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Release goals for 20.XX

About this page

This page lists “release goals” that are expected to be met before OpenWrt 20.XX, the next major release of OpenWrt, can be released.

Major features

Status Feature Description References
WIP DSA Distributed Switch Architecture is the upstream replacement for swconfig TODO: core support, netifd, LuCI, documentation
WIP SSL/TLS support by default Include wolfssl by default to provide HTTPS and WPA3 Patch

Targets and devices support

Status Type Description References
OK Device support Stop building for devices with 4M flash 6da5356195003, 55e2d5eb3b
OK Target removal Drop unmaintained ixp4xx target 28fd4ac512ec
? Target removal Drop ar71xx that has been superseded by ath79 ar71xx-ath79
? Target removal Drop targets that were not ported to kernel 5.4: cns3xxx, at91, ath25, pistachio, rb532, samsung, uml. Before or after branch?
? Target update Update or remove ramips/rtxxxx subtargets (currently 4.14 with 5.4 testing kernel)
? Target update Use 5.4 as default kernel for bcm47xx and bcm53xx
OK Target rename brcm2708 to bcm27xx, brcm47xx to bcm47xx, brcm63xx to bcm63xx 20.xx.major.changes
OK Device rename Use vendor_model-variant scheme for device/image names, harmonize board names 20.xx.major.changes

Core components

Status Component Version Description References
WIP Kernel 5.4 Testing bcm47xx/bcm53xx ; bump for rtxxxx on ramips (see above)
OK GCC 8.4 Too risky to update
OK musl 1.1.X Too risky to update to 1.2 now
? wolfssl ?
? hostapd ?
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