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Recovery methods

Landing page for Recovery method links from ToH.

General information on recovery / rescue:

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# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsDevice PageDevice TechdataInstallation method(s)Comment installationRecovery method(s)Comment recovery
1ADBP.DG A4001N118.06.5DSL modemp.dg_a4001n1View/Edit dataGUI OEM, CFE web recovery, see devicepageCFE web recovery
2ADBP.DG AV4202N18.06.5p.dg_av4202nView/Edit dataCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery, see devicepageCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery
3ADI EngineeringPronghorn SBC25018.06.5adi_engineering_pronghorn_sbc250View/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepageFor installation you also need ixp4xx-generic-squashfs.imgRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery
4ADSLRG7snapshotView/Edit datasee git-commitunknown
5AerohiveAP12118.06.5View/Edit dataU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
6AerohiveHiveAP-33018.06.5View/Edit dataU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
7AfoundryEW120018.06.52.4 GHz may be unstableafoundry_ew1200View/Edit datasee git-commit
8AgestarNSB3AS14.07nsb3asView/Edit dataunknownunknown
9AigaleAi-BR10018.06.5View/Edit dataunknownunknown
10Airlink101AR725W18.06.5ar725wView/Edit dataunknownunknown
11Airlink101AR430W12.09dir-300View/Edit datasee devicepage
12Airlink101AR625WWIPar625wView/Edit data
13Airlink101AR670W18.06.5ar670wView/Edit dataU-Boot web recovery, see devicepage
14AirLiveAIR3GII18.06.5View/Edit dataunknownunknown
15AirTightC-5518.06.5View/Edit dataunknownunknown
16AkitioMyCloud Mini18.06.5View/Edit dataunknownunknown
17Alcatel-SbellRG100A-AARev 018.06.5DSL modemrg100a-aaView/Edit dataunknownunknown
18ALFA NetworkAP121F18.06.5View/Edit dataU-Boot web recovery, see git-commitU-Boot web recovery
19ALFA NetworkTube2H18.06.5alfa_network_tube2hpView/Edit datasee devicepagesee devicepage
20ALFA NetworkN5Q18.06.5View/Edit dataGUI OEM, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitU-Boot web recovery
21ALFA NetworkAC1200RM18.06.5View/Edit datasee git-commit
22ALFA NetworkR36A18.06.5View/Edit datasee git-commitsee git-commit
23ALFA NetworkAP91-5G18.06.5View/Edit dataGUI OEM, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-commitU-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-commit
24ALFA NetworkAWUSFREE118.06.5View/Edit dataGUI generic, see git-commitGUI generic, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commit
25ALFA NetworkTube2HP18.06.5alfa_network_tube2hpView/Edit datasee devicepagesee devicepage

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