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#TargetSubtargetPackage architecture BrandModelVersionDevice PageDevice Techdata
1mpc85xxp1020AerohiveHiveAP-330View/Edit data
2mpc85xxp1020powerpc_8540EnterasysWS-AP3710iView/Edit data
3mpc85xxpowerpc_8540Evaluation boards / unbranded boardsFreescale P1020EWLANfreescale_p1020ewlanView/Edit data
4mpc85xxp1020powerpc_8540OcedoPandaView/Edit data
5mpc85xxgenericpowerpc_8540SophosRED 15wRev. 1View/Edit data
6mpc85xxgenericpowerpc_8540TP-LinkTL-WDR49001.0, 1.3tl-wdr4900View/Edit data
7mpc85xxpowerpc_8540Turris CZ.NICTurrisv1.0turrisView/Edit data
8mpc85xxpowerpc_8540Turris CZ.NICTurrisv1.1turrisView/Edit data
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