U-Boot web recovery

Recovery can be done via U-Boot web recovery.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelRecovery method(s)Comment recoveryDevice PageDevice Techdata
GL.iNetGL-AR300Mv1. web recoverygl.inet_gl-ar300mView/Edit data
GL.iNet6408Av1.019.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl-inet_64xxView/Edit data
GL.iNet6416Av1.019.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl-inet_64xxView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AR15019.07.6U-Boot USB recovery, U-Boot web recovery, see devicepagegl-ar150View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AR300v319.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl-ar300View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-MT300Nv219.07.6U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot web recoverygl.inet_gl-mt300n_v2View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AR75019.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl-ar750View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-B130019.07.6U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot web recoveryU-Boot firmware before Apr. 2018 can't perform web recovery (see GL.iNet forum)gl.inet_gl-b1300View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AR750Sv119.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl-ar750sView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-X750 (Spitz)19.07.6U-Boot web recoveryhttps://docs.gl-inet.com/en/3/troubleshooting/debrick/gl.inet_gl-x750_spitzView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AR300M-Litev119.07.6U-Boot web recoverygl.inet_gl-ar300m-liteView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-M9331 Core (Domino Core)19.07.6U-Boot web recoveryView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-AP1300snapshotU-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot web recoveryView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-MT1300 (Beryl)snapshotU-Boot web recoveryView/Edit data
GnuBeePersonal Cloud One19.07.6U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot USB recovery, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitView/Edit data
GnuBeePersonal Cloud Two19.07.6U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot USB recovery, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitView/Edit data
HiWiFi/GeeHC636119.07.6U-Boot web recoveryThe Hiwifi stock firmware recovery method is this, not sure whether it's applicable to OpenWRThc6361View/Edit data
JCGJHR-AC876MsnapshotU-Boot web recovery, see git-commitjcg_jhr-ac876mView/Edit data
LenovoNewifi mini Y118.06.5U-Boot web recoverylenovo_y1_v1View/Edit data
Qihoo hardwareC30119.07.6U-Boot web recoveryc301View/Edit data
QxwlanE2600ACC219.07.6U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot web recoverye2600acView/Edit data
SanlinkingD24019.07.6U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitView/Edit data
SitecomWLR-7100v1 001, v1 002snapshotU-Boot web recoveryerase "kernel" then reboot, go via web interfacewlr-7100View/Edit data
TeltonikaRUT90019.07.6U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitView/Edit data
TeltonikaRUT955snapshotU-Boot web recoveryView/Edit data
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