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Transmission configuration

There are several implementations of the bittorrent peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Transmission is only one of them. After installation (opkg install transmission-daemon) there should be a config file in the uci directory.

A few more details about configuration file (/etc/config/transmission) can be found here.

You'll probably need to set up USB support and format your drives for storage first, see the articles here and here.

Proxy support was deprecated on version 1.4 and there is no plan to implement it 1) 2). You can use OpenVPN as a global solution.


Component Description
transmission-daemon A daemon that runs in the background and is designed to not have any form of visual interface, consult transmission.
transmission-cli To control the transmission daemon via CLI (Command-line interface) on the server, consult transmissioncli.
transmission-web To control the transmission daemon over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) from a remote host machine with a web browser.
transmission-remote To control the transmission daemon over the transmission JSON-RPC (Remote Procedure Call) from a remote host machine with a GUI program, e.g. transmission-gtk/transmission-qt or a python-transmissionrpc or for OS other then Debian.
opkg update
opkg install transmission-daemon-openssl
opkg install transmission-cli-openssl 
opkg install transmission-web
opkg install transmission-remote-openssl

Basic setup

To enable Transmission:

uci set transmission.@transmission[0].enabled="1"
uci commit transmission
service transmission restart

If you wish to use the web server, besides installing the package (see above), you might need to whitelist your IP address (if it is not in via option rpc_whitelist ',192.168.1.*,your_ip_address' in the transmission configuration. By default, the server listens on port 9091. ie.

To control transmission remotely via RPC, install and set it up just like the webserver above. The RPC interface uses the same port as the web interface.


There is only one section: /etc/config/transmission.

You'll probably want to change the config_dir, download_dir, and incomplete_dir variables to point to locations on external storage.

config transmission
        option enable 1
        option config_dir '/etc/transmission'
        option alt_speed_down 50
        option alt_speed_enabled false
        option alt_speed_time_begin  540
        option alt_speed_time_day 127
        option alt_speed_time_enabled false
        option alt_speed_time_end 1020
        option alt_speed_up 50
        option bind_address_ipv4 ''
        option bind_address_ipv6 '::'
        option blocklist_enabled false
        option dht_enabled true
        option download_dir '/mnt/sda4/'
        option encryption 1
        option incomplete_dir '/mnt/sda4/incomplete'
        option incomplete_dir_enabled false
        option lazy_bitfield_enabled true
        option lpd_enabled false
        option message_level 2
        option open_file_limit 32
        option peer_limit_global 240
        option peer_limit_per_torrent 60
        option peer_port 51413
        option peer_port_random_high 65535
        option peer_port_random_low 49152
        option peer_port_random_on_start false
        option peer_socket_tos 0
        option pex_enabled true
        option port_forwarding_enabled false
        option preallocation 1
        option ratio_limit 2.0000
        option ratio_limit_enabled false
        option rename_partial_files true
        option rpc_authentication_required false
        option rpc_bind_address ''
        option rpc_enabled true
        option rpc_password ''
        option rpc_port 9091
        option rpc_username ''
        option rpc_whitelist ',192.168.1.*'
        option rpc_whitelist_enabled true
        option script_torrent_done_enabled false
        option script_torrent_done_filename ''
        option speed_limit_down 100
        option speed_limit_down_enabled false
        option speed_limit_up 40
        option speed_limit_up_enabled true
        option start_added_torrents false
        option trash_original_torrent_files false
        option umask 18
        option upload_slots_per_torrent 14
        option watch_dir_enabled false
        option watch_dir ''

Extra details can be found here.

Name Type Required Default Option Description
config_dir path Where the configuration files are
bind_address_ipv4 IP Address
bind_address_ipv6 IPv6 Address
mem_percentage integer Maximum percentage of virtual memory it can use
nice integer 10 [-20, 19] Set the scheduling priority of the spawned process. init.d service parameters
config_overwrite boolean 1 [0, 1] Overwrite the config file in config_dir with contents in this file (/etc/config/transmission)
download_dir path Where to store you downloaded files
incomplete_dir_enabled boolean Whether to store incomplete files somewhere else
incomplete_dir path Where to store files untill they are finished
dht_enabled boolean Whether to enable dht (distributed hash tables)
blocklist_enabled boolean Whether to make use of the blocklist defined in config_dir
encryption integer Whether to use encrypted connections only (allow encryption: 0, prefer encryption: 1, require encryption: 2)
pex_enabled boolean
speed_limit_down_enabled boolean Whether transmission should limit its download speed
speed_limit_down integer in KByte/s
speed_limit_up_enabled boolean Whether transmission should limit its download speed
speed_limit_up integer in KByte/s
alt_speed_enabled boolean Whether transmission should use two speed limit settings
alt_speed_down integer in KByte/s
alt_speed_up integer in KByte/s
alt_speed_time_enabled boolean Whether to switch between the two speed-setting on a time table
alt_speed_time_day 7-bit bitmask, 0000001=sunday, 1000000=saturday
alt_speed_time_begin default = 540, in minutes from midnight, 9am
alt_speed_time_end default = 1020, in minutes from midnight, 5pm
upload_slots_per_torrent how many peers can download a torrent at a time
open_file_limit integer remember the low system memory
peer_limit_global integer the max number of peers globaly
peer_limit_per_torrent integer the max number of peers with connection per torrent
peer_port integer the fixed port transmission listens to incomming connections
peer_port_random_high integer highest port of the port range
peer_port_random_low integer lowest port of the port range
peer_port_random_on_start boolean whether to use random ports instead of a fixed one from the beginning
peer_socket_tos boolean whether type of service is enabled
port_forwarding_enabled boolean
preallocation boolean whether to fill the space for chunks not yet downloaded with “0” (helps avoiding fragmentation)
ratio_limit_enabled boolean whether to use a limit ratio
ratio_limit integer automaticaly stop seeding a torrent when it reaches this ratio (with a GUI you can enable this for every torrent separately)
rename_partial_files boolean
rpc_enabled boolean Whether transmission-daemon should be remote controlled by a GUI on a host machine
rpc_bind_address IP Address the address on which transmission-daemon listens to rpcs
rpc_port IP Port the port on which transmission-daemon listens to rpcs
rpc_authentication_required boolean whether rpc needs authentication
rpc_username string user name
rpc_password string password
rpc_whitelist_enabled boolean whether to make use of the whitelist
rpc_whitelist IP Addresses the IPs of the hosts allowed
watch_dir_enabled boolean Whether to check a directory for new torrents put there. Leave this disabled It requres inotify enabled in kernel to works, which is not enabled by default in openwrt.
watch_dir path Path to the directory
script_torrent_done_enabled boolean
start_added_torrents boolean
umask integer Sets file mode creation mask. The mask should be in base 10 due to the json markup language used by Transmission. For instance, the standard umask octal notation 022 is written as 18. If you want to save downloaded torrents to be world-writable (equivalent to chmod 777 or chmod a+rwx) set this value to 0.
lazy_bitfield_enabled boolean
lpd_enabled boolean
message_level integer
proxy_enabled boolean Deprecated on 1.4 whether to use a proxy
proxy IP address Deprecated on 1.4 IP adress of the proxy
proxy_port integer Deprecated on 1.4 IP port of the proxy
proxy_type integer Deprecated on 1.4 Type of the proxy (http: 0, socks4: 1, socks5: 2)
proxy_auth_enabled boolean Deprecated on 1.4 Whether proxy needs authentication
proxy_auth_username string Deprecated on 1.4 username for the proxy
proxy_auth_password string Deprecated on 1.4 password for the proxy



Transmission performs much better when swap is mounted.


A video demonstration of how Transmission 2.84 can be installed on OpenWrt 14.07 Barrier Breaker: (video removed)


Add Trackers

A script (GitHub oilervoss) for adding alternative trackers to the selected torrents filtered by its name or number. The public trackers are retrieved from a dynamical list (ngosang). If the list is offline, it will use a static one.

# Show current Torrents
# Add public trackers to the Torrents of numbers $somenumber and $othernumber
./addtracker $somenumber $othernumber
# Add public trackers to the Torrents found with $anyword or $otherword in the name (case insensitive)
./addtracker $anyword $otherword
# Add public trackers to all torrents
./addtracker .
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