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 +====== Can i adjust the transmit power? ======
 +**Issue:** The signal strength at a client far away from my wireless router is bad. Can i adjust the transmit power?
 +**Answer:** Yes, but cranking the power to the maximum won't help you any. 
 +You might transmit farther but the noise level will be higher (and will probably bleed into the neighbouring channels; that looks like [[http://​​showthread.php?​t=12&​page=2|this]] then) and your //recieve// sensitivity won't be improved any, limiting your distance. If you want better range, go buy better [[docs:​techref:​hardware:​antennae]].
 +Most wifi cards do not support high transmit power and high transmission speeds. See data sheets.
 +{{tag>​faq wireless wireless_power wireless_range}}
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