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 ===== Inspecting tables using fw3 ===== ===== Inspecting tables using fw3 =====
-The [[inbox:​firewall:​overview|fw3 application]] is a good command+The [[docs:​guide-user:​firewall:​overview|fw3 application]] is a good command
 line interface to see all the netfilter rules. line interface to see all the netfilter rules.
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 To fix this, append your LOG rule to the ''​forwarding_rule''​ chain. To fix this, append your LOG rule to the ''​forwarding_rule''​ chain.
 +===== Conntrack Diagnostics =====
 +Many netfilter features, especially NAT, depend on the ''​nf_conntrack''​ modules to track
 +IP connections between the WAN-side and the LAN-side. ​ Access to the conntrack tables can be
 +invaluable when debugging traffic rules. ​ The kernel presents the table
 +through the [[https://​​wiki/​Procfs|procfs filesystem]]
 +at ''/​proc/​net/​nf_conntrack''​.
 +Here is a typical conntrack entry:
 +ipv4     2 tcp      6 4088 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=33284 dport=22 packets=24 bytes=1248 src= dst= sport=22 dport=33284 packets=24 bytes=1248 [ASSURED] mark=0 use=2
 +This is a ipv4 tcp session on port=22 (SSH). ​ It shows a connection from STA1 to STA2 and then the reverse mapping.
 +:!: The nf_conntrack parameters can be tuned using parameters in the sysfs
 +filesystem under ''/​proc/​sys/​net/​netfilter''​. ​ This is almost never desirable. ​
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