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   * Refer to [[docs:​guide-user:​troubleshooting:​failsafe_and_factory_reset|Failsafe Mode and Factory Reset]]   * Refer to [[docs:​guide-user:​troubleshooting:​failsafe_and_factory_reset|Failsafe Mode and Factory Reset]]
   * [[faq:​after_installation|Frequently Asked Questions: After installation]]   * [[faq:​after_installation|Frequently Asked Questions: After installation]]
-  * [[docs:​guide-user:​uninstall|Uninstall LEDE]] (back to stock firmware)+  * [[docs:​guide-user:​installation:​generic.uninstall|Uninstall LEDE]] (back to stock firmware)
   * //Include other tips here//   * //Include other tips here//
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