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HOWTO make a service release

1) Prepare release tag

  • Ensure that GPG and usign keys are published and working according to
  • Fetch pristine source tree, best do a new local clone, e.g.
    git clone
    git checkout lede-17.01
    • Replace branch name with appropriate one
  • Place script from maintainer repo into the clone
  • Execute ./ -k 818021EBB6C9ECDA -v 17.01.5
    • Replace key ID and version number with appropriate values
  • Review auto generated commits with git log -p -2
    • Should show one setting adjustment and one setting revert commit
  • Review autogenerated tag with git show v17.01.5
    • Should show a git tag with associated GPG info and commit references
    • Replace version number accordingly
  • Push autogenerated ocmmits and tag to the remote:
    git push origin lede-17.01
    git push --follow-tags origin refs/tags/v17.01.5:refs/tags/v17.01.5

2) Trigger builds

    • Use credentials provided by admin
  • Open the “Builders” page
    • Scroll down to “Force All Builds” form
  • Fill out the form
    • Enter “Trigger release builds” as reason
    • In the first “Name:” field enter tag
    • In the first “Value:” field enter 17.01.5
      • Replace verison number accordingly
      • Note the missing v prefix! Enter only the number
    • Click “Force Build”
  • Review buildbot activity in waterfall view

3) Create changelogs

  • Copy from maintainer repo into the local clone
  • Execute ./ v17.01.4..v17.01.5
    • Replace version numbers accordingly
    • Revision range should cover all commits since last release
    • Suggest to redirect stdout to a file
    • Replace base and minor versions accordingly
    • Take care to preserve the first introductory paragraph in the wiki pages
    • Ideally use a prior change log page as template

4) Update release information page

5) Announce

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