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 +====== How to scan for wireless networks? ======
 +  * ->​[[docs:​guide-user:​network:​wifi:​wireless.overview#​applications_tools|Wireless overview: Applications and Tools]]
 +  * ->​[[docs:​guide-user:​network:​wifi:​wireless-tool:​wireless.utilities|Wireless Utilities]]
 +<code bash>
 +ifconfig wlan0 down
 +iw phy phy0 interface add scan0 type station
 +ifconfig scan0 up
 +iwlist scan0 scan
 +iw dev scan0 del
 +ifconfig wlan0 up
 +killall -HUP hostapd
 +opkg update
 +opkg install iwinfo
 +iwinfo wlan0 scan
 +{{tag>​faq wireless}}
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