Qualcomm Atheros AR5xxx (atheros)

Boards based on the old Atheros AR231x/AR5312 CPUs. The AR531x/231x is a platform by Atheros, which is used for dual-band and single-band 108Mb/s routers and APs. It is also referred as a WiSoC - Wireless System-on-a-Chip, and the radio inside often refereed as RoC - Radio-on-a-Chip as it is contained on a distinct chip.

1. AR5001 generation (802.11a only)

  • AR5001AP (AR5311 CPU + AR5111 5GHz RoC)

2. AR5002 generation (first dual-band designs)

  • AR5002AP-A (AR2312 CPU + AR5122 5GHz RoC)
  • AR5002AP-G (AR2312 CPU + AR2112 2.4GHz RoC)
  • AR5002AP-X (AR2312 CPU + AR5112 2.4/5GHz RoC)
  • AR5002AP-2X (AR5312 CPU + AR5112 2.4/5GHz RoC + AR2112 2.4GHz RoC)

3-4. AR5003 and AR5004 generation (Super-AG technology) The AR5003 got merged into the AR5004. The new WiSoCs are/were in production, but they were not announced.

  • AR2313
  • AR5213
  • AR2314

5. AR5005 generation (MIMO technology, onboard AES engine, serial flash)

6. AR5006 generation (single-chip solutions)

7. AR5007 generation (radical decrease of Bill of materials)

  • Bufallo WER-AM54G54 (AR5002AP-2X)
  • D-Link DI-524, at least HW rev C1 (AR2313), but it only has 8MB RAM and 1MB ROM.
  • D-Link DWL-2210AP (AR2313)
  • D-Link DWL-2100AP (AR5002AP-G : core AR2312@180/240MHz, radio AR2112)
  • D-Link DWL-7100AP (AR5002AP-2X)
  • D-Link DWL-774 (AR5002AP-2X) (discontinued)
  • LevelOne WBR-3405TX : AR2313A and Marvell 88E6060 switch
  • Micronet SP918GL Product Link (AR2313A) seems to be identical with D-Link DWL-2210AP
  • Meraki Mini (AR2315) - source available for Meraki's own Linux port
  • MicraDigital/Belkin F5D7230 (ver.1020ec) (AR2315A)
  • Netgear WGR614v3.
  • Netgear WGT624 Product link (AR5002AP-G) (v2 AR5001AP)
  • Netgear WG102 (AR2313)
  • Senao NL-5354 AP1 Aries2 (AR5002AP-2X)
  • Senao NL-3054 AP3 Aries2 (AR2313)
  • Siemens SE551 (AR2316)
  • Wistron CA8-4 aka Ovislink WLA-5000AP, LinkPro WLT-108AAP, Diswire CAP2/5 (AR5002AP-X)
  • Wistron CR8-2 aka LinkPro WLT-108AAR (AR5002AP-2X)
  • Smc WEBT-G aka Philips SNR6500 aka Siemens Wlan Repeater 108 (AR2316)
  • X-Micro XWL-11GRAG : AR5002AP-G (AR2312A+AR2112) and Marvell 88E6060
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