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 { {
         procd_add_reload_trigger "​uci-file-name"​ "​second-uci-file"​         procd_add_reload_trigger "​uci-file-name"​ "​second-uci-file"​
-        ​procd_add_network_trigger ​"lan"|"​etho0"​ FIXME - this is still a work in process....+        ​procd_add_interface_trigger ​"interface.*" ​<​interface>​ /etc/init.d/<​service>​ reload
 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-igmpproxy is (currently) the only service that makes use of this, but (hopefully) by the time you read this, dnsmasq will also have been updated, at least.+See use cases of [[https://​​openwrt/​packages/​search?​q=procd_add_interface_trigger|procd_add_interface_trigger]] and [[https://​​openwrt/​packages/​search?​q=procd_add_reload_trigger|procd_add_reload_trigger]] in the OpenWrt packages repository.
 === Signalling a service === === Signalling a service ===
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