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U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery

Recovery can be done via U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery.

Devices with this recovery method

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelRecovery method(s)Comment recoveryDevice PageDevice Techdata
CompexWPJ3446A0619.07.4U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverywpj344View/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-645A119.07.4D-Link Recovery GUI, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepagedir-645View/Edit data
EdimaxEW-7476RPCsnapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, unknownedimax_ew-7476rpcView/Edit data
EdimaxEW-7478APCsnapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, unknownedimax_ew-7478apcView/Edit data
EnGeniusEPG5000v1. TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitath79 recovery instructions see git commit ee34740ca3f90a5359392d629544e4520030e52eepg5000View/Edit data
EnGeniusESR-975317.01.7U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryengenius_esr9753View/Edit data
EnGeniusESR1750v1. TFTP + serial recoveryesr1750View/Edit data
EnGeniusESR600snapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitView/Edit data
EnGeniusEAP2200snapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
Evaluation boards / unbranded boardsXDX-RN502J19.07.2U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverysl-r7205View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-MT300Av1.319.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot web recoverygl-mt300aView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-MT300Nv119.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot web recoverygl.inet_gl-mt300n_v1View/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-B130019.07.4U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot web recoveryU-Boot firmware before Apr. 2018 can't perform web recovery (see GL.iNet forum)gl.inet_gl-b1300View/Edit data
Hi-LinkHLK-7628N19.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
I-O DataWN-AC1600DGR19.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryi-o_data_wn-ac1600dgrView/Edit data
IntensoMemory 2 Move19.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverym2mView/Edit data
jjPlusJWAP23019.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
LB-LINKBL-W1200snapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recoverylb-link_bl-w1200View/Edit data
LibrerouterLibreRouterv119.07.4JTAG, Serial, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
LinksysE2100L1.0U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverye2100lView/Edit data
LinksysEA350019.07.4U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepageea3500View/Edit data
LinksysEA8500v119.07.4U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverylinksys_ea8500View/Edit data
LinksysWRT160NL1.0 (CUR01), 1.6 (CUR06)19.07.4U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoverywrt160nlView/Edit data
LinksysE2500v4U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
LinksysEA7500V1snapshotU-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
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