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bobafetthotmail changing link to new firewall articles befor move operation
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vrdsp0 redirect-gateway def1 local => redirect-gateway def1 autolocal. So that redirection works out of the box for more server fonfigurations
Line 182: Line 182:
 <WRAP 79em lo> <WRAP 79em lo>
-<wrap right button>​[[inbox:firewall:startFirewall Wiki]]</​wrap>​\\+<wrap right button>​[[docs:​guide-user:firewall:startfirewall_wiki]]</​wrap>​\\
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
Line 1518: Line 1518:
     list    push                '​dhcp-option ​       DNS'</​code>​     list    push                '​dhcp-option ​       DNS'</​code>​
     - <color #​789600>​**//​Add://​**</​color>​ <code cpp>     - <color #​789600>​**//​Add://​**</​color>​ <code cpp>
-    list    push                '​redirect-gateway ​  ​def1 ​local'+    list    push                '​redirect-gateway ​  ​def1 ​autolocal'
     list    push                '​dhcp-option ​       DNS'</​code>​     list    push                '​dhcp-option ​       DNS'</​code>​
     - **Commit Changes:** <code bash>/​etc/​init.d/​openvpn restart</​code>​     - **Commit Changes:** <code bash>/​etc/​init.d/​openvpn restart</​code>​
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