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TFTP generic

Devices with this installation method

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelInstallation method(s)Comment installationDevice PageDevice Techdata
RavPowerRP-WD0319.07.0TFTP generic, Sysupgrade, see git-commitView/Edit data
TP-LinkTL-WR842Nv519.07.0TFTP generic, see git-committl-wr842ndView/Edit data
TP-LinkTL-WA801NDv519.07.0TFTP generic, see git-commitFor TFTP, rename -tftp-recovery.bin image to tp_recovery.binView/Edit data
TP-LinkCPE220v3snapshotTFTP generic, GUI OEM, see git-commitView/Edit data
UbiquitiNanoStation Loco M2 xw19.07.0SysupgradeFlashing through the system upgrade GUI is only possible with the unsigned OEM firmware v5.6.12 or v5.6.15!nanostationm2View/Edit data
ZyXELKeenetic 4Grev. Bexternal imageSysupgradeView/Edit data
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