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 +====== Archive of Historical OpenWrt Wiki ======
 +When the LEDE team spun out from the OpenWrt project in 2016, it created a clone of the OpenWrt wiki. 
 +The LEDE team began actively modifying and updating the "LEDE Wiki" to match the state of the evolving software. ​
 +With the January 2018 merger of the OpenWrt and LEDE projects, we found ourselves with two copies of the Dokuwiki wiki. 
 +The re-merged team admins agreed that the new LEDE Wiki should become the official version, ​
 +since it had received the most recent maintenance efforts. ​
 +That site is now called the "​OpenWrt Wiki" and can be found at https://​
 +It focuses on the merged OpenWrt/​LEDE builds: 17.01, 18.06, and newer.
 +===== Archive of the Old OpenWrt Wiki =====
 +Certain information regarding older releases (Backfire, Attitude Adjustment, Barrier Breaker, Chaos Calmer, Designated Driver), ​
 +and regarding older hardware has been preserved in the (now read-only) wiki that was the original OpenWrt wiki. 
 +It can be found at https://​ ​
 +//(This is an aspirational name: it currently is available at https://​​
 +We have de-emphasized its visibility to global search engines - the robots.txt file doesn'​t allow access by search engines.
 +Readers are encouraged to use the old wiki's own **Search** facility for information.
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