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User Configuration

This UCI configuration file serves as a central user database for different services. So you do not have to create users in /etc/passwd that would be able to logon to the OpenWrt device. At the moment only racoon is supported.



enabledbooleanno0Active flag. User is available for authentication (=1) or not (=0)
namestringyes(none)Name of the user
passwordstringyes(none)Password of the user
xauthbooleanno0User is available for IPsec road warrior XAuth hybrid authentication if set to 1
crt_subjectstringno(none)Subject of the user/machine certificate for road warriors


config 'user'
  option 'enabled' '1'
  option 'name' 'otto'
  option 'password' 'this_is_ottos_password'
  option 'xauth' '1'
  option 'crt_subject' ''
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