Building MPD-full with PulseAudio

More information about building from source: OpenWrt Buildroot - Usage

First you need to follow the HowtoBuild MPD-full building from source

Based on the following reference: BB + MPD-full + PulseAudio, unable to build

The MPD Makefile

In your git clone directory edit the makefile /openwrt/feeds/packages/sound/mpd/Makefile.

Detect the area in the Makefile involved with the full MPD installation. Add +pulseaudio-daemon to DEPENDS.

  TITLE+= (full)
  DEPENDS+= +libffmpeg +libid3tag +libmms +libupnp +libshout +pulseaudio-daemon

Edit the --disable-pulse to --enable-pulse

     --disable-nfs \
     --disable-openal \
     --disable-opus \
     --enable-pulse \
     --disable-sidplay \
     --disable-smbclient \
     --disable-sndfile \

Edit the EXTRA_LDFLAGS and add


The complete line looks like that:

  EXTRA_LDFLAGS += $(if $(ICONV_FULL),-liconv,-Wl,--whole-archive -liconv -Wl,--no-whole-archive) -Wl,-rpath-link=$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib/pulseaudio

Maybe the path has to be adapted to $(STAGING_DIR)/opt/lib/pulseaudio.

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