Release goals for 19.07.4

This page lists “release goals” that are expected to be met before OpenWrt 19.07.4 can be released.

Information on this page is indicative. There is no guarantee that the actual release will include all goals, or that the release will be done when all goals listed here are met.

Type can be:

  • Feature: something we would like to add before the release
  • Regression: something that was known to be working but got broken recently. Please fill “Broken since” accordingly. Should only be used for “recent” regressions (e.g. broken since 19.07.X for a 19.07.Y release with Y > X)
  • Bug: serious bug that should be fixed before releasing
  • Security: a special type of regression or bug related to security. Only add if the issue can be made public.

Status: OK if the feature/fix is committed, WIP if somebody is working on it, TODO otherwise

The following table lists general release goals for OpenWrt 19.07.4, i.e. not tied to a particular device, and their status:

Status Component Type Broken since Description References Commit(s)
OK Kernel Regression 19.07.0 brcm63xx: (Hg556a/Livebox) 4.14 kernel boot stuck at “random: crng init done” FS#1951, FS#2202 af667c73c5d34
OK LuCI Regression 19.07.3 Installing a LuCI app doesn't show in the menu unless logging out/in again luci#4077 luci#4402
OK libubox Regression 19.07.2 Parsing bug that can cause procd to fail to start a service patch 9b48375c7e32
OK musl Bug Serious missing synchronization bug for multi-threaded programs mail1, mail2 83b714a27ff3
OK mbedtls Security Update mbedtls to 2.16.7 Changelog 19b8696dd7e6e

The following table lists release goals for OpenWrt 19.07.4 that are specific to one or more devices and their status:

Status Component Type Broken since Description References Commit(s)
OK device Regression 19.07.0 sysupgrade causes a bootloop on ar71xx TL-WR902AC v1 FS#3118 2bd1cf92e97f2b4b9e8
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