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jankowalski fix ip tracking by nping script, previously count of lost packets was compared with count of all packets transmitted and only when lost packet>=transmitted packets(wich is not possible) host_up_count was incremented. Now it works thesame as with bare ping
Line 1205: Line 1205:
 for track_ip in $track_ips; do                      for track_ip in $track_ips; do                     
  result=$(nping -e $2 -c $4 $track_ip --tcp  | grep Lost | awk '​{print $12}')  result=$(nping -e $2 -c $4 $track_ip --tcp  | grep Lost | awk '​{print $12}')
-        if [ "​$result"​ -ge $4  ]; then                                 +        if [ "​$result"​ -eq 0  ]; then                                 
  let host_up_count++ ​        let host_up_count++ ​      
  else                                     else                                   
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