Installation methods

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To install OpenWrt on your device, you need to know two things:

  1. Where do I get an OpenWrt firmware image for my device? → ToH firmware download
  2. How do I install OpenWrt on my device?
  • Enter your Model in the white field below.
  • Check the devicepage (if available) of your device for specific installation instructions

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# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsDevice PageDevice TechdataInstallation method(s)Comment installationRecovery method(s)Comment recovery
1ADBAV4202Np.dg_av4202nView/Edit data
2ADBP.DG A4001NA-000-1A1-AE22.03.3DSL modemp.dg_a4001nView/Edit dataunknownunknown
3ADBP.DG A4001NA-000-1A1-AX22.03.3DSL modemp.dg_a4001n_a-000-1a1-axView/Edit dataCFE TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitStock CFE bootloader needs to be replaced.unknown
4ADBP.DG A4101NA-000-1A1-AE22.03.3View/Edit dataCFE TFTP + serial recovery, see git-commitCFE TFTP + serial recovery
5ADBP.DG A4001N122.03.3DSL modemp.dg_a4001n1View/Edit dataCFE web recovery, GUI OEM, see devicepageCFE web recovery
6ADBP.DG AV4202N22.03.3DSL modem, FXS, WiFi 2.4GHz partlyp.dg_av4202nView/Edit dataCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery, see devicepageCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery
7ADI EngineeringPronghorn SBC25018.06.9pronghorn_sbc250View/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepageFor installation you also need ixp4xx-generic-squashfs.imgRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery
8ADSLRG722.03.3View/Edit datasee git-commitunknown
9Adtran BluesocketBSAP-184022.03.3View/Edit datasee git-commitsee git-commit
10Adtran BluesocketBSAP-1800v222.03.3View/Edit datasee git-commitsee git-commit
11AerohiveAP12122.03.3ap121View/Edit datasee git-commit, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
12AerohiveHiveAP-33021.02.1View/Edit datasee git-commit, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
13AerohiveHiveAP-35021.02.1View/Edit datasee git-commit, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
14AfoundryEW120022.03.32.4 GHz may be unstableew1200View/Edit datasee git-commit
15AgestarNSB3AS14.07nsb3asView/Edit dataunknownunknown
16AigaleAi-BR10022.03.3View/Edit dataunknownunknown
17Airlink101AR430W12.09dir-300View/Edit datasee devicepage
18Airlink101AR625WWIPar625wView/Edit data
19Airlink101AR725W19.07.2ar725wView/Edit dataunknownunknown
20Airlink101AR670W19.07.2ar670wView/Edit datasee devicepage, U-Boot web recovery
21AirLiveAIR3GII19.07.2View/Edit dataunknownunknown
22AirTiesWAV-281v1snapshotwav281View/Edit dataunknownunknown
23AirTightC-5519.07.10View/Edit dataunknownunknown
24AirTightC-7522.03.3Green power LEDView/Edit datasee git-commitU-Boot TFTP recovery
25AkitioMyCloud Mini22.03.3View/Edit dataunknownunknown
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