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see forum

The installation method is described in the OpenWrt forum.

  • See the forum links provided in below table OR
  • Use the forum search to find installation instructions

Devices with this installation method

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelInstallation method(s)Comment installationOWrt forum topic URLLEDE forum topic URLForum searchDevice PageDevice Techdata
ALFA NetworkAP120C19.07.1U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see forum data
BuffaloWHR-1166D19.07.1see forumFor TFTP, rename initramfs image to firmware_WHR-1166DHP.ram, data
BuffaloWHR-G300Nv217.01.2see forum, data
BuffaloWSR-1166DHP19.07.1see forum data
BuffaloWZR-600DHP219.07.1CFE TFTP recovery, CFE TFTP + serial recovery, see forum data
CiscoVEN40114.07GUI OEM, CFE TFTP + serial recovery, see forum data
D-LinkDIR-610A119.07.1see forum data
D-LinkDIR-600B5E17.01.0see devicepage, see forumdir-300revbView/Edit data
LinksysE2100L1.0U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see forum\e2100lView/Edit data
LinksysEA8500v119.07.1GUI OEM, U-Boot TFTP recovery, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepage, see forum data
LinksysRE650019.07.1see forum data
LinksysEA9500v1external imageCFE TFTP + serial recovery, see forumFor external image see forum. data
MTCWR120119.07.1see forumFlash first -initramfs.bin and after, -squashfs.bin data
NetgearR780019.07.1GUI OEM, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see forum, data
SparklanWCR-150GN19.07.1see forum data
Strong120019.07.1see forum, see git-commitFlash first -initramfs.bin and after, -squashfs.bin data
TP-LinkRE450v119.07.1U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see forum data
TP-LinkTD-W8980v119.07.1see devicepage, see forum data
TP-LinkTL-WA850REv118.06.7GUI OEM, see forum data
TP-LinkTL-WA901NDv418.06.7U-Boot TFTP recovery, see forumFor TFTP, rename -factory image to wa901ndv4_tp_recovery.bin data
TP-LinkTL-WR720Nv4 (CN)17.01.5see forum data
TP-LinkTL-MR3220v217.01.5GUI OEM, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, see forum data
TP-LinkTL-WA750REv117.01.7GUI OEM, see forum, data
TP-LinkTL-WR840Nv218.06.7U-Boot TFTP recovery, see forum data
TP-LinkTL-WR1043Nv519.07.1GUI OEM, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see forumFor TFTP, rename -factory image to WR1043v5_tp_recovery.bintl-wr1043ndView/Edit data
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