE
e47fe32 toolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc-2017.09
8590a5c libunwind: enable build for arm
006a8a0 perf: use libunwind
2857919 hostapd: add support for hostapd's radius_client_addr
df0bd42 build: add hardened builds with PIE (ASLR) support
241e6dd build: cleanup SSP_SUPPORT configure option
1d9296d curl: bump to 7.58.0
c9c2e4d openssl: remove call to now absent clean-staging make target
bbef76f nftables: remove dependency on kmod-nf-nat
256477f wireguard: bump to 20180202
ecc347d nghttp2: bump to 1.30.0
17eb826 ltq-atm: rewrite tx path to use IRQs
a8b0232 ltq-atm: cleanup unused variables and functions
f997a6a wrt55agv2-spidevs: mark as broken
b6d6e3f bunwind: build for ARM64
d0d37e8 valgrind: Fix compile on ARM64
d3da2fc tools: add iucode-tool
c991dab wrt55agv2-spidevs: remove obsolete package
592472f broadcom-wl: fix compilation with 4.14
3a0fa1e layerscape: update restool to 2017-12-03
978f00c scripts: move shebang on the first line
6039bd1 dprc: add --full-path option to dprc list command
e316b4c scripts: remove unnecessary arrays
09f8400 scripts: use restool --full-path option
899d6c7 scripts: use proper arithmetic operation syntax
2127850 scripts: use strings instead of arrays
e103601 scripts: use Bourne shell's pattern matching
4a1df34 scripts: use Bourne shell instead of bash
5224840 scripts: workaround for a improper sed substitution
378cd08 scripts: use proper arithmetic operations
117f2a5 scripts: do not compare strings with regexp expressions
59df620 scripts: replace 'nproc' with cross-platform implementation
e3d1d6a scripts: fix syntax error due to bash vs sh differences
90fe5c4 ls-addni: accept arguments also as hex numbers
2d27ebb iptables: Support building connlabel module
5203355 mtd: add fixwrg command
13f9e40 ramips: add support for D-Link DAP-1522 A1
eab378e mwlwifi: Update to latest commit 20180208
0e38a82 Added functions to check/dump dhcp packet.
5955f5e Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
0939517 Added debugfs file coredump.
91709d6 Corrected the way to transmit multicast packets.
a149180 Change driver version to
33e6068 Corrected the way to get qos control.
75fbac0 Assigned broadcast dhcpoffer to another queue.
2b99e15 Separated broadcast and multicast packets.
1c69579 Added code to control BF type.
adae20a Modified the way to establish BA stream.
a463765 Added debugfs file ba_hist.
4464371 Added debugfs file fixed_rate.
064e888 Added debugfs file tx_hist.
8db89c4 mwlwifi: use PKG_SOURCE_DATE instead of version
de0d0c6 mwlwifi: fix compile problem with kernel 4.14
0b8629c mwlwifi: downgrade to version
75c5ab4 mbedtls: update to version 2.7.0
e7c1793 iproute2: update to version 4.15.0
9574551 nftables: update to version 0.8.2
7da6480 gpio-nct5104d: Add support for new chip ID
9f5a4f8 mbedtls: activate deprecated functions
e05a601 curl: fix interface with mbedtls_sha256
42b94a7 openvpn: fix interface with mbedtls_sha256
81ccf24 iperf3: update to 3.4
1c308bb dropbear: add option to set receive window size
16245a5 dnsmasq: bump to 2.79rc1
04cb1e0 ppp: fix build with kernel 4.14.9+
73ba5e1 lantiq: fix lantiq applications kernel 4.14 compatiblity
6b1816f hostapd: add support for turning on 802.11k/v features via ubus
83b4fa9 hostapd: add IEEE 802.11v support
e2681eb hostapd: return with 80211 codes in handle event function
21bb42f hostapd: expose client 802.11k capabilities via ubus
01b2c0f hostapd: add support for issuing 802.11k beacon measurement requests via ubus
981cca1 hostapd: add support for sending 802.11v disassoc imminent notifications to c...
8cdc71f libnftnl: backport flowtable support
bc3e0f6 nftables: update to 0.8.2, backport flowtable support
820f030 netfilter: add a xt_FLOWOFFLOAD target for NAT/routing offload support
2805402 iptables: update to 1.6.2
516d919 iptables: update pf.os
fc3c3b4 libxt_hashlimit: add new unit test to catch kernel bug
24f8174 xshared: do not lock again and again if "-w" option is not specified
72bb3db xshared: using the blocking file lock request when we wait indefinitely
eb66632 extensions: libxt_hashlimit: Add translation to nft
9b8cb75 libiptc: don't set_changed() when checking rules with module jumps
2c8e251 utils: nfsynproxy: fix build with musl libc
9f972f4 extensions: libxt_addrtype: Add translation to nft
82dacbb xtables-translate: Avoid querying the kernel
c6df55d iptables-translate: print nft command for each expand rules via dns names
9f50bbd libxtables: remove unnecessary nesting from host_to_ip(6)addr
48ad179 libxtables: abolish AI_CANONNAME
0e94eb2 iptables-translate: print nft iff there are more expanded rules to print
b91af53 iptables: set the path of the lock file via a configure option.
836846f iptables: move XT_LOCK_NAME from CFLAGS to config.h.
6e2e169 iptables: remove duplicated argument parsing code
⇒ + 2 more…
92419ab iproute2: Add support for ports in xfrm on SCTP
316eb26 samba36: fix build (issue #5574)
9a0cc49 util-linux: add lscpu package
0f54d96 ethtool: import from packages, add myself as maintainer
8f24653 hostapd: do not register ubus objects for mesh interfaces
05dba65 libunwind: fix build with musl on PPC
9bf440f perf: restrict libunwind dependency to archs that actually support libunwind
c8e62f8 mwlwifi: add and use individual firmware packages
fc54256 iptables: fix compile with kernel 3.18
13224f8 iw: update to version 4.14
0a3df09 mwlwifi: Update to version
33e6068 Corrected the way to get qos control.
75fbac0 Assigned broadcast dhcpoffer to another queue.
2b99e15 Separated broadcast and multicast packets.
1c69579 Added code to control BF type.
adae20a Modified the way to establish BA stream.
a463765 Added debugfs file ba_hist.
4464371 Added debugfs file fixed_rate.
064e888 Added debugfs file tx_hist.
f4d5f12 Fixed memory corruption.
5b30a24 Restored proper ordering of calls in mwl_fwcmd_del_sta_streams().
2e5d650 Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
51350a3 Change driver version to
c6162fd lantiq: ltq-ifxos: activate build with mips16
c8abbf1 lantiq: ltq-ifxos: Do not force O3 build any more
13639e7 lantiq: ltq-vdsl-mei: Do not leak user space CFLAGS into kernel space
b5c5f7d lantiq: ltq-vdsl: Do not leak user space CFLAGS into kernel space
4d90887 lantiq: ltq-adsl: Do not leak user space CFLAGS into kernel space
58ad312 lantiq: ltq-tapi: Do not leak user space CFLAGS into kernel space
d67b3d0 lantiq: ltq-vmmc: Do not leak user space CFLAGS into kernel space
45ae5c2 lantiq: Deactivate ASLR support for some applications
5cbd22b nghttp2: bump to 1.31.0
b562c0c wireguard: bump to 20180304
cde4f90 lantiq: ltq-adsl: deactivate ASLR support
332b736 ebtables: update to latest git 2018-01-17
068ba95 Fix locking if LOCKDIR does not exist
ffbe51b openvpn: update to 2.4.5
61e0af0 iperf3: update to 3.5
57468c7 util-linux: added unshare and nsenter executables
b8d9a06 busybox: remove i386-specific build flags
092d75a ppp: make ppp-multilink provide ppp
d88e928 dnsmasq: bump to 2.79rc2
20d63eb e2fsprogs: break out libcomerr/libss, FS#1310
49f3286 openvpn: add config param verify_client_cert
12d3d87 mwlwifi: Updated to upstream stable release
80e893c Readme: Cleaned up styling. Moved text around to and added more words in a fe...
b25631d Fixed monitor mode crash problem for 88W8864.
4591708 Change driver version to
d520e9d Update
b1b9a9e Replaced vfs_write with __kernel_write.
e273860 mtd: fix compile warnings
becf58e e2fsprogs: fix InstallDev recipe
5587b8f ltq-deu: Fix section mismatches
d11aa1d ltq-vdsl-mei: Fix section mismatch
5323477 firmware: add JBOOT based devices config extractor
f4ea74a curl: Update to 7.59
b0b5d0a dnsmasq: bump to 2.79 release
745d0e7 iproute2: fix hidden uint to uin64_t promotion in json_print
89b8ba9 openvpn: remove deprecated config options
02fba1a busybox: drop providing virtual package ip
c9154c2 kmod-sched-cake: split stats structures, add overhead stats
c1a0c8e Refactor length handling code to better centralise overhead calculations.
0517357 Rework overhead compensation to use dynamic transport header offset instead o...
71c7b44 Gather more statistics about packet length transformations.
c7ca1a3 Gather more statistics about packet length transformations.
9cd2fa8 Split tin stats to its own structure to decrease size of tc_cake_xstats
a3bab9d Export overhead compensation stats to userspace.
d2d6780 Reinitialise overhead compensation stats when reconfiguring.
0afc1be Fixes for 4.16
4a788fc iproute2: cake: support new overhead reporting & stats structures
43788a9 ethtool: Update to 4.15.
287f5eb dnsmasq: improve init script portability (FS#1446)
eba3b02 hostapd: update to git snapshot of 2018-03-26
a6f238f DPP: Add base64 dependency in makefiles
e61fea6 SAE: Fix PMKSA caching behavior in AP mode
e753353 SAE: Add testing code for reflection attack
1342c47 tests: SAE reflection attack using internal hostapd mechanism
3648d8a SAE: Allow commit fields to be overridden for testing purposes
cd06e26 tests: SAE commit message override on hostapd
a0f19e9 SAE: Allow commit fields to be overridden for testing purposes (STA)
eea6204 tests: SAE commit message override on wpa_supplicant
3db2a82 Add SHA-384 routines to libcrypto.a
4675ba1 wlantest: Build helper files with FILS support included
6c29d95 wlantest: Support variable length PMK
c72df3c wlantest: FILS keys and (Re)Association Request/Response frames
cc8330b tests: Write MSK dump files from authentication server
359166e Remove the completely unused FT parameters in driver association data
29087de tests: Enable DPP in default configuration files
49e6a55 FILS: Add a space before MAC address to a HLP debug message
⇒ + 643 more…
4bcf6ac Revert "ppp: make ppp-multilink provide ppp"
a64fae8 Revert "iproute2: fix hidden uint to uin64_t promotion in json_print"
db893ec openssl: update to 1.0.2o
2a82db7 libtool: Update to 2.4.6
af35ce1 ncurses: Update to 6.1.
960b90f packages/util/util-linux: Update to 2.32
198172c package/utils/e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.1
8c2b8d8 xfsprogs: add xfs-admin util
2e75914 mbedtls: update to version 2.8.0
ef6939b package/libs/mbedtls: add package with some mbedtls binaries.
56d0dd5 mtd-utils: Mark some lzma functions as static
9aaa23e samba36: fix some security problems
d674422 busybox: update to 1.28.2
482bc64 nand-utils: add flash_erase utility
4fb684a ncurses: Remove obsolete compile fixes
fe8350e package/utils/f2fs-tools: Update to 1.10.0
7e42cba leds-apu2: add newer board names
1ef0be3 Revert "ncurses: Remove obsolete compile fixes"
d073f65 kernel: add support for enabling hardware flow offload via iptables
c089671 busybox: update to 1.28.3
3612d90 dnsmasq: remove example domains from rfc6761.conf (FS#1447)
177fa14 iptables: split physdev match out as a separate package
85a35c6 ebtables: update to latest git 2018-04-11
11da521 include: sync linux/netfilter_bridge/ebt_ip.h with kernel
c5e5b78 Move ICMP type handling functions from ebt_ip6 to useful_functions.c
b5fbb8d ebt_ip: add support for matching ICMP type and code
2e783b2 ebt_ip: add support for matching IGMP type
d88934a hostapd: update to git snapshot of 2018-04-09
7e1d3ee Add hostapd.conf venue_url to set Venue URL ANQP-element
f68caa3 tests: GAS/ANQP and Venue URL (hostapd venue_url)
4ae39c1 tests: sigma_dut DPP protocol testing - Stop at TX on Initiator/Enrollee
7cfe2f0 Add SAR V2 power selection capability (QCA vendor attributes)
1841086 Sync with mac80211-next.git include/uapi/linux/nl80211.h
c179154 nl80211: Add DFS offload support using upstream nl80211 definitions
2ff9696 Add definitions for RADIUS attributes standardised in RFC 7055
77a020a wpa_supplicant: Fix auth failure when the MAC is updated externally
c9aba19 tests: WPA2-Enterprise connection using EAP-PSK after MAC address change
45f7574 Propagate the EAP method error code
5a30fcf tests: EAP-ERROR-CODE
20daa57 tests: RESEND_M3 and RESEND_GROUP_M1 with PMF in use
9f91733 tests: Fix clearing of IGTK PN in handshake retransmit test functions
e360010 dbus: Add mesh to global capabilities
208263c Add config information related to MACsec
e480212 dbus: Add FILS to global capabilities
⇒ + 33 more…
c52ef39 hostapd: fix compile of -mini variants
d78dd1f nghttp2: bump to 1.31.1
03774d2 lldpd: bump to 1.0.1
ed4ac0e curl: Deprecate idn(1) support and switch to xz tarball
ff8df2b hostapd: mesh: make forwarding configurable
a6f24c9 mwlwifi: update to version
6b6f9b4 Changed copyright from 2006-2017 to 2006-2018.
750e517 fix delay_q free on deinit
7c26b2f Add mcast_cts && wmmedcaap to debugfs
8b524f2 Fixed problem of commit 7c26b2f.
1189642 Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to
fcaea79 Change driver version to
7b758f7 ustream-ssl: px5g: Rebuild package
3c79bb5 package/utils/lua: cleanup source mirrors
7f52919 hostapd: fix encrypted mesh channel settings
d92ec07 mtd: fix erase handling with partition offset on write
1a89547 Revert "hostapd: fix encrypted mesh channel settings"
a4322eb hostapd: fix encrypted mesh channel settings
5950ab0 wireguard: bump to 20180420
78f4305 iftop: bump to latest
949ed0f Choose first running interface, rather than first "up" interface (Redhat #140...
8dcd941 tools/zlib: move zlib build to tools
f37f63f mtd-utils: update to 2.0.2
3e93df0 mtd-utils: activate --gc-sections
c0574d0 libusb: Update to 1.0.22
3088c2a libnl: Disable debug support
90e6576 iptables: fix per object LDFLAGS for aggragate object builds
c67a9be wolfssl: fix options and add support for wpa_supplicant features
2f1e329 iproute2: update to 4.16
2c4294f libusb: Add SourceForge mirror.
fd569e5 samba36: add hotplug support
3a45668 hostapd: fix a mesh mode crash with CONFIG_TAXONOMY enabled
80cb5c5 ca-certificates: Update to Version 20180409
ad5af37 iproute2: backport json_print-fix-hidden-64-bit-type-promotion
080fb7a iproute2: import latest cake
c451434 cake: bump to 20180504 bake
71ee81a Add a comment explaining use of prandom_u32() in deficit accounting
16d7fed Report the tin quantum as part of the stats output
240607e Don't use get_s32 to get an u32 value
fde77e2 Fix the ABI (warning: major breakage)
7a20432 Layer 3 is the network layer, not the transport layer
b882527 Only scale minimum queue size with number of flows in ingress mode
57d18a2 Rework "Only scale minimum queue size with number of flows in ingress mode"
1328095 Layer 3 is the network layer, not the transport layer
cfc91f4 Correct logic of revised MTU-flows threshold.
46ea2a0 A few comment formatting fixes, update copyright years
3bca0e2 Use IS_REACHABLE macro for conntrack ifdefs
24830a2 Convert stats output to nested netlink attributes
bfb7bb8 s/trnoff/netoff/
223097e Call nla_nest_cancel before returning error in cake_dump_stats()
2e611ae Re-arrange comments
06ba7dd Change array initialisation style
⇒ + 36 more…
46a2c0d busybox: order alternatives in alphabetical order
f87dff8 flock: enable alternatives support
0a7657c hostapd: add channel utilization as config option
0b04926 igmpproxy: fix creation of firewall rules
247055c igmpproxy: bump to 0.2.1
e7f24f3 kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest cake 2018-05-07
93b805c pedant tidy up superfluous semicolons on switch statements
7fe6e28 compat tidyup
2b1c631 Whitespace fix
2a37333 Don't need the wrapper for kvfree, and no need to check before calling it
6c5ad6e Get rid of __GFP_NOWARN flag for memory allocation
735eaf2 Make sure we don't reallocate q->tins
419238f nghttp2: bump to 1.32.0
ecd954d dnsmasq: add specific interface procd triggers
066c853 dnsmasq: bump to 2.80test2
89c5e32 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180513
6e0fa4a hostapd: fix mesh+AP
ba5ec6b hostapd: fix VHT80 for encrypted mesh channel settings
50913b7 wireguard: Add support for ip6prefix config option
323285a kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest 20180515
369b99c Plant some Christmas trees
779e91a Fix overhead calculation for GSO packets
4dab912 wireguard: bump to 20180514
54a864d curl: bump to 7.60.0
fc6f1fd openwrt-keyring: rename from lede-keyring
8948a78 openwrt-keyring: bundle latest usign certificates
5d9b0d9 Add my public key for gpg and usign
8921477 Add my public GPG key
15cdab4 Add my public usign key
999c3f1 Add public usign key used for the 18.06 release builds
103a32e Add public GPG key used by the 18.06 release builds
a88ff7b wireguard: bump to 20180519
c97189e dnsmasq: use "hostsdir" instead of "addn-hosts"
fdeba0e Revert "dnsmasq: use "hostsdir" instead of "addn-hosts""
d4df696 ltq-xdsl-app: start after led script
09cb0a5 wireguard: no longer need portability patch
d4cad59 hostapd: fix IEEE 802.11r (fast roaming) defaults
dd49c62 wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180531 to fix flow offloading
9811057 busybox: udhcpc: no MSG_DONTROUTE when sending packet
48c5d6a mtd-utils: revert faulty upstream patch for now
c0763f0 dnsmasq: fix confdir option processing (FS#1572)
e0363a7 libnfnetlink: Remove dead mirror
9fd0a2f mtd: mark as nonshared to fix FS#484
4a571ae ltq-vdsl-mei: reset g_tx_link_rate on showtime exit
38eee4d cron: add procd listeners for crontabs
eb568e0 dnsmasq: fix dnsmasq startup issue
0daff7f wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180620
2ac5800 busybox: udhcpc: replace udhcpc_no_msg_dontroute patch by upstream fix
c4a0c07 wwan: Add support for Gemalto Cinterion cellular modules
f27e0b6 iptables: set nonshared flag
b05619f iproute2: tc: update support for cake
9ada618 kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest cake
af1d7cd Switch rates to 64bit
6f7e5af Can't use do_div with 64-bit divisors
fca6d13 Switch to ktime_t and get rid of cobalt.h
7fab017 Actually commit the ktime_t changes
66e5d60 Avoid comparing ktime_t to scalar values
8e41bf0 Make sure we never drop SACKs when filtering ACKs
bd46dc2 Use 64-bit divide helper
842d7f0 Don't try to pad stats with tin_stats padding
b119882 Return EOPNOTSUPP on NAT option if conntrack is not available
9d7dcc0 ack filter: Parse TCP options and only drop safe ones
ca54cdb Fix ktime compare
7b7ad11 compat: define tcpopt_fastopen for pre-4.1 kernels
d50a246 compat: backport some ktime functions
eca95d4 ack_filter: short-circuit TCP flag check
9a5d593 ack_filter: Add proper handling of SACKs
58c55ec Rework SACK check to compare the ranges of two SACKs
⇒ + 10 more…
c9a51c4 kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest 20180706
5e2a564 Fix infinite-looping when q->qlen is changed behind our back.
c91b94f Code style fixes
585208a wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180625

Packages / Firmware (90 changes)

dc5ba0a packages: mark packages depending on a target as nonshared
c6502ce layerscape: put u-boot and ucode images into image staging directory
7cb27b4 ath10k-ct: Support ath10k CT firmware for 9887 chipsets.
b650112 ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware and board data
06bb0a8 ath10k-firmware: revert faulty PKG_SOURCE_DATE change from 7cb27b46
cdf51bf ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware
4101020 ath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware
fb436f4 mac80211: add support for Marvell 802.11n/802.11ac SDIO Wireless cards
6c344e3 ath10k-firmware: bump to latest version
b015a84 ath10k-firmware: firmware package for QCA4019 devices
aa47f56 firmware: add IPQ fritz-tools FW extraction tool
fa03d44 firmware: add custom IPQ wifi board definitions
e3c88f4 ath10k-firmware: do not select the qca988x by default
a1afee2 ath10k-firmware: update the qca988x firmware to 10.2.4-1.0-00029
8b3fa16 firmware: rework fritz-tools package
a124f07 ath10k-firmware: update to latest version
7a343da ath10k-ct-firmware: Update to latest.
e00cc98 ath10k-ct-firmware: Add support for QCA9886/QCA9888 firmware.
fd7b255 linux-firmware: add firmware for rtl8821ae support
189239a ipq806x: qca99xx: fix wifi calibration
6da4f03 ath10k-firmware: add qca9888 firmware
b69705b ath10k-firmware: update qca9887 firmware to 10.2.4-1.0-00029
8637110 linux-firmware: update to the commit from 2017-09-06
7d88736 Add a metadata consistency check script
08947b0 WHENCE: Correct filename of LICENCE.moxa
b6088e6 Add copy of GPL v2 and references to the GPL-2 and GPL-3 files
5b4d558 WHENCE: Specify source directories for cis, isci, and usbdux firmware
bf56ce7 WHENCE: Remove references to source for emi62 firmware
8b9287b WHENCE: Remove references to two nvidia firmware files that were never added
36cfa26 Remove unused 'LICENCE.mwl8335'
b50386b WHENCE: Adjust some licence file references to satisfy
629ee1f WHENCE: Fix metadata for snd-soc-skl firmware
4446ba4 WHENCE: List new radeon CI and SI smc firmware
b63a2d9 WHENCE: List symlink 'qat_mmp.bin'
c4e9344 WHENCE: Add reference to 'qca/NOTICE.txt'
9c71af9 README: Say that files must be listed in WHENCE, and how to check it
bd43d6f radeon: update SMC firmware for SI parts
10782a0 radeon: update SMC firmware for CI parts
a179db9 amdgpu: update SMC firmware for VI parts
⇒ + 112 more…
aa00d11 linux-firmware: pack Intel iwl FW separately
2a2b32a ath10k-firmware: use firmware from git instead of extra download
40fd77f ipq-wifi: fix missing define of PKG_NAME
afe83f6 linux-firmware: fix intel wireless-n 100 firmware package name
2e2203f layerscape: update packages with LSDK git trees
d8c559d ath10k-ct firmware: Tx-hang and EAPOL handling fixes for wave-2 firmware.
7666263 linux-firmware: add ath6k firmware to package
f774d68 ath10k-firmware: qca9888 firmware: remove board.bin
85e0d25 layerscape: move fman/rcw/ppfe packages to layerscape/
71a1df7 layerscape: add mc firmware package
1e0276a layerscape: add dpl firmware package
47cff4c layerscape: support all-in-one firmware for ls1088ardb/ls2088ardb
b915ac8 layerscape: update rcw to LSDK-17.09-update-103017 tag
6719b04 Ls1043a: add workaround for pcie errata A-009859
1552dd0 layerscape: use 1GHz CPU fequency for ls1012ardb
82fbca8 layerscape: support LSDK ppfe
5b8639f layerscape: add ppa firmware package
2b1ec44 layerscape: add ls1012afrdm device support
43cb4c0 u-boot: add image for ls1012afrdm
a8d751c wireless-regdb: add package containing the wireless regulatory database
73e8fcf linux-firmware: add IO Edgeport USB Serial firmware
5e6792e wireless-regdb: fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH
9cfcd49 kernel: e100: take e100 firmware from linux-firmware repository
b83c325 layerscape: rename firmware packages to avoid name collisions
96b485e firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA4019 firmware to 10.4-3.2.1-00058
dda2229 layerscape: fix package download
5741835 layerscape: fix PKG_BUILD_DIR for packages
ab8da4d layerscape: add script for ls-rcw package
c3d9fe9 ipq806x: drop partitial supported boards
28b2a8c ipq-wifi: add board-2.bin for OpenMesh A42
280a7d3 firmware: ath10k-firmware: update to 2017-12-20
e0184fd firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA4019 firmware to 10.4-3.4-00104
da5312d firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA9984 firmware to 10.4-3.4-00104
2d3a73a firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA9888 firmware to 10.4-3.4-00104
f6a8505 firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA9887 firmware to 10.2.4-1.0-00033
8d755ef firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA988x firmware to 10.2.4-1.0-00033
51dd8f3 ipq-wifi: align AVM FRITZ!Box 4040's board-2.bin package
8fb3476 firmware: add microcode package for AMD
01020bc firmware: add microcode package for Intel
80b54b8 firmware: ath10k-firmware: update to 2018-01-26
25a72f5 ipq-wifi: drop OpenMesh A42 board-2.bin
f613743 layerscape: update MC firmware to LSDK1712
40b0c8b Add the prebuilt binaries of mc 10.4.0 release
4e85171 layerscape: migrate fman-ucode to NXP github
0a4d12b layerscape: update PPA firmware to LSDK1712
cd295be ppa: upate images to LSDK1712
13b2735 layerscape: add ls-rcw-bin package
43c79c9 rcw: ls1088aqds: Add RCW PBL_QSPI_1600_700_2100_0x15_0x0d.bin
69104c3 LS1012: Change header location in rcw for Secure Boot
13c95e2 rcw: remove binary files of SoCs
cbd5e66 T2080: add workaround of errata A-008851
0f7c83b layerscape: update ppfe firmware to LSDK1712
9d15cfa DNCPE-372 Update README for pfe fw binaries
848002f DNCPE-372: Update license file with NXP-Binary-EULA
04d3308 ipq806x: add support for GL.iNet GL-B1300
dc7f2fd linux-firmware: bump firmware for Intel Wireless 8260AC to version 31
11b476f firmware: ath10k-firmware: update to 2018-02-09
2148691 firmware: ath10k-firmware: update QCA9984 firmware to 10.4-3.5.3-00053
54b275c ipq40xx: add target
87c4210 ipq40xx: add support for ASUS RT-AC58U/RT-ACRH13
4943afd ipq40xx: add Cisco Meraki MR33 Support
35e01cf ipq-wifi: add board-2.bin for ASUS RT-AC58U
3db9d6e intel-microcode: update to 20180312
8bb9f8d ath10k-firmware: Support CT IPQ4019 firmware.
375be15 ath10k-ct: Update DEPENDS and PROVIDES
545a561 ath10k-ct: Update wave-1 and wave-2 firmware to latest.
d15b09a ath10k-ct: Add htt-mgt variants of ath10k-ct firmware.
d6939ba ath10k-ct: Update firmware to latest.
be6e28b ipq-wifi: Add 8devices Jalapeno
970f191 ipq40xx: add support for Netgear EX6100v2/EX6150v2
fb528b1 ipq40xx: unbundle firmware and board file
b2bbef7 ath10k-ct: Update firmware
36314c1 mac80211: add RedPine RS9113 module support
2389452 firmware: ath10k-firmware: update to 2018-04-19
e6bd568 ipq-wifi: drop custom board-2.bins
4424a9f linux-firmware: Add firmware for usb-serial-ti-usb
36234df ipq40xx: add support for ZyXEL WRE6606

Packages / LEDE base files (99 changes)

5f7a081 base-files: add /etc/iproute2/rt_protos
86ccaf4 base-files: fix user creation on sysupgrade with few opkg control files
034bed3 base-files: uppercase default hostname: LEDE
60fce12 base-files: don't overwrite model name set by target
73d923e base-files: emit tagged switch configuration by default
f6d3ea8 base-files: Add wifi config to wifi command usage
a896611 base-files: Added a deprecation notice on wifi detect
9dcb921 build: add buildbot specific config option for setting defaults
8e75efc base-files: add submission service port
0f01253 base-files: always set proto passed to _ucidef_set_interface()
01337ba build: add devel option to store build config in firmware
ec99142 base-files: add generic board_name function to
6713694 base-files: use restart if no reload hook for service
65de093 base-files: implement ucidef_set_hostname(), ucidef_set_ntpserver()
b06a286 base-files: cleanup led functions in
4242ddf base-files: add led functions to
c7ee30d base-files: fix default procd reload
e96a9a9 sysupgrade: run only one instance at a time.
361c8b4 Revert "sysupgrade: run only one instance at a time."
393817d procd: remove procd-nand package
30f61a3 base-files: always use staged sysupgrade
b2adb9a base-files: sysupgrade cleanup
a542824 base-files: add support for staged sysupgrades from failsafe mode
7783f31 base-files: nand: use CI_KERNPART whenever the kernel volume is needed
5654a03 mvebu: fix sysupgrade
7f91cab base-files: properly report local IPv6 addresses
6426e4e base-files: fix a number of IPv6 logic flaws
fd952c7 base-files: board.json's switch reset means existence, not argument
4cdbf40 base-files: make ucidef_set_led_rssi offset and factor optional
f334a0c base-files: allocate uid/gid starting from 65536
b91a38d base-files: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS to include entries
5523ee3 base-files: add "tty" user group
7a29e44 base-files: upgrade: correctly handle nand_do_upgrade argument passed from pr...
73f6754 bcm53xx: upgrade: fix RAMFS_COPY_*
438dcbf base-files: automatically handle paths and symlinks for RAMFS_COPY_BIN
ac3e05c treewide: populate boardname and model earlier
1ab227d base-files: upgrade: don't loop forever trying to kill processes
c31f042 base-files: suppress uci not found output in
f41dd32 base-files: don't setup network in preinit if failsafe is disabled
1e13c6f base-files: drop unused preinit_echo function
8446d3d base-files: order conffiles alphabetically
ef255fc base-files: add /etc/profile.d to conffiles
7765e44 basefiles: allow suid coredumps
400c5f0 base-files: fix wan6 interface config generation for pppoe
3adafda base-files: create /etc/config/ directory
fdc7cc9 base-files: add interval option to netdev LED trigger configuration
2b6facc include: simplify module autoloading
73c745f fix default_postinst function
b2aa820 base-files: fix getting gid from group_add_next
832b6b8 procd: service_data: Support data within the service itself
2dca717 sysupgrade: don't kill our own parent
34bbbbf merge: base: update base-files and basic config
bf5cef4 merge: release/banner: drop release name and update banner
4e3f6da base-files: upgrade: make get_partitions() endian agnostic
c90a8cb procd: nand: dont rely on boardname in nand_upgrade_tar
93bd46b procd: nand: remove nand_board_name platform override
d23e1e1 merge: properly remove %n / %N references
d573b12 base-files: remove remaining uses of %N, and drop VERSION_NICK config symbol
1cfbd50 package: move distfeeds.conf from opkg to base-files
5538b4d base-files: create /etc/opkg before generating distfeeds.conf
ef1f609 base-files: make including distfeeds.conf optional
da6fdce base-files: unify get_dt_led helper function
3e98674 base-files: fix sysupgrade -b/-l when -c is used
8170f28 base-files: set FAILSAFE in /etc/profile when /tmp/.failsafe exists
302aa79 base-files: fix logic when to show failsafe banner
0b1fa80 base-files: rc.common: fix enable() return code and logic
8b477d0 base-files: protect stop and reload actions with procd_lock
ff874b6 base-files: gpio_switch: start before boot state done is set
e66c47f base-files: gpio switch: set output value with direction
1b1388f linux-atm: add br2684ctl option to specify the netdev name
89233a8 base-files: sysupgrade: correct command help text
f476c9a base-files: gpio switch: fix inverted logic
acafbac base-files: gpio switch: check if direction can be set
ff8e9a4 treewide: combine VERSION_SED and VERSION_SED_SCRIPT
da52dd0 base-files: quote values when evaluating uevent
267873a base-files: don't evaluate block-device uevent
2995d9d base-files: fix off-by-one in counting seconds for factory reset
6ed389d base-files: sysupgrade: do not rely on opkg to list changed conffiles
057369a base-files: tune fragment queue thresholds for available system memory
64fef8f base-files: add function to get binary mac from file
4f4fc99 base-files: add more name source to get_dt_led helper function
3a4bf25 base-files: get_dt_led: don't warn about missing led
2b84f95 base-files: change /var link from /tmp to tmp
6c7307f base-files: remove /etc/uci-defaults/11_migrate-sysctl
dbeb780 base-files: evaluate /etc/sysctl.d/* before /etc/sysctl.conf
bee696d base-files: move sysctl defaults to /etc/sysctl.d/10-default.conf
445682c base-files: move netfilter sysctl defaults to specific kmod packages
d13c7ac base-files: remove /etc/sysctl.d/ from conffiles
14c78a7 base-files: /lib/ remove unused insert_modules
bb46520 kernel: disable accept_ra by default
20e5fef sysctl: Protect hard/symlinks by default.
f93c029 OpenWrt v18.06: set branch defaults
7d368e4 base-files: depend on openwrt-keyring
0239448 base-files: fix UCI config parsing and callback handling
e6c17aa base-files: sysupgrade: fix handling get_image unpack commands
c2da350 Revert "base-files: fix UCI config parsing and callback handling"
3f3a2c9 base-files: fix links in banner.failsafe
3e89f58 base-files: fix feed list in PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
514a4b3 include/ rework generation of opkg distfeeds.conf

Packages / LEDE network userland (144 changes)

0d1b329 netifd: update to git HEAD version
a057f6e device: fix DEV_OPT_SENDREDIRECTS definition
1590b0f 6in4: add missing colon when setting default ca_path
fa66900 odhcpd: update to git HEAD version
c8ac572 ndp: don't scan netlink attributes in case of netlink route event
df023ad treewide: use RELAYD_MAX_ADDRS as address array size
c5040fe router: add syslog debug tracing for trouble shooting
0485580 ndp: code cleanup
da660c7 treewide: rework prio of syslog messages
237f1f4 router: convert syslog lifetime traces into LOG_INFO prio
9993d80 odhcpd: update to git HEAD version
70fbf93 router: fix compile issue on 64 targets
8221907 Revert "router: fix compile issue on 64 targets"
e447ff9 router: fix compile issue on 64 bit systems
1b8fcd0 netifd: update to git HEAD version
650758b interface-ip: route proto config support (FS#170)
2ef3810 odhcpd: update to git HEAD version
44965f1 odhcpd: extra syslog tracing
a6eadd7 odhcpd: rework IPv6 interface address dump
c4f9ace odhcpd: decrease default log level to LOG_INFO
542feaf odhcp6c: update to git HEAD version
419fb63 dhcpv6: server unicast option support
c7122ec update README
e9d80cc dhcpv6: trigger restart of DHCPv6 state machine when not receiving statefull ...
c13b6a0 dhcpv6: fix white space error
4096d33 odhcpd: use LEDE_GIT in package source url
bbbff61 mdns: update to the latest version
2580392 mdnsd: the service is ignoring questions
9cbbb14 do not assume that dns structs are aligned
4d10030 odhcp6c: use LEDE_GIT in package source url
8817367 odhcpd: update to git HEAD version
83d72cf odhcpd: fix coding style
df50429 odhcpd: properly handle netlink messages (FS#388)
3317c86 dhcpv6-ia: apply lease delete based on assignment bound state
26923ab odhcp6c: fix PKG_SOURCE_URL
b516b38 odhcp6c: update to GIT head version
cfd986c odhcp6c: fix possible stack corruption when parsing proc if_inet6
be4842f odhcpd: update to git HEAD version (FS#396)
0129f79 config: restore interface defaults when cleaning interface
8a615ad npd: rework IPv6 relay logic (FS#396)
b02f3e6 ndp: close proc file descriptor also during error handling
8df4253 ndp: harden netlink event socket error handling
4c09f99 netifd: update to git HEAD version
7cc2f10 treewide: fix white space errors
6228d0f wireless: fix _wireless_add_process
6397f5e device: add veth support
cdc0e80 interface: add prefix assignment priority support
f107656 netifd: Add option to configure locktime for each device
d5221d5 ppp: honor ip6table for IPv6 PPP interfaces
4037445 qos-scripts: fix module load commands (FS#438)
157b787 odhcp6c: fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH
08f9eb7 firewall3: update to Git head to support xtables API level > 11
1949e0c iptables: support xtables API > 11
942ac18 netifd: fix stopping netifd + interfaces
df9e7b1 swconfig: Bugfix switch_port uci option parsing
ea24d87 odhcpd: update to git HEAD version (FS#397) (FS#481)
ac70d28 odhcpd: fix white space errors
fa57225 ndp: deregister netlink event socket for non recoverable errors
68ee0b5 treewide: define and use macro IN6_IS_ADDR_ULA
51c756c odhcpd: display correct default log level in usage text
a898ee5 config: make loglevel configurable via uci (FS#481)
62ea54f odhcpd.h: fix alignment style
4dc7edb Revert "odhcpd.h: fix alignment style"
f913337 router.h: fix alignment style
942fb33 router: support ra_mininterval and ra_lifetime uci parameters (FS#397)
e437ce9 treewide: simplify dhcp leasetime checking
3495f17 router: allow RA prefix lifetime being set to leasetime value (FS#397)
ba0cac0 router: fix arithmetic exception fault
1b630f8 router: don't announce prefixes with valid lifetime equal to 0
9063544 ppp: ppp6-up: add executable permission bit
699976e relayd: remove old start-stop-service related code
699eeda relayd: fix making incomplete instance json data
fe8618a swconfig: Link with libubox
cbfaba8 odhcpd: Bump to latest HEAD